IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation Services

We at Alliance Recruitment Agency provide one of the best IT staff augmentation services in the world. Our AI based technology and several updated databases of talent pools could be the right hire for your company. This technology helps filter out the best-fit candidates in our database based on the requirements of your company. This allows us to select the best professional for you within a shorter time, thereby reducing your cost of recruitment as well. With a wide network in more than 30 countries around the world, we serve to provide the talent you need at the location that you need. Singapore, Canada, Dubai, the UK, the USA, etc are some of the destinations where we have provided our service in the past.

Our IT staff augmentation services are provided by the best IT field recruiters, who save your time and money, by sourcing the best talent required for your project, screening them and selecting the most eligible candidate for the project. Each of the candidate data is first filtered out based on education qualification, work experience etc and selected for the next round. The selected candidates then undergo a number of rigorous evaluations and assessments to test their aptitude, capability, and technical skills before being selected. Our company provides a range of IT staff augmentation services to suit the needs of different IT companies. With ten years of expertise, we stand as a competent IT staff augmentation company.

Work With Our IT Staff Augmentation Company

Information technology staff augmentation services is quite common in the IT service sector since IT companies need to often scale up project-based operations. Our IT staff augmentation company assesses the existing talent pools we have as well as the databases we have access to for finding the best candidate for the role that you are looking for in your project. IT staff augmentation is one of the specialised recruitment services that our company provides. We have experts to help us find the best hire for different positions such as data engineers, application developers, IT system development specialized, etc.

We provide our staff augmentation services for managerial roles in IT sectors too. Our company has provided information technology staff augmentation services to global companies in countries such as India, Canada, the USA, the UK, Singapore, etc. Over the past ten years, our IT staff augmentation company has successfully helped IT companies complete their projects by providing temporary staff in a very short time. We have also helped IT companies hire remote employees to work on individual projects and also helped form remote teams in localities outside the company’s country of origin.

A Range of IT Staff Augmentation Services

  • Virtual hiring assistance:

    Our IT staff augmentation company provides virtual hiring services for roles across IT domains. Our virtual IT staff augmentation services helps you hire not only teams in your city but also remote teams at different global locations. Our recruiters also help with assessments and evaluation virtually to select the best candidate for specified positions.
  • Short term temporary staffing:

    IT staff augmentation most commonly requires staff only till the duration of the project. Our company helps find temporary staff tailored to meet the needs of your company without having you hassle through various time-consuming recruiting processes.
  • The best interview assistance:

    The information technology staff augmentation services of our company provide extensive interview assistance to companies to select the best hire for the company. Our company provides assistance in setting up the whole interview process and evaluation methods.
  • Project management staff augmentation:

    Our headhunters can source project managers and executive candidates that have the competencies to match your project needs. Leadership is the key to bringing great success, and we, at Alliance Recruitment Agency work towards bringing in the best leaders in the IT Industry to lead your project for you.
  • Remote augmentation staffing:

    Our company also has the facility to hire remote employees who are experts in the IT sector, helping you get the work done at a lower cost. With the current pandemic situation, more people are willing to work from home, and our company acts as a bridge between you and them to provide satisfaction on both sides.
  • Thorough background checks:

    The professionals in charge of information technology staff augmentation services in our company do all the necessary background checks to verify that the candidate is authentic. All the background checks are done professionally, and there will be no discrepancy from our side.
  • Project-based hiring services:

    Our company provides specific project based employees for each of the projects that you require.
  • Consultation:

    We inform selected candidates about the role and work that he or she has to do. We also assist with discussions, negotiations and consultations that you would want to carry out with candidates.
  • Free replacement:

    If our selected candidate leaves the company within 2-3 months of hiring, our company sources a replacement candidate free of cost.

Choose Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

  • A decade of experience: Over the last ten years, our IT staff augmentation services have helped complete more than 1,000 projects.
  • Global spread network: Our company has been involved in IT staff augmentation in more than 30 countries that helps us establish a global network
  • Full on hiring assistance: We have expert IT recruitment specialists for managing our IT staff augmentation services and they assist clients with the whole hiring process.
  • Process speed: Our company helps to achieve quick solutions for IT staff augmentation.
  • Filtering candidates: Our hiring experts are well versed in finding the best employees required for the project.
  • Our company helps hire both long-term permanent employees, and short-term temporary employees.
  • We assist in forming remote working teams at various in-shore and offshore locations.
  • Our AI-based technology helps filter out the best candidate for the job.

For all your IT projects, choose our IT staff augmentation services to meet your project needs.