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Yacht Captain/Housekeeper.


Salary : 0-

Openings: 1

Posted: 27-07-2017

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Job Details

Job Description:

As the Captain he will be responsible for the safe operation of the yacht. He manages the owner‘s asset and  ensures all guests on board have an enjoyable experience. The captain operates the yacht under strict rules and regulations. His responsibilities are all encompassing to include looking after the Owner Private Residence in Jeddah and all issues relating to the villa including to keep it clean after each visit and ensure the proper preventative maintenance of various facets of the property and related items are taken care of.

Educational Details: Certified

Location: Riyadh


Notice Period: 1 month or less

Recruiter: Neha 01


Certified Marine Driver 

Benefits: Visa,Ticket, Accommodation

Created Date: 27-07-2017

Desired Skills:


  • Excellent navigational skills
  • Charismatic and unflappable personality
  • A “can-do” attitude and proactive person
  • Excellent etiquette and communication skills
  • Maintenance and engineering experience;
  • Good social skills and personnel management.
  • Good grasp of administration and accountability


We are looking a one person who can fulfill the responsibly of a Yacht Captain/Housekeeper.

However from a Captain Perspective he must:-

  • Safe navigation and operation of the yacht;
  • Overseeing the upkeep of the vessel;
  • Managing yacht refits and surveys;
  • Being an ambassador for the yacht, hosting and entertaining guests as required;


From the perspective of the Housekeeper:-


  • Coordinating with family’s chauffeur and employees;
  • All aspects of general housekeeping and deep cleaning of residence;
  • Organization & Maintenance of all aspects of the residence;
  • Event planning and execution; includes set-up, formal service if required, and post-event cleanup;
  • Conducting inventory and procuring household supplies, including grocery shopping; must be able to online shop and utilize Google
  • Administrative tasks; includes answering calls, receiving mail and packages, taking messages, etc.
  • Handling special requests, running errands, and related duties as needed




Industry: Luxury Yacht Industry

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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