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International Sales Manager


Salary : 1100000-1200000 INR

Openings: 1

Posted: 16-08-2019

Job Views: 50

Job Details

Location: Delhi

State: Delhi

PostalCode: 110001

Recruiter: nidhi Chakhaiyar


Graduate With Experience In Handling International Market Specially Dealing in Spices

Created Date: 16-08-2019


Experienced in exporting spices such as red chilli, black pepper, green cardamom,
ginger, garlic, turmeric, mint and mint products to countries like Africa, Dubai, Saudi,
UK, France, US, Europe from India by containerized and break bulk shipment

- Managing the entire setup and operation of the firm along with sourcing of new clients,
auditing new suppliers, analyzing opportunities with respect to new products and new
origins, weekly market reports, new crop prospects, market trends, historical data

- Ensuring contractual terms are honored and executed irrespective of market
movements and all shipment related documents meet destination port criteria and
buyer’s requirements

-Track shipments to ensure timely delivery to the buyer and prompt payment

- understanding of the entire supply chain process, crop schedule and quality variations

- Interpersonal skills and hands-on experience in team leadership

Industry: Spices

Salary Range: 1100000-1200000 INR

Openings: 1

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