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Business Analyst


Salary : 12- USD

Openings: 1

Posted: 26-08-2019

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Job Details

Location: Bangalore

State: Karnataka

PostalCode: 560016

Recruiter: nidhi Chakhaiyar

Created Date: 26-08-2019


Business Analyst


Job Description

Rystad Energy is an independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global
databases, strategy consulting and research products, headquartered in Oslo with presence in UK, US, Russia, Brazil,
Singapore, Tokyo, Australia and Dubai. We have an analytics team in Bangalore as well. Our primary product is UCube
which tracks historical oil and gas production on an asset level and does future forecasting for production and
Our clients include Majors, Investment Banks, consulting, firms, government institutions and oilfield services companies.
Rystad is looking for Business Analysts to be part of its Bangalore Analyst team.
Rystad Energy consists of highly qualified and experienced analysts, consultants and programmers that help enhance
and create a complete product and service delivery. The company’s extensive knowledge on global and local markets is
driven by the engagement of its international staff members.
Job Description
 Full cycle business analysis including industry specific data research, high end analytics and building complex
financial models interacting intensively with the team members in Bangalore and with clients across US, UK,
Norway, Singapore, etc.
 Conducting deep analysis for oil and gas assets globally, including but not limited to reserves, production,
historic financials and financial and operational forecasts
 Conduct bottom-up valuations across assets including:
o Reserve check, past production profile correction/analysis, and review of future production profile
o Capital and Operating Expenditure trend analysis and prediction
o Lifecycle check/correction for projects which are producing/under development/discovery along with
portfolio correction for company
o NPV benchmarking for the company against the market cap and comparison of M&A transactions with the
database in the deals that it has been involved in
o Fiscal Regime analysis in the companies’ region of operation and impact analysis on economics forecast
The analyst will be responsible for a set of companies in a particular geography and will be trained intensively to conduct
this analysis.
Desired Qualifications
An individual with the highest levels of energy, determination and analytical ability is a must, combined with excellent
communication, presentation and team management skills. You will have fared successfully in academics, participated in
extra-curricular and will have these qualifications:
 High motivation and intelligence with expert interpersonal and oral/written communication skills
 Ability to operate independently and flexibly in an environment which is both demanding and multicultural
 Experience working with the Oil and Gas industry is preferred, but not required
 Business math and basic financial analysis
 Fluency in English
 A bachelor's degree
Additional qualifications that are desirable: End to end analytics, data research and presentation experience

Industry: OIl & Gas

Salary Range: 12- USD

Openings: 1

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