Software Developer

4-10 Years


Salary : 1000-3000 USD

Openings: 1

Posted: 22-11-2019

Job Views: 360

Job Details

Job Description:

Apart from the core responsibilities candidate may have to carry some additional responsibilities as well. Like:

  • To provide technical support to the client and train the end users for the final product
  • To design backend database for the web application
  • To find out the information about latest tools and technologies which can enhance the features and performance of the application
  • To ensure the compatibility of websites with newer software and operating system versions
  • To understand the software lifecycle and determine the changes needed as per feedback and observations of the testing professionals

Location: Shuwaikh

State: Kuwait

PostalCode: 12345

Recruiter: Hency A


  • Bachelor degree in computer science

Created Date: 22-11-2019

Desired Skills:

Hands on Experience in :: Website Development & Maintainance

Mobile Application Development Experience is plus.


  1. To develop, design, test, maintain and support custom mobile and web applications
  2. To collect the software requirement by customer and develop the application as per their requirement
  3. Evaluate and research the products and technologies related to software
  4. To design and develop the activities and procedures related to activities and maintenance
  5. To write the high-quality code to meet customer requirement
  6. To design, develop and implement thecritical applicationfor.Net environment
  7. Alienate the project work as per client’s requirement and budget

Experience Requirements: Proven experience Net application developer Familiarity with Net framework, SQL Server and design patterns Understanding of Agile methodologies Familiarity with REST and RPC APIs

Industry: IT Software

Salary Range: 1000-3000 USD

Openings: 1