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Posted: 13-01-2017

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Mandatory Requirement

1. Male Candidates aged between 35 to 45 Years.

2. Holder of Quantity Surveying Bsc., and Marketing Degree, Experience with Electrical contracting company.

3. Full knowledge of Electrical Products and their dealers/suppliers globally, importation documentation.

4. Thorough knowledge to read & extract quantities from Electrical Drawings/Layout and Bills of Quantities should be able to discuss the Electrical Products details with the Electrical Consultants for the project.

5. Fluent in oral and written English and able to write correspondence in English Independently.

6. Work experience outside his resident country for a long period especially Arab Continent/Africa and willing to work in Africa on long term period.

7. Must have worked in an Electrical Contracting company for a minimum period of 8 to 10 years.

8. Minimum Contract Period of 3 years and can be extended depending on mutual agreement.

9. PC skills, including a working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects, AutoCAD and project related software.

10. Take full responsibility of work irrespective of timings to meet required deadline.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Manage / supervise the entire cost estimation team.

2. Ensure that correct prices for products/items on tender documents are derived on time and negotiate prices with suppliers to get competitive prices for tendering.

3. After the tender process is complete if required to share price with Principal in Charge for amendments if any and ink the document.

4. To ensure that tender is submitted in the required manner with necessary submission documents.

5. After tender submission and results, follow up vigorously with Electrical Engineers/Architect, negotiation on discounts etc and to make sure tender is awarded.

6. Keep Good relations with Electrical Engineers, Architects, Building Contractors and Developers to get necessary information about new upcoming projects and strategize in a manner that our company is included in the tender process and also awarded with the project.

7. Ensure all Tender documents are stored properly and all information is kept confidential.

8. Hand over the whole tender document workings and related documents to the respective Director in Charge of Project upon award of Tender.

Location: Kenya

State: South Africa

Recruiter: Sangeeta 04

Created Date: 13-01-2017

Industry: Electrical

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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