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At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are global leadership hiring consultants, serving leading corporations, brand new startups and non profit organizations throughout the world operating across a number of industries. Our executive recruitment specialists possess unrivaled industry insights and customize our team leader hiring process to meet the unique leadership requirements of your organization. We are industry recognized partners for exceptional executive recruitment.

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As one of the leading leadership recruitment agencies, Our leadership hiring consultants understand that dedication to diversity and inclusion is vital to the progress of both our client organizations and our own establishment. Our leadership hiring services are all about delivering customized solutions to our clients that enable the identification and attraction of highly talented executive candidates, who create positive and energetic work environments and drive their organizations in the right direction.

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As one of the best leadership recruitment agencies, we are committed to making a difference in your executive talent acquisition activities. Our team leader hiring and recruitment experts are always thinking of new ways of connecting our clients to the top business leadership that has the expertise to improve and transform their organizations. With deep insights into the executive recruitment industry, Alliance teams are able to deliver custom solutions to your present and future leadership needs.

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Our success stories reflect our commitment to excellence and the progress of our clients. Contact our leadership recruitment agencies teams and submit a “team leader hiring” request today. One of our executive recruitment consultants will reach out to you to discuss your staffing requirements and specifics. Alliance Recruitment Agency – growing businesses and advancing careers by delivering the top executive candidates since 2010.

Get the Best Team Leader Hiring Assistance

Correcting a failed managerial or any other team leader appointment is an expensive as well as an extremely time consuming task that no organization wants to go through.

Therefore we follow a rigorous team leader hiring process that recruits only the best.

  • Define the Position

    Our leadership recruitment agencies teams spend a good portion of their time, working alongside your hiring manager and other key stakeholders, studying the nature of the position and the culture of your organization. This will allow us to determine the technical competencies as well as the personality traits of the ideal candidate that is suitable for the open leadership position.
  • Development of a Recruitment Plan

    Our team leader hiring process will be based on a recruitment plan designed exclusively for your leadership appointment. Therefore we will put together a unique recruitment plan, laying out the strategies of candidate sourcing, interviewing and screening that will enable us to identify and attract the most competent professional for the job.
  • Candidate Sourcing

    Our strong relationships with vast networks of senior executive professionals operating across various industries and the use of social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to conduct targeted promotional campaigns allow us to identify and deliver the top candidates that match your technical as well as personality requirements and specifics.
  • Interviewing, Screening and Finalizing

    We follow a series of interviews for the sourced pool of candidates from telephone interviews for the initial batches and in-person interviews for the top candidates identified after a number of interviews. All candidates will be intensively evaluated and a shortlist of the top candidates will be provided to you to decide who to hire for the job.

Leadership Hiring Consultants that Offer you the Best

As a prime leadership recruitment agency, we are well aware of the countless duties and responsibilities of a team leader.

Therefore based on your leadership position, we will evaluate whether the candidate is capable of handling the main operations of the role.

  • Goal Setting and Performance Monitoring

    The candidates considered for this position should be capable of setting goals, properly communicating the set goals and monitoring performance. We will rigorously evaluate the candidates’ ability to plan and set goals for the future, translate them into functional goals, monitor and strengthen performance and report to the senior management.
  • Managing a Large Workforce

    Employee management will be a key part of the role of a business leader. Therefore our recruitment consultants assess the candidates’ ability to hire and train new employees, provide the required coaching and mentoring to the existing employees and how to deal with performance problems and terminations that may come across in daily operations.
  • Handling Finances

    A manager or any other team leader will definitely have to be engaged in the process of handling finances. As part of our rigorous candidate vetting process, we will assess the ability of the candidates to comprehend financial statements and reports, understand and agree to a budget and monitor and control expenses with an assigned or agreed budget.
  • Day to Day Decision Making

    Frequent decision making is a big part of any business leader’s job. Therefore it is an essential element of our process to evaluate the candidates’ ability to support problem resolution and routine decision making.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Leadership Candidates

To effectively handle the role of any leadership position, a candidate should possess a strong set of qualifications and skills.

We can guarantee that the executive candidates that we deliver have the right expertise to fill in your business leadership vacancies.

  • Leadership Skills

    Obviously leadership skills are the most important skills that a candidate considered for this position should possess. Therefore we evaluate candidates’ self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management skills to ensure they are capable of setting priorities, motivating other team members and driving the organization to success.
  • Communication Skills

    As with many other business roles, a team leader should possess strong communication skills. Our team leader hiring teams assess the communication skills of candidates in all applications from one-on-one, small groups, large groups, email and social media. We rigorously evaluate the ability to translate corporate goals and communicate them into functional and operational units.
  • Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is an essential skill of any highly talented business leader. We assess the candidates’ abilities to understand where and how your projects fit into the bigger picture to enhance your effectiveness.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Organizations of all scales around the world trust Alliance Recruitment Agency as we are industry recognized partners for connecting companies with the top business leaders that can effectively handle the challenges in today’s business world and offer lasting success.

Our services are all about delivering dynamic and difference-making leaders for your teams.

  • Close Working Relationships

    At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our executive recruitment consultants work closely and alongside your teams to build effective working relationships, that will ensure we gain a clear sense of your strategic leadership challenges and hiring requirements, that helps us to determine the ideal candidate for your leadership position.
  • Deep Industrial Knowledge

    Success in executive leadership search depends on having an in-depth knowledge of the executive staffing industry. As we have been operating in this industry since 2010, Our leadership recruitment agencies have built extensive networks with many senior executive professionals, that give us access to a broad range of prospective candidates that are suitable for your positions.
  • Global Coverage

    As a global recruitment agency, we serve organizations in Asia, Middle East, United Kingdom and throughout the United States. Our global leadership hiring consultants services have enabled us to access a wider international pool of senior executive leaders. Without any geographical and boundary limitations, we have the resources to find and deliver the ideal candidate of your mind.