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Alliance Recruitment Agency offers legal recruitment services in the US. We have legal recruiters in San Diego who offer legal talent acquisition services, legal advisor hiring services, headhunting and executive search services. Our agency has served the legal recruitment needs of numerous law firms as well as retail legal divisions, legal divisions in manufacturing and financial services companies, legal divisions in media and publishing companies, legal units of multinationals, among others.

There are numerous things that go into legal hiring from checking documentation of permits, licenses, etc. to putting in place a custom screening process that takes into account all documentation that needs to be provided by a potential hire. Also, it is equally important for employers to make job descriptions that do not create issues with any race, gender, ethnicity, etc. We have the experience to make sure your legal recruiting follows best practices of your location, and geographies from where you are hiring. Whether you are looking for legal headhunters in San Diego, attorney headhunter in San Diego or paralegal recruitment, get the best hiring assistance from Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Attorney Headhunter in San Diego

Are you looking for a family law attorney, an employment law attorney, a business law attorney, an intellectual property law attorney or a team of attorneys with varied practice areas and licenses? Our Attorney Headhunter San Diego team will definitely help you hire the ideal professionals. If your San Diego-based law firm is looking to hire attorneys with permits to practice at any other location across the US, thanks to our countrywide recruitment experience, we can help you find the best attorneys for diverse geographical locations.

Companies and various commercial services firms often find it difficult to hire attorneys that could best serve their interests, as it is not necessary that an attorney with a wide experience in wills and contracts would know how to perfectly manage claims, MoUs, employee suits, etc. With our attorney headhunters in San Diego, you can rest totally worry-free. We have very experienced recruiters who will help you hire the perfect candidates for your attorney roles.

Legal Headhunters in San Diego

When you work with us to hire attorneys, lawyers or solicitors, you will be leveraging the knowledge, insights and legal talent pools that we have access to in addition to our network of connections worldwide.

Our services are very comprehensive and covers a range of recruitments

  • Associate and Partners for Law Firms: To expand and diversify the services of your law firms, if you are looking for associates and partners, our San Diego legal recruiters will help you connect with the right professionals within a very short time.
  • Law Firm Management: Every law firm has its own different environment and the qualities needed in law firm managers can be discerned only following a good understanding of the firm’s practice areas, its clients and work culture.
  • In-house Counsels: Our legal headhunters in San Diego have experience with recruitment of chief legal advisors, general counsels, directors of legal compliance and various other corporate law positions.
  • Interim roles: We also excel at interim legal placements, whether you require a lawyer or attorney on an urgent basis for a fixed term more or less than year or six months. Our connections with a large number of legal consultants also makes it easier for you fill in temporary lawyer vacancies faster.

For Legal Recruitment Services, Call Us

Our legal recruiter teams have helped thousands of legal professionals find the right job opportunities. We act as advisors to let candidates know about the different procedures and requirements to be fulfilled for legal employment opportunities in San Diego. Our teams also help with creating and formatting resumes, as well as understanding what goes into international placements.

For our clients, we have always focused on giving them the best recruitment outcomes. Whatever be the practice area for which you require lawyers or attorneys, and whatever be the type of recruitment – in-house, as partner, as a remote team member, for temporary or contractual roles, etc. – be assured to find the right candidates within the stipulated time frame.

Our approach is always customized per client needs and transparent, so that you never have to worry about how we are sourcing talent for you. We ensure 100% compliance with all norms and specifications set by you for hiring lawyers or attorneys.

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