Locum Tenens Staffing

Locum Staffing Agency – Hire More than Just Workforce! Hire the Experts!

The Alliance Recruitment Agency is the country’s leading provider of expert and general practitioner within various primary care settings. We are a leading locum staffing UK Company that specializes in offering locum nurses, AHP, and medical locums to assist with the locum staffing requirements. With unmatched dedication and high-quality efficiency and service, we are ranked as one of the leading UK locum tenens staffing agencies.

Locum Staffing is a long-established and regularly evolving organization dedicated to working in partnership with clients to offer them with the best available solutions. We hold clients within the private and public healthcare sectors. We provide locum tenens staffing services to fill medical staff vacancies exclusively for our clients. We are not just a workforce supplier; we ensure that our clients avail the most satisfactory services.

Locum Tenens Staffing Agencies – Offering Unmatched and Impeccable Services

We are an active group of locum staffing agency who work harmoniously to offer healthcare, managed, and recruitment services as well as healthcare advisory to candidates and clients around the world. We share experience, capabilities, and knowledge across the globe to ensure our local solutions and services benefit from international best practice.

We work hard to fill permanent and temporary positions in both the private and public sectors. We appreciate that medical recruitment is a lot more than just finding people and filling vacant openings. We, therefore, supplement our recruitment business with the managed service provider and offer healthcare advisory solutions.

We are one of the leading locum tenens staffing companies offering numerous process outsourcing to clients, while the advisory business is supporting clients at tactical, operational, and strategic levels to inform efficient resource management strategies.

Our Extensive Portfolio Of International Clients Appreciate us for Offering Various Services Such as:

  • Budget control locum staffing
  • Permanent and locum strategic workforce supply
  • Payroll and financial reporting
  • Continuity of Clinical Care
  • Compliance
  • Flexible Locum Staffing Solutions
  • Search and Select Recruitment Services
  • Managed Services
  • Tailor-made consultancy services
  • Specialist home, complex care, and domiciliary care services
  • Outsourced Occupational Health Support

Locum Staffing UK – Offering You Fully Vetted Clients

We comprehend well that working in the healthcare industry is demanding and needs only the most suitable candidates. We always work in priority to ensure that we can offer you with candidates that possess the right skill set and that precisely meet your requirements. We are an expert locum staffing agency who has experience of working with international doctors and healthcare professionals.

We work to create a bespoke recruitment solution, and with uninterrupted and timely communication, we will always land you on the first page. Aligning our operations with the clinical and financial needs, and transferring our knowledge and skills to hit recruitment goals together is the way we approach and serve our clients.

We can Serve you in these and Many Other Healthcare Sectors:

  • Radiology
  • Histopathology
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Oncology
  • Chemical pathology
  • Cardiology
  • Surgery
  • Pharmacy

We are a Value-Driven Locum Staffing Agency the UK

Every day, we practice these work ethics and values to make sure we offer our clients the best and what that are needed the most. We offer them outstanding services and have therefore stood among the best locum tenens staffing agencies in the world.

Our five inspiring values that underpin our business are:


Our vibrant, collaborative, and open culture develops genuine relationships, and offer excellent customer service. We offer rewarding solutions to our clients to let them have the best talent in the industry.


We practice excellence in everything we do. No matter which healthcare division you belong to or what level of staffing you are looking for, we deliver the best level of client services.


We generate market-leading, and social care is driven recruitment solutions by offering expertise and innovation hand in hand. Our solutions can adapt to the varying requirements of our clients.


We are a firm believer and a dedicated solution provider. We do what we say. Our integrity lies within, and we never make fake promises. We are a highly professional team of experts who work hard to offer our clients the best without any compromise.


Our talented and diverse team regularly evaluates everything we do. This is done to make sure our clients can avail a flexible and successful business both for present and future scenario.

Why We Can Offer You the Best Locum Staffing Services?

Incomparable Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent recruitment is one of the most efficient ways to reduce overall locum spending and to support organizations save ambitions. We can offer an effective and fast recruitment process to support permanent and international medical staffing needs.

We specialize in sourcing quality candidates for permanent positions from the UK and other foreign nations. We have a well-established network of contacts throughout our international candidate database that enables us to react to your global and permanent staging requirements swiftly.

Outstanding Temporary or Locum Staffing Solutions

We specialize in offering a wide range of locum staffing services. We offer exceptional services and high-quality candidates, which have made us ranked as one of the UK’s top locum staffing agencies.

We have a range of service level agreements across the UK, which enable us to see locum jobs before our competitors are noticing them. This allows us to propose as a locum well in advance of other medical locum staffing agencies. Ultimately, our clients can gain an efficient, streamlined, and versatile approach to working as a locum.

Avail Excellent Support Services

We are one of the top medical locum agencies UK, and we pride ourselves in offering excellent standards of client care and customer service. As a locum agency, we focus highly on recruiting locum jobs as per the exclusive needs of our clients.

We develop an individual client relationship and cover each aspect of our clients to make sure that they receive the best quality of service from us. Also, we offer our clients with consistent and timely communication to make sure their every need is catered in the best possible manner. Ultimately, we aim to be as helpful, efficient, and competitive as possible. We focus only to make your job easier.

Risk and Compliance Management

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we proudly state that our clients rely on us, making sure that all candidates supplied by us are of the highest quality. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that complete compliance documentation is offered and checked by our specialized compliance team. This is done to verify that the quality and integrity of our candidates stay high.

Our in-house compliance team performs rigorous checks and regularly reviews and updates documentation work. We not only conduct audits regularly, but expert providers also audit us.

Other Benefits of Working in Partnership with Alliance Recruitment Agency

  • Biggest Database of GPs and Nurses in the UK
  • Rota Management
  • Strict Quality Compliance
  • Competitive Prices
  • Extensive Nationwide Coverage
  • 24/7 service, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated Service