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Gain Competitive Edge with the Best Locum Recruitment Agency

Our Locum recruitment agency UK is the expert recruiters for locum and permanent doctors. We are the healthcare leader in the field of recruitment and has successfully offered hundreds and thousands of locum and permanent doctors than other medical recruitment companies across the world.

As a reputed locum recruitment agency, we offer the highest recruitment standards for you. Our team of locum recruitment has the correct tools to search the entire industry for medical jobs. With the use of in-depth resources and unmatched expertise, we let you gain an edge over the others.

Avail Innumerable Benefits with Locum Agency UK

At Alliance Recruitment, we are supplying both permanent and temporary staff solutions to private hospitals and NHS in the UK. We work under numerous major frameworks like CCS, THE, and LPP.

Working under the major frameworks has made us a trusted Locum supplier to customers across the country. This implies whenever you intend to work, we can help you build a strong working relationship by offering you candidates in all niches in healthcare.

We are highly dedicated to understand and cater to individual client requirements and ensure that we offer candidates with promising job opportunities, which are a perfect fit for the hob. We offer candidates rich in terms of experience, skills, and expertise. You can contact us at any time, and we would be delighted to find the ideal candidate for you.

Benefits to Clients Seeking Temporary Recruitment

  • Our experts offer you instant help to fulfill your immediate needs.
  • We let you call upon specialist skills for a project that is planned.
  • We offer replacement cover when any of the staff recruited by us have left your business.
  • We aim to reduce the bureaucracy of recruitment.
  • Our expert offers the ability to help employees plan ahead of a formal appointment.

Benefits to Clients Seeking Permanent Recruitment

  • Recruiting permanent staff helps you to focus on the core business.
  • We help to keep the growth or recruitment strategy safe from your competitors.
  • We keep you informed about the talent identity, which is available to you.
  • Our experts help you maintain contact with the candidates skilled in specialized roles.
  • We help to reduce any hidden recruitment cost.

Our Recruitment Approach is Different – We Aim to Offer You the Best!

We are a leading locum tenens recruiter offering the best healthcare locums solutions for all levels of recruitment. With years of experience in the industry, we are known for providing our customers with the most trusted and best medical professionals.


Our diversified workforce is an integral part of our overall success. It allows us to comprehend the dynamics of this lovely country and search the suitable client-candidate matches within the medical arena.


Every consultant of us strives to offer the best ethical, safety, and quality standards. We intend to grow while caring for our clients, communities, and candidates.


One major driving force for success is innovation. Every day brings new challenges to us to work hard and smart. We can turn extraordinary ideas into daily realities.


Eventually, we intend to work together with an aim to help save lives. It is this association that enables us to offer a better quality of life, offering patients with care more effective, accessible, and affordable everywhere.

See What Makes us a Multi Award-Winning Locum Recruitment Agency in UK

Our experience and skills speak about us. We are an established locum recruitment agency in UK, won a range of awards for our rich locum recruitment experience. No matter what your need is, we can help you with improved patient care and become your cost-efficient solution.

Also, we can support organizations and trusts across many medical disciplines nurses, recruiting doctors, clerical staff, health science experts, allied health experts, clerical staff, and social workers.


Our resourcing group develops pipelines of social care and health specialists all over the UK. This ensures that every client demand can be met easily and quickly. It also enables us to manage bigger scale projects, or respond well to recruitment emergencies with less fuss.

We utilize a range of offline and online methods, including sector-specific job portals, social media, and regional press advertising. We also support candidate levels. Moreover, we work closely with the international teams to being experts from overseas.

Robust Compliance

We are also reputed for our commitment to compliance. Our candidates and their documentation are throughout vetted and checked before they begin working with us. Moreover, we work tirelessly to make sure our compliance procedures and checks are foolproof and updated.

Managed Services

We are a technology advanced locum recruitment agency that can easily manage and deploy vast numbers of locums on a regular basis. From a neutral vendor basis to the master vendor, we offer you a choice on how to control the supply chain. No matter which way you prefer, we remove the complete recruitment burden from you, offering you more time for work that is vital, which is patient care.

Meet Challenges with Flexible Solutions

Organizations across the country are experiencing an exceeding number of challenges. To balance the cost and quality while maintaining secured staffing levels is a part of an increasingly complex process. Our client engagement team approaches every client as creating bespoke strategies that meet the trust of specific needs. We do not follow the one-size-fits-all approach.

We are a Full-Service Locum Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a full-service and one of the best locum recruitment agencies offering advanced recruitment solutions. Our recruiters work on specialty teams and emphasize only on a single specialty.

Some of our specialist teams are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Primary care
  • Mental Health
  • Children psychology experts
  • Allied healthcare professionals
  • International professionals and many more


1. How long does it take to register?

Ans: We have a simple process for registration that can be completed in just 48 hours if you have all the documentation readily available.

2. How will you inform for locum work?

Ans: Our recruitment team will work in a way that suits you. From email, text, telephone, and messaging, we follow all ways of communication and will use one that suits you.

3. How much does a locum tenens provider cost?

Ans: The price for contracted provider varies depending on specialty and the time duration that you will require for additional coverage. We don’t take any charge to begin the search. Moreover, we are a non-exclusive agency. You can contact us directly to gain more information.

4. How much advance notice period is required to confirm a provider for the practice?

Ans: The more time you give us, the better it is. Many of our providers who contract with us book their schedules at least one month prior. However, if there is an emergency or unexpected requirement, we are expert enough to handle such requests depending on the availability of the provider.