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Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the leading healthcare locums agencies in the world. We provide an extensive range of locum, permanent and temporary healthcare professionals into PCTs, GP surgeries, Private sector, NHS Trusts, and local authorities. Over the years, we have established a reputation for offering a high quality of service and integrity, which is second to none.

We have been in the healthcare and locum recruitment business for over the years. We possess invaluable experience in successfully combating the unique challenges of the sectors we offer. With unmatched success, we have been able to build long-term relationships with clients. At our heart, we aim to offer genuine and best quality workforce to our clients who can offer them unparalleled services.

Our customers are increasingly searching out for partners who can serve them in the best way. And as a leading health staff locum agency, we offer flexible, permanent and other kinds of workforces to make sure you never face any problem. With our excellent recruitment solutions and managed services like staff bank management, vendor management, and more, you will be able to avail success at par.

Health Staff Locum Agency Offering Exceptional and High-Quality Services

We practice measures to deliver innovative and quality services by working diligently to fill into any openings in a timely way according to the requirements of our clients. We help to fulfill positions for all kinds of healthcare divisions across the UK. designer’s Some of the prominent healthcare and locum recruitmentservices we offer to you are:

  • Robust Database of Talented Candidates – We offer active support to our clients by engaging them with candidates through our ever-growing database of healthcare experts seeking out for permanent placements. Our current clients have benefitted vastly from using the unique approach of our agency. We offer a refreshing alternative to the existing recruiting practices enabling us to serve you better-tailored, personalized, and highly reliable services. We have developed strong relationships with healthcare experts of high caliber, offering us access to some of the hardest working and brightest candidates.
  • Improved Services – We seek out references of our candidates from the clients that are stored on file and passed on them to offer enhanced services. This implies you can rest assured that proven and tested candidates are the ones, which we have referred to our clients.
  • Security – At Alliance Recruitment agency, we possess a dedicated compliance team, which ensures the candidates are vetted to standards defined by the government so that you can rest assured that the organization and patients stay in safe hands.
  • Accessibility – We offer services 24 x 7. We work outside working hours and are even available to meet any of your emergency needs. Whether it is a holiday, weekend, or any other day you can reach out to us at any time.
  • Bespoke Solutions – We deliver services based on a result-oriented approach. Our consultants possess rich expertise to identify individual requirements and deliver effective solutions to meet the niche requirements of our customers in various fields.
  • Submit to us Your Vacancy – You can contact us, email us, or send us your vacancy through SMS, phone call, social media, or any other mode of communication.

Healthcare Locums Experts Practice Strict Candidate Screening Process

All candidates offered to undergo a strict screening process, which ensures that we offer only recommended professionals. This way, you save a lot of effort and time in hiring the right candidate.

  • Identity Checks – It is of utmost importance to check the identity of a candidate. It is the basis of all other kinds of checks. We check the original documents as well as the authenticity of candidates with face-to-face meetings. We hold a transparent escalation process and make sure that our clients receive only the best candidates.
  • Right to Work in the UK Checks – We practice an evidence-based check for all candidates on their work status in the UK. All clients must meet all rights to work in the UK. We check all documentary evidence and verify clear copies. With our follow-up checks for candidates, we make sure that you never avail into any fuss.
  • Criminal Record Checks – This check is done to ensure that we never hire an unsuitable candidate. We carefully consider the criminal history dates and other details gathered for applicants. This makes sure we deliver a safe, effective, and fair recruitment practice.
  • Reference and Employment History Checks – Such checks help us to avail a clear picture of the applicants’ previous training, employment, or other activities undertaken before the beginning of the recruitment process for you. This is done to ensure that the candidate holds the right experience, skills, and knowledge needed to carry your job.
  • Qualification and Professional Registration Checks – As a part of the healthcare locums recruitment process, we verify the applicants to find out they are competent and qualified for the role they are asked to perform. The various checks carried under this process are – skills check, clinical interview, evidence of adequate qualifications, numeracy, and literacy competency test, regulatory body check, and regulatory body alerts.

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

We proudly present ourselves in meeting all emergency and long-term placement requirements. We focus highly on offering bespoke first-class services tailored to the client’s requirements, which is managed by our highly experienced experts. We aim to make sure that only high-quality care is available at your forefront.

When providing fully compliant healthcare locum agency to our candidates, we think about the patient care first. The primary goal of our in-house team is not only selecting the best candidates that meet your requirements but also fulfilling them at the best.

  • Rapid response
  • Specialty and general nurses
  • Experienced and skilled seniors on-call
  • In-house compliance team
  • Competitive pricing rates
  • Dedicated client account managers
  • Experienced staff who comprehend well the requirements of our clients
  • An extensive database of healthcare experts
  • Compliance standards, which exceed NHS standards
  • International coverage
  • Intelligent and flexible ways of working
Offering You a Dedicated Healthcare Locum Recruitment Solution

Alliance Recruitment Agency sets new standards for healthcare professionals. Our candidates complete a comprehensive process of registration to determine their qualifications and suitability to ensure they are highly qualified and compliant to work in your organization. You don’t have to worry about hiring quality as we put forward the candidates of the highest caliber.

We offer a dedicated support service to all the locums. This makes sure that all challenges surrounding finance, accounting, and practical details of moving location are dealt with efficiently without causing a lack of concentration to anyone.

We excel in recruiting healthcare jobs which are challenging, unusual and remote. We are in the urge of delivering seemingly impossible when it comes to recruiting in the healthcare division. Our vast candidate base is developed mainly from word of mouth, referral, and hefty online presence. We host a popular healthcare website that attracts a large number of candidates alongside the social media strategy.

If you want an end-to-end recruitment services for locum, temporary, permanent, contractual, or casual positions, we are here to render them all. Our skilled and experienced recruiting professionals can recruit for anything from a single position to multi-site projects including hundreds of staff. We firmly believe that our services are unrivaled in the healthcare division. If you too want to bring this power into your healthcare division, contact us.