Manpower Oman

Manpower Oman

Located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf the country of Oman is a prospering and rich economy of the Arab region. Like it’s other Arab counterparts the country attracts a good number of immigrants from India specially from Kerala in lure of job and employment opportunities.

The economy of the country is diversified, and the state of Oman enjoys a high growth rate. Similar to the economic pattern of countries in the Gulf Oman’s economy also has a good amount of dependence on petroleum and its export there for need of manpower oman is too high.

In recent times tourism has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the state with the sector touted to be the leader of Oman’s economy in the coming years. This along with sectors like agriculture, fisheries, and manufacturing provide for the expansion of Oman’s economy in the near future.

This expansion would call for more job opportunities in the state, and hence manpower requirement would be seen as the need of the economy of the country. Manpower in Oman (like in any other country) would be the driver of growth in the years to come.

Requirement consultants manpower in oman would thus be playing a good role in terms of supplying manpower to Oman from within the country and abroad. Alliance recruitment agency is one such renowned name in gulf manpower services that has been extending manpower/staffing solutions to its clients in Oman.

Hire Manpower in Oman – Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance recruitment agency with its comprehensive recruitment network in Oman offers a chance for both job seekers and employers to get the benefits of its dedicated and professional service delivery.

As your manpower solution provider Alliance recruitment agency offers you following benefits:

  • Need-based and flexible solutions
  • Skilled and unskilled recruitments as per clients need
  • Ex-professional and experts on recruitment board
  • Professional staffing solutions
  • Recruiters in all the countries of the Gulf region
  • Holistic assessment of candidates
  • Skill assessment of candidates (as per job profile)
  • No money is charged from Jobseekers
  • Support and orientation for candidates
  • Necessary attention towards documentation
  • 24×7 work on your solutions
  • Easy replacement in case of not joining of selected candidates

Job seekers in Kerala (or any other part of the country) looking for job opportunities in the Gulf region and firms looking to hire Keralites (or any other candidates as well) for Gulf location can visit our website Alliance Recruitment Agency and register their inquiry.

Our Manpower Oman Team

The Alliance Recruitment Agency Manpower Oman team is one that stays connected with its hundreds of clients in the country. We have been serving the needs of various businesses for manpower in Oman for over ten years. This constant exposure to the hiring trends, regional issues, workplace scenarios and rules, and other matters has helped our Manpower Oman teams gain deep local knowledge and insights.

When you need to meet urgent talent acquisition needs, let not the time constraints worry you. Connect with us and find on-time and competent solutions!

Our Manpower Oman team comprises consultants and recruiters for many industry groups. We offer a variety of services, which could be classified under the following recruitment areas.

Services Provided by our Manpower Oman Team


Our staffing services in Oman are backed by our experience of having served thousands of clients in Oman and the Middle East. We have helped build teams for various divisions and functions, including accounting and bookkeeping, financial management, data management, customer service, website development and digital marketing, software development, supply chain and logistics management, etc.

Our Manpower Oman team has met the staffing needs of various organizations such as hospitals, hotels, IT firms, manufacturing firms, real estate firms, transportation firms, engineering and construction companies, shopping malls, etc.

Headhunting and Executive Search

When you are looking to hire professionals with niche skills or fill senior management positions, getting highly competent and competitive headhunting services makes all the difference. Our Manpower Oman team has headhunters with a great track record in helping businesses discover and hire outstanding talent for their key positions.

Offshore Hiring and Outsourcing Support

Our Manpower Oman teams make offshore hiring an intelligent and fulfilling experience. We consult with clients, do a detailed needs analysis, and frame custom search and selection processes. Our methods, technology-enabled profile matching techniques, and the insights of our recruiters help you discover the right talent to build offshore teams or find outsourcing partners.

Alliance recruitment agency Oman also helps in running background checks on selected teams or candidates to assure that you get to hire reliable professionals. With our Manpower Oman team at your side, make informed and winning hiring decisions.

Temporary and Project-based Hiring

If you are a company in Oman looking to fill temporary vacancies or meet project-based hiring needs, find us capable of giving you the best resources. Our Manpower Oman team has successfully met numerous project-based and temporary hiring requirements.

We connect with our worldwide teams to track, search and discover the right professionals for your projects.

Connect with our Manpower Oman Team

There are many companies offering services for manpower in Oman. You get great recruitment outcomes only when you partner with a team that has proven track records, exhaustive talent pool networks, and dedicated service capacities. The Alliance Recruitment Agency Manpower Oman team is among the most capable recruitment service providers.

Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation consultation!


Q. What is manpower recruiting?

A. Manpower recruiting involves talent search and recruitment support for different manpower needs – permanent staffing, temporary staffing, offshore staffing, etc. Alliance Recruitment Agency offers manpower recruitment services in Oman.

Q. What does a manpower recruiting firm do?

A. You might need semi-skilled workers for your manufacturing plant or qualified and experienced professionals for any division such as IT, sales, finance, etc. A manpower recruiting firm understands your talent acquisition needs for any project, division, and function and finds you the best-qualified people for the job.

Q. Who are the best manpower recruiters in Oman?

A. Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best manpower recruiter in Oman. We have fulfilled the manpower requirements of thousands of organizations that find talent from within Oman and across the Middle East and South Asia.

Q. How do I find the best manpower recruiters in Oman?

A. Consult with Alliance Recruitment Agency and find the best manpower recruiters in Oman, offering local, regional, and global staffing solutions.

Q. What is Alliance Recruitment Agency?

A.Alliance Recruitment Agency helps companies in Oman find manpower from within the country and 20+ other countries worldwide. We serve 50+ industry sectors and have an outstanding track record in recruitment. Whether you want to hire 50+ engineers or find manpower for a new business unit or find an outsourcing partner, our manpower recruiters help you achieve outstanding results without delays.

Q. What are the top 3 skills of a manpower recruiter?

A.nalytics Skills – The ability to obtain hidden insights from data about talent availability problems, issues, manpower requirements, and talent gaps is based on a manpower consultant’s people analytics skills and knowledge.

Communication Skills – For manpower recruiters, the clarity, fluidity, precision, and the target way to any negotiation, conversation, and discussion makes or breaks a professional connection or business relationship.

Critical Thinking – It is through their critical thinking skills that manpower consultants can assess manpower problems at various levels and seek the most suitable solutions.

Q. What is the difference between manpower recruiters and headhunters?

A.Manpower recruiters are hired to fill positions within an organization through recruitment drives, campaigns, or active talent searches. Headhunters are specialized in passive candidate search and engagement. They are hired to find specialized talent or fill positions at the higher levels of the hierarchy.

Q. How do you talk to a manpower recruiter?

A.You can reach out to a manpower recruiter when you have a specific recruitment need. Share details about the number of positions that need to be filled and specific roles and job descriptions per position. Be frank about the talent availability challenges you faced in the past and expected outcomes.

Q. How quickly can I expect to hear from a manpower recruiter after I have selected the agency?

A.Alliance Recruitment Agency is known among its clients for quick responses. Our target is to reach out to anyone connecting with us for consultancy services in a single business day.

Q. What are the T & C to start the work on our recruitment profile?

A. Our terms and conditions are easy, simple, and right manpower services practices. Our charges are affordable and inexpensive. You could share your needs, and we will get back to you with detailed information.

Q. How much do manpower recruiters charge?

A. Every manpower consultant charges differently. Alliance Recruitment Agency is known for its competitive pricing models and its capability to offer packages that are flexible to adapt to just what a client needs.

Q. How to apply on your website?

A. If you are an applicant, click on the “job seeker” link at the top of the web page. If you are an employer looking for manpower consultancy services, you can post your vacancy. You can send us an email or connect with us through call or WhatsApp or Chat or send us your questions online.

Q. Do you take any charges from the candidate?

A.No, We do not take any charges from candidates.

Q. What happens if the employee leaves?

A.If any employee recruited through us leaves the company within three months of joining, we offer free replacement support, i.e., you do not have to give any fees for the replacement service.

Q. How do you handle candidate referencing?

A.Reference checks help you to search for the best subsequent employees among the selected candidates. Reference checks provide insights into a candidate’s skills, ability to manage different situations, attitude, knowledge, and other criteria from someone who has discovered the candidate’s performance.