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In today’s world, the ability to identify and attract the right people with the right skills can make or break your organization and that is how Alliance Recruitment Agency can contribute to your business success. As a global manpower recruitment agency since 2010, we have been at the forefront of the talent acquisition industry, assisting countless companies by offering our unparalleled expertise and in-depth knowledge to find and attract the talent that is missing in their teams.

Alliance – For Exceptional Manpower Recruitment Solutions

Having the right talent is vital to be on top of your game, but in today’s competitive and dynamic marketplace you should also have the flexibility to staff up and down based on your business demands. That is why Alliance Recruitment Agency offers you a wide range of manpower recruitment options that cater to your need of finding the right talent that can drive your business performance while offering the flexibility to respond to your workload fluctuations as you wish.

Manpower Solutions that Provide you with the Talent you Need

Alliance is not only about meeting your staffing needs. When you partner with us, you can benefit from the expertise of our manpower recruitment consultants on how to secure your talented professionals and reduce your overall staff turnover. Our teams are continually being updated on the current trends of manpower recruitment and staffing solutions to help you find the ideal candidate of your mind, that matches your skill, qualification and experience requirements.

International Manpower Recruitment Solutions for Your Business

As leaders in international manpower consultancy, we are dedicated to creating a continuum of manpower recruitment solutions, that enhances business performance, productivity and competitiveness. Submit a manpower staffing request and one of our recruitment consultants will reach out to you soon. By collaborating with the Alliance team, you definitely will grab the chance of achieving success just above your imagination.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Overseas Manpower Consultants

No organization wants to go through costly failed employee appointments. Therefore we follow a robust manpower recruitment process to ensure that we recruit only the best candidates that match your technical and personality characteristic requirements.

Define the Position:

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we believe that every employee appointment and organization is unique. Therefore our teams work closely with your hiring managers and key decision makers to study and understand the nature of the open position and the culture of your organization to understand the characteristics of the ideal candidate for your position.

Development of a Recruitment Plan:

Our manpower recruitment consultants put together a unique recruitment plan, designed exclusively for your employee appointment, based on the job specifics provided by you and our analysis conducted on your position and organization. This will be used as a guiding tool for the rest of the phases of the process, from the inception to the completion.

Candidate Sourcing:

We will use multiple candidate sourcing channels to find the right talent for your open position. Our strong relationships with vast networks of potential candidates and the use of social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to conduct targeted promotional campaigns allow us to find and deliver the ideal candidate of your mind, to fill in your vacancies.

Interview, Screen and Finalize:

Our manpower recruitment specialists having years of experience, interviewing, screening and evaluating countless candidates. We will thoroughly evaluate each and every candidate and provide you a shortlist of the top candidates that best match your technical and personality requirements. Finally, you can decide who will be filling in the vacancies.

Your Trusted Global Manpower Recruitment Agency

As an international manpower recruitment agency who has been in the talent acquisition industry since 2010, we have the expertise as well as the resources to offer our clients with effective and flexible manpower recruitment solutions that suit their varying staffing requirements and specifics. With our wide range of employee recruitment and placement options, Alliance has got your covered.

Contingent Staffing:

Whether you need an experienced commercial plumber for a one day installation or a temporary replacement to cover your employee on maternity leave, Alliance flexible contingent staffing solutions can help. We, at Alliance Recruitment Agency, guarantees you with highly-skilled manpower solution with an easy to work with the seasonal environment and realistic approach on a large scale. Partner with Alliance and staff up or down easily in response to workload fluctuations, while protecting your permanent workforce.

Permanent Placement:

In today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, having the right people with the right skills can make or break your organization. Searching for the best candidates for your organization, performing their interview schedule is definitely going to be a time-consuming and cost-effective task. At Alliance, we get the job done faster and at lower costs than conventional approaches.


Observing a candidate’s skills and capabilities in real work at your organization is much better than predicting success based on resumes and interviews. With Alliance contract-to-placement staffing option, you have the chance to assess the potential of a full-time hire before actually hiring the person, by letting you gain first hand experience for an agreed period of time. With this staffing option, only successful performers will transit to permanent employee status.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Candidates

Based on the type and the area of your open vacancy, we will assess a set of technical and soft skills of the candidates considered for this position, to ensure they match your job requirements and specifics and make a perfect match for your organization.

Educational Background:

Based on the level and the type of the open position, we will assess whether the candidates’ have an acceptable level of education related to the area of expertise of the position. If the position under consideration is a high-level vacancy, we evaluate the possession of a bachelor’s degree or an MBA related to your operations and check its validity.

Knowledge and Past Experience:

Having a degree or some other qualification will not make a person complete in a particular area of expertise, they should also possess the relevant field experience. We will assess the candidates’ knowledge of your business operations and past experience relevant to your line of work and evaluate the sound knowledge of your industry domain.

Knowledge and Past Experience:

Apart from assessing technical competencies, we will also evaluate the candidates’ soft skills and personality traits to ensure the candidate perfectly fits the nature and culture of your organization.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

The right people with the right talent has become the scarcest business resource in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace and Alliance Recruitment Agency is here to offer you the best of it. From small private firms to leading corporations around the world come to Alliance manpower recruiters, as they are confident that we will always connect them with the best talent for the job.

Experts in Manpower Recruitment:

With over 10 years of experience in the talent acquisition and management recruiters industry, we have placed innumerable candidates at various positions in leading corporations around the world. With our innovative candidate sourcing methods and rigorous screening processes, we provide the talent that you need faster than conventional approaches.

Flexible Placement Options:

As a leading international manpower consultancy firm, we provide a wide range of manpower recruitment and placement options to suit all your business needs. With our flexible staffing options, you have the ability to meet your workforce needs and support your business strategy. With Alliance teams by your side, we have got you covered.

Ideal Candidate of Your Mind:

With the expertise of our manpower recruitment consultants and our access to extensive networks of prospective candidates, we are capable of identifying, attracting and delivering the right talent that matches all your requirements and specifics. Partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency and let our experts get you the ideal candidate of your mind.