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Alliance Recruitment Agency has been assisting hundreds of businesses and organizations in hiring staff for any given position. Our years of experience and professional recruitment team make it the same task for us to hire recruits. If you are looking for a marketing recruitment agency in Edinburgh, contact us immediately!

We have a decade old experience in hiring staff over a large range of domains. All our staffing services are discrete, customized, and outcome-oriented. We built a strong rapport with clients as well as candidates to ensure good coordination in the hiring process. Each staffing process is initiated after a thorough discussion with the client. Our headhunting team believes in fulfilling client’s each and every expectation.

Our hiring process is extremely fair, reliable, and transparent. With all the new software and the latest hiring methods, you are guaranteed to find the best services from our agency for sales recruitment in Edinburgh as well as marketing recruitment in Edinburgh.

Best Sales Recruitment In Edinburgh

Recruitment isn’t an easy task to conduct. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. If you are not familiar with the hiring process, you may end up spending a lot of time, money, and energy on the process. After scanning hundreds of CVs and screening and interviewing a large number of candidates, you may still end up hiring an under-qualified candidate or no candidate at all.

To save you from this, we offer excellent services for sales recruitment in Edinburgh. If you wish to build an effective and efficient sales and marketing team, our services may be of great help to you. To hike up your sales rate and improve your marketing strategies, our advanced headhunting process and our years of experience will assist you in identifying the pros and cons of each interviewed and screened candidate. Our hiring team is well versed in any kind of hiring process and can handle any staffing requests with great ease.

We assure you that all your needs will be catered to. At the end of the recruitment process, you will be hiring the perfect candidate and eventually benefiting from an amazing staffing experience. Connect with us at the earliest!

Our Services for Marketing Recruitment In Edinburgh

A company’s progress depends upon the marketing tactics of the company. If you want to market your services or commodities in the best possible way, you need a good marketing and sales team. To experience the best marketing recruitment in Edinburgh, you have the full support of our experienced recruitment team. Our unique marketing staff recruitment process will give you the desired results.

Here is a small glimpse of our overall marketing recruitment Edinburgh process.

  • Finding Potential Candidates: With the experience of 10+ years in the staffing field, our recruitment team has a pretty clear vision of the candidates they are looking out for. With the help of various algorithmic search tools, machine learning, and data analysis tools, we can mine and get great profile matches within minutes.
  • Shortlisting Candidates: Potential candidates are then tested by our required professionals personally through an interviewing and screening process. Their education, acquired skill set, past work experience, personality traits, and even the work ethic is checked.
  • Background searches: We only select the most efficient candidates. They have to go through reference and background checks. We also contact the previous employers of the candidates if requested by the client.

This process is different for each and every staffing request. We also accommodate any requests from the clients and mold the hiring process accordingly.

After the completion of this process, we have a list of 4-10 clients that fit each and every aspect of the client’s expectations. We all the matters related to the contract and paper signing with the candidate are also taken care of by. Employers need not worry about anything at all as our marketing recruitment agency is foolproof in itself.

Extra services Provided By Alliance Recruitment Agency

A happy, satisfied customer is a sign of our agency’s success. We believe in customer satisfaction and strive to work hard towards it. There are many companies out there providing staffing services. You may consider us one of them as well.

But here are some specialties of our service that you may not find in any other companies’ offerings. Plus, all these extra services are included in our hiring process itself. You do not need to pay any extra charge for them.

Take a look at this us what makes us stand out!

  • Instantaneous Hiring: Our access to a vast database of talent pool makes it easy for us to find you your desired recruit almost instantly. Our experienced headhunting team also plays a major role in this process.
  • Everything Online: If you want your recruitment to take place online, you may want to consider our online and virtual hiring services. All our services are provided offline as well as online. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your workplace to find your dream recruit.
  • After Hiring Services: If a recruit does not turn out to be as per your expectation, discontinuous or resigns. Worry not! We refill the position with a new candidate in no time. No extra charges will be charged.
  • Budget-Friendly: The cost of every recruitment process is different and depends on the factors, like complexity, expectations, the time required, etc. for the process. All our services are cost-efficient and worth each penny you spent on it. We also offer competitive packaging.
  • Flexible Timings: Our consumer support team works day and night to help you with any of our services. If you have a query or concerns, feel free to give us a ring. We are here to help and support you grow.

We also offer a free consultation so HURRY and call us now. Your dream recruit is waiting!