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Medical and Healthcare Staffing – Permanent, Locum Tenens, Per Diem and Consultant… Find Qualified Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Paramedical, Medical Research Experts, and Other Healthcare Professionals for Various Positions on Time! Connect With Our Healthcare Recruitment Consultants! 
  • When you need to fill positions in your hospital, pharmaceutical company, pharmacy, medical colleges, or private clinics, how confident are you of getting the best-qualified professional for the specified roles?
  • Are you often short-staffed and facing overworked, stressed medical staff?
  • Do you often get under-qualified or weak performers when you hire in emergencies?
One of the major reasons you face unhappy patients, frustrated employees, and inadequate staff is when you are not able to hire well-qualified, well-trained, and knowledgeable healthcare professionals on time. Many times, you end up paying much more in compensation or recruitment costs than required when hiring in emergencies. The services of a reputed, established, trustworthy healthcare and medical recruitment agency will save you from a lot of trouble. The troubles which can cause you loss of reputation among patients, in addition to causing budget overruns and higher attrition, is better avoided at all times. Alliance Recruitment Agency serves as a healthcare and hospital staffing agency for thousands of healthcare sector organizations, such as hospitals, private clinics, and specialty medical centers, community medical centers, pharmacies, laboratories, medical schools, nursing schools, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare service centers.  Our healthcare and medical recruitment consultants offer complete support to meet the diverse manpower needs – specialist doctors and surgeons, general practitioners, registered nurses, attending nurses, radiologists, anaestheticians, dieticians, patient advocates, psychologists, microbiologists, and other healthcare professionals. Our comprehensive medical recruitment services allow your organization to manage manpower needs in a smart, optimized manner, improve the quality of hires, and provide the best standards of care to patients.  A global healthcare recruitment agency, we have a worldwide network of consultants and healthcare recruiters serving hospitals and various healthcare organizations in India, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, and several European countries.  Are you searching for a healthcare and medical recruitment agency that can meet all your medical and non-medical staff needs in an outcome- and cost-efficient manner? Connect with us – try a free, no-obligation consultation to solve your recruitment challenges.

What Are Your Healthcare and Medical Recruitment Challenges? Find The Best Solutions!

  • How efficient are your hiring results for locum tenens physicians?
  • Do you have a robust talent pipeline for nursing professionals?
  • Are you able to attract expert medical consultants and surgeons to your hospital? 
  • Are you struggling to find permanent or contractual staff for your new pharmaceutical unit?
  • Do you often find it too time-consuming or difficult to find subject matter experts such as biophysicists, health records, and information managers?
At a time when the need for healthcare professionals far exceeds the existing talent availability, staffing challenges are common across organizations or medical centers. You need a healthcare recruitment agency that always has an active flow of job seekers and a vast talent outreach to stay ahead of the competition in healthcare recruitment. Our healthcare recruitment agency has an outstanding track record and vast experience in the field. The medical recruitment consultants at our agency are highly trained and experienced in managing all kinds of needs.  

Our healthcare recruitment agency has assisted in fulfilling major recruitment drives involving large-scale or complex requirements, such as the following:

  • Managing staffing for hospitals in remote locations, such as in mountainous regions, near deserts, islands, etc.
  • Finding highly specialized professionals with multi-specialty backgrounds for rapid response teams, for example, neurologists with specialized knowledge in trauma and PTSD, specialists with in-depth experience in coronary catheterization, neonatologists, ayurvedic doctors with knowledge of naturopathy, infection control nurses, etc. 
  • Serving as a recruitment arm to take care of all staffing needs of hospitals.
  • Filling clinical and non-clinical positions for healthcare centers such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc.
  • Helping to hire reliable candidates for positions in ambulance care, telemedicine, security and safety, and other medical and non-medical areas.

Finding the best-fit candidates for any position will never be a problem when you have our agency to provide healthcare and medical recruitment services.

  • Our services are comprehensive and help you manage recruitment across functions and levels. 
  • We have industry practice-focused teams for clinical and medical care, medical research, pharmaceutical research, pharmacists, non-clinical roles in hospital operations and HR, healthcare IT, healthcare legal hiring, etc.
  • We make hiring a smooth process by assigning a manager consultant specializing in healthcare and medical recruitment and ensuring that candidate search and selection is based on custom hiring criteria per position. 
  • We help you find a successor or replacement if any candidate hired through us leaves within three months from the date of hire.
  • We help you frame policies to reduce staffing gaps and hiring cycles.
  • You need not worry about finding talent even for positions requiring highly specialized expertise levels as we continually enrich our access to highly specialized talent.
If you are seeking the services of a hospital recruitment agency or to hire healthcare recruitment consultants, get highly reliable, efficient, and optimized staffing support – contact us!

Healthcare Staffing Services That Provides Value

Find a healthcare and medical recruitment agency that can become your one-stop solution center. Then you need not waste thousands of dollars per division or team hiring the services of different medical recruitment consultants or healthcare recruitment consultants for different domains or practice areas. At our agency, find comprehensive support! Whether you want to hire for a pharmaceutical company or a hospital in the US, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, or Australia, ensure you get optimum results from hiring when you choose our agency.  We also conduct executive searches for hiring hospital management professionals, chief physicians, senior consultants, heads of departments, hospital IT heads, and other senior roles in nursing and medical care. Similarly, we have specialized pharmaceutical executive search consultants to manage hiring for top roles and highly specialized talent in pharmaceutical companies. Our headhunter team networks cover hiring for medical schools, medical research and writing, and alternative healthcare services.

For Which Functions Are You Looking to Hire?

  • Hospital Management – C-Suite, Directors, Heads of Operations, etc
  • Doctor or Physician Hiring – general medical, oncology, pulmonary, psychiatry, optometry, etc.
  • Nursing and Care Recruitment – registered nurses, specialized nurse practitioners, critical care, surgical assistants, etc.
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory Recruiting
  • Ambulatory Medical Care Recruitment
  • Mental Health and Psychiatry Specialists Hiring
  • Alternative Healthcare – Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, etc.
  • Medical Schools and University Hospital Recruitment
  • Hospital Staffing – Operations, Administration, HR, and IT
  • Speciality Healthcare Rehabilitation Centers and Hospital Staffing
Among Others

What Are Your Role-Based Requirements?

  • Interns, 1-5 years’ experience or highly experienced, etc.
  • Specific Certifications, License, Training, etc.
  • Graduates, Post-Graduates, 2-year degree holders, etc.
  • Technology Skills
A much longer list of requirements…

What Type of Hiring are You Going For?

  • Permanent
  • Contractual 
  • Consultant
  • Remote
  • Locum Tenens
  • Per Diem
Our healthcare and hospital recruitment agency services are not limited to the positions mentioned above. You could place 100% trust in our recruitment services. We do detailed documentation checks and background checks, sharing reports with you, and following all compliance requirements.
Do you want to optimize medical and non-medical hiring costs? Click here for a free consultation!

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Let Us Get in Touch

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been offering healthcare and medical manpower sourcing and recruitment services to organizations worldwide for 11+ years.  We have invested a lot in making our medical and non-medical recruitment solutions super-efficient for the healthcare sector. Our recruitment consultants leverage not only our talent databases but also our passive connections and advanced search capabilities to help organizations find great candidates who fit the specified roles perfectly well. Through our services, you can optimize recruitment activities and outcomes:
  • Find Qualified Candidates For Any Area of Speciality:

    It becomes much easier to find a good, qualified candidate for any role when you work with recruiters who have a deeper knowledge, wider outreach, and more experience in hiring for the domain than your talent acquisition team. 
  • Fill Key Positions in Less Time:

    You do not have to wait for many months to fill a top leadership position. You do not have to delay in undertaking key initiatives because you are not able to find specialized talent or required manpower or experts for key positions. Our hospital staffing agency has exceptional teams with expertise in reducing time to hire for large-scale hiring, specialized talent-hiring, and senior management hiring. 
  • Improve Recruitment Processes:

    Most general recruitment practices do not apply well to medical and healthcare recruitment. We help you enhance recruitment models, strategies, approaches, and activities in a manner that you can optimize recruitment outcomes. 
  • Maximize Hospital Operations Efficiency:

    When vacancies remain high, you lack the resources to deliver care efficiently, securely, and profitably. With the help of our hospital recruitment agency, you can prevent staffing gaps and focus on operations efficiency. 
  • Cost Savings:

    By partnering with us, your overall recruitment costs get reduced significantly by up to 30%-40%.
  • Fair Practice and Compliance:

    We are an established agency with a 100% track record in fair practices and compliance. 
  • Optimum Reliability:

    We go out of our way to ensure that you get thoroughly reliable candidates – through detailed background checks, documentation checks, reference checks, etc.
We reach out to any inquiries or service requests in a prompt manner – within a business day! Our customer service team is open 24/7 to respond to any questions.
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