Hospital Staffing Agency

Hospital Staffing Agency

When looking to fill basic roles such as Pharmacy Technicians, Staff nurses, and other equipment maintenance personnel as well as senior medical professionals such as experienced Doctors, Consultants, and Surgeons, who command the highest salaries in the sector, is not easy, if not close to impossible task. However, our hospital staffing agency makes this impossible task possible and effortless for you to find talent and fill contract, temporary and permanent positions in the healthcare industry nationwide.

About Us:

We, at Alliance Recruitment Agency, connect talent with businesses and take part in your brand’s successful journey. With strong agency for hospital staffing and recruitment processes and careful assessment processes, we bring you the best from the immense candidate talent pool. By collaborating with us and helping us find the right talent for your next hire, you can focus on the core activities and save money and time during the recruitment process.

From finding a staff to fill roles like accounting, medical receptionist, unit secretary, front desk, medical coding, billing, collections, insurance verification, and more, we know with our combined effort we can find you the best fit for your agency.

Our Services:

Contract and Permanent Hiring:

From contractual to permanent, we cater to different hiring needs with a strong track record and rigorous assessment process we bring you highly skilled candidates.

Critical Staffing and Rapid Response Teams:

One of the crucial components of the healthcare industry in reducing the mortality rate is having the best rapid response teams. We also help in hiring the hospital staffing Agencies and the highly-skilled talent into your rapid response teams, who reach out to the patient and attend to them before deterioration turns into a crisis. Owing to this service, a recent study states that there’s been a reduction in hospital stay, ICU admissions, and the overall mortality rate.

Travel Staffing:

If you’re looking to fill temporary requirements and also find the right fit between finding a full-time hire, we recommend the worldwide travel staffing service, which is typically used for nurses but can be used for other medical positions as well. Here, the nurses or other staff would be assigned on a 13-week contract more or less, which can be renewed, extended or shortened. It can be the best option for gaining additional support during busy seasons or for job seekers who are looking for temporary or freelancing options. With this service, we see that your needs, though temporary are met.