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Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the leading recruitment service providers with a global presence. We provide recruitment services to organizations from a wide range of sectors. Our company is also experienced in offshore manpower recruitment. We have specialized recruiter teams offering hiring assistance for different functions across horizontals, such as bookkeeping and finance, HR, IT, software development, data science and engineering, business intelligence, sales and marketing, etc. The industry sectors we cover include architecture and engineering, financial services, education, entertainment, healthcare, IT and ITeS, media and publishing, real estate and construction, among others.

We have been providing offshore manpower services to many of our clients, which include small-sized companies and startups as well as huge enterprises. Our offshore manpower services help companies find the most suitable professionals to best suit their business venture. Being a leading and reliable offshore manpower recruitment agency, backed by years of experience in the field, we have the best-established connections to provide staffing and executive search services most suited for a variety of job roles and projects. If you are looking for reliable offshore manpower services, Alliance International is the one you should choose.

Choose Offshore Manpower Services for optimal business growth and development

It is one thing to make endeavours for hiring offshore staff and another to frame an expert approach that leads to hiring the best candidates for your offshore business activities. We provide premium quality offshore manpower hiring assistance, which is backed by years of experience.

When you take the services of a global recruitment firm, your chances of finding the right offshore teams becomes very high. As there are hundreds of criteria to be checked, and global recruitment service providers already have access to all required information, which makes the whole process time- and cost-efficient as well as outcome-oriented.

We have an unmatched quality of services with the most innovative and uncompromising approach when it comes to offshore manpower hiring support, making us a trusted offshore manpower recruitment company. Our clients include organizations in several countries such as India, the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East and Southern Asia. We give your access to the best talents and skilled workers for all kinds of projects. If you are looking for a quality and reliable offshore manpower consultancy for your business venture, Alliance Recruitment can provide you with the most comprehensive assistance and services when it comes to offshore manpower supply for a range of industries.

Get Services from Alliance -Leading Offshore Manpower Recruitment Agency

Alliance International has been working in the field of offshore manpower hiring services for several years. Our reputation as a trusted and quality offshore manpower consultancy has been built over the years through our competency in clearly understanding customer needs and arranging the best solutions.

We take care of different requirements such as

  • Remote Team Hiring Assistance
  • Remote Staffing Assistance
  • Vendor Search and Selection for Offshore operations setup
  • Offshore Executive Search Services

We offer assistance with the end-to-end processes related to offshore staffing manpower recruitment. Right from making profile descriptions to finan assessment, screening and candidate selection or team selection, our recruiters are well experienced in managing all steps. If you would like to take help of functions such as virtual hiring and staffing solutions, Alliance has the resources to manage the same.

Alliance Recruitment Agency : The offshore manpower services company for all your needs

With a highly competitive market and rising competition each day, businesses have to hone their skills and equip themselves with the most advanced technologies and competent professionals to stay ahead in the market. At Alliance International, we understand the need for competent professionals and how it affects your business. Being an offshore manpower supply company working in the industry for several years, we have the best understanding of the needs of a business in a certain industry and for a certain project, helping them acquire the best talents and candidates through our offshore manpower supply services.

Why Choose Us?

Our offshore manpower services are reliable and efficient. We have a wide client base working with several enterprises across different industries providing them with the most optimised offshore manpower for all kinds of requirements. We are a top offshore manpower consultancy for our time-efficiency, interesting services and the most cost-effective packages we offer along with the premium quality of our services. We help your business grow and find new direction through the most ideal offshore manpower supply for a wide range of projects and ventures. If you are planning to outsource for offshore manpower, Alliance International is the best choice you can make.