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In today’s corporate world, competition among companies has increased exponentially. Every other company is trying its utmost to grab as many challenging and lucrative work opportunities as possible. But to survive and succeed in this competition, they need to maintain a competitive edge by recruiting high quality professionals, but it does require investing more into recruitment resources and increasing the hiring budget.

At Alliance Recruitment, we do this proficiently by offering unparalleled recruiting support with the help of our accomplished recruitment consultants and well-established methodologies and procedures. Our business is to make your business successful. With our offshore recruiter services, you will find yourself confidently tackling fluctuating workloads and taking up new opportunities.

Our highly skilled and experienced recruiters are quick to understand your recruitment needs vis a vis your business aspirations. On the basis of the search metrics provided by you, they perform advanced search on various job portals, social media, search engines and directories. Wider the search, better the result, is what we believe in. Our screening procedure includes several rounds of interviews and technical exams. We keep upgrading our techniques so that we remain on the competitive edge all the time.

We strive to present the most brilliant, competent and industry-conversant off-shore workforce to you keeping in mind your business objectives, current staffing needs and budget. Our endeavour is to look for professionals who are not only technically excellent but also whose career aspirations are in sync with your business aspirations.

Looking for a cost-efficient Offshore Recruitment Agency

Call Alliance, your one stop solution provider.

Our offshore recruitment agency services help our clients in saving a lot of time and resources which they can utilise for core business activities and optimize their profits. Alliance will take care of all the time consuming hiring work, such as analysing hiring needs, screening resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews and technical assessments, checking references, checking soft skills, EQ, etc in the most meticulous manner.

We select only the right-fit candidates who have already demonstrated their expertise, possess excellent academic records and certifications, etc. Following a meticulous screening process, using time-tested techniques and tools, we share the list of selected candidates with our clients, which helps in taking the right hiring decisions. Our offshore headhunters and offshore recruiter teams make your remote staffing and hiring processes smooth, efficient and outcome-oriented.

For any company, hiring is one of the most important activities contributing to company performance and competitiveness. A company can succeed only if it has the right people at the right positions. Professionals who can spearhead, manage, support and enhance the way a company delivers services and products. Finding people with required skill sets and who can fit into the workplace culture and working practices is however not an easy task, and many times a company’s HR teams lack the expertise and resources to achieve the goals.

This results in higher attrition rates and a continual spell of remaining short-staffed. Recruiting becomes even more challenging when it is about offshore staffing. Entrust us with the job and be rest assured that you will get the most reliable and quality professionals to take your company forward.

Offshore Headhunters

Alliance is a reputed offshore headhunter services provider. We develop customised strategies for enabling our customers to optimise their workforce and take up any business challenge. Over the years, we have provided professionals for different sectors, to various clients all over the world.

Some of these sectors are:
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecom
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resource
  • Engineering
  • Construction

Offshore marine recruitment

Apart from these sectors, we also provide a specialist recruitment service in the area of offshore marine recruitment. Our team of specialist consultants who are ex-maritime professionals, can help you find talented professionals for shore based and sea going jobs covering technical shipping, commercial shipping, marine engineering and marine surveying, to name a few.

Our offshore recruitment agency service includes,

  • Temporary recruitment :

    This service provides recruitment solutions for temporary or contract based recruitment needs. This is required when a company gets new projects for which there is a sudden demand for high quality professionals on a temporary basis.
  • Permanent recruitment :

    Under this service, we understand the recruitment needs of our clients, undertake extensive search for the best talents and employ our proven screening methodologies to present them with a list of high quality professionals who have the potential of becoming their greatest assets.

Over the years we have been able to help thousands of companies meet various offshore recruitment needs. Whether you are looking for offshore temp agencies or offshore headhunters, contact Alliance Recruitment Agency for any offshore recruiter service needs. We have the expertise, resources and connections to fulfil any offshore recruitment need at any time. We have assisted our clients in finding high quality professionals with robust track records and the right backgrounds and skill sets. We are proud that the candidates shortlisted by us have satisfied our clients, and this has increased the trust companies place in our recruitment services.

Some of the features of our offshore recruiter service that sets us apart are:
  • Worldwide presence
  • Access to rich internal and external databases
  • Access to good technology tools for improving hiring efficiency
  • Great reporting and data processing support
  • 100% adherence with security and privacy requirements
  • Delighted clients
  • Competitive rates
  • Timely services
  • Vast network of well placed high quality professionals world wide
  • Ability to cater to all business sizes