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At Alliance, we have access to our own database of resumes of the finest IT professionals in India. We have the expertise, resources and connections to cater to any offshore staffing agency need at any time. We have been helping companies in finding high quality professionals with proven track records and excellent work ethics, to fill up their vacancies. We are proud that the professionals selected by us have not only shown excellent results in their respective positions but have also proved themselves as an asset for their company.

Over the years, our recruitment consultants have acquired proficiency in understanding and analysing staffing needs of our clients by looking at it from the perspective of their business goals, strategies, mission and vision. We strive to look for professionals who are not only technically eligible but also can easily synchronise their career aspirations with the company’s business aspirations.

We have a well laid-out procedure for searching, inviting and screening of the IT professionals. While searching, our wide network gives us a competitive edge. We also make use of online job portals and directories to make it more extensive. Our screening procedure includes several rounds of interviews and technical exams. We keep on upgrading our techniques so that we remain on the competitive edge all the time. We strive to present the most brilliant, competent and industry-conversant offshore IT workforce to our clients keeping in mind their business objectives and current staffing needs.

Offshore IT Staffing Solutions From Alliance Recruitment Agency

Our offshore IT staffing solutions help our clients in saving their precious time and resources in two major ways thus enabling them to utilise their resources more productively, on their core business. Firstly, we take up the onus of doing all the time consuming processes such as analysing staffing requirements, inviting job applications, conducting interviews and technical exams, checking references, checking background etc in the most meticulous manner. We select only the best and the brightest candidates who have already proved their expertise in their previous jobs, have excellent academic and professional records and have relevant work experience. When all the screening is done, we present our client the list of selected candidates for making the final selection. Secondly, the expertise of our recruitment team and our time-tested, well laid-out procedures help us in smoothly and quickly completing these processes and delivering results.

For any IT company, employees are the biggest asset. An IT company can succeed only if it has right people at the right positions. They are the ones who provide competitive advantage to any company. For this reason, IT companies compete among themselves to attract the best talents and do all possible manoeuvres to retain them. Finding people with required skill sets and making them willing to be a part of your team is, however, a challenging job and at the same time, a time consuming process. If you are in need of offshore IT staffing solutions, you don’t need to take up this challenge yourself and let your focus deviate from your core business. Entrust us with the job and be rest assured that you will get the most reliable and quality professionals to take your company forward

Choicest destination for high quality IT staffing

Over the years, we have helped with talent acquisition for various IT roles to diverse clients worldwide. Some of these roles are:

  • Database administrator
  • Website developer and designer
  • System administrator
  • Programmer
  • QA/QC tester
  • System analyst
  • Data Warehousing
  • Network administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Data Architect

Our offshore IT staffing agency service includes

  • Human Resource Management

    This includes devising and implementing HR strategies specific to a company on the basis of its business goals, mission and vision. Focus remains on establishing HR practices that help in maximising outcomes from the recruitment and staffing activities.
  • Reporting and administration

    This includes data processing and analysis as well as all the reporting work related to the recruitment processes.
  • Temporary staffing

    This service provides staffing solutions for temporary or contract staffing needs. This proves to be of great assistance when a company gets a big project for which there arises suddenly a demand for high quality professionals on a temporary basis.
  • Permanent staffing

    Under this service, we understand the staffing needs of our clients, undertake extensive search for the best talents and employ our proven screening methodologies to present them with a list of high quality professionals who have the potential of becoming their greatest assets.

Some of the features of our offshore IT staffing agency service that sets us apart from other such service providers are:

  • Vast connections world wide
  • Using online job portals and directories for extensive search
  • Thorough screening
  • Delivering excellent results
  • Vast network of well placed high quality professionals world wide
  • Delighted clients
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast service
  • Catering to all business sizes