Permanent Placement Services

Permanent Placement Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency delivers permanent placement services on an international level covering many regions and countries. Along with procurement and consulting programs, we help consumers stay updated with labor market trends. Our global permanent placement firm has provided employers with placement consultants in multiple sectors placing highly-trained workers who fulfill their empty vacancies.

Our international permanent placement agency contacts thousands of trained, skilled, and highly professional employees, creating a large pool of candidates who can satisfy your company’s needs and demands. We also serve the needs of organizations who require semi-skilled or non-graduate workers for their warehouses, factories, stores, low-skilled administration functions, etc. In addition, the comprehensive communication network of our permanent placement services supports the process of matching profiles between the candidates and the appropriate vacancies, which will reduce the recruitment search and screening timeframes.

We are an agency with the expertise and the professional recruiters who will source, screen, and present applicants that match the criteria for direct roles. Why not get the best services from a leading permanent placement firm like ours. Whether you have occasional or on-going needs for direct permanent placement services, we are among the best recruitment agencies.

Work With A Professional Permanent Placement Agency

As one of the competent permanent placement firms, our team strives to keep all clients updated with labor market dynamics and techniques that provide them with expert consultation to optimize their placement process. Our agency has a great asset in skilled sourcing and identification for ideal applicants for the appointed places. This has helped us to establish partnerships with clients across diverse sectors such as education, industrial manufacturing, energy and infrastructure, e-commerce, IT and ITeS, healthcare, engineering, construction, and several other industries.

Our permanent placement agency understands that your staffing demands and needs are changing with variations in the workforce and related demographics. Thus, our mission is to meet your workforce gaps to collaboratively work to make the best match responding to the business owner’s demands. We move beyond finding talent that performs to finding talent that optimizes your operations and fits into your workplace culture, understanding internal dynamics. We align our best client prospects with the most talented professionals for long-term and full-time jobs. In an industry where any action affects an employee’s productivity, we understand the vital importance of consistency, specificity, and timeliness. Hence, we aim to optimize time, costs, and professionality within our permanent placement services.

Permanent placement services

After years of experience in permanent placement services, employing thousands of employees worldwide, our placement team has enhanced the organization’s services to meet consumers’ demands, expectations, requirements, and desires. The following services are provided to ensure the professionality of our permanent placement firm:

  • Consultative approach :

    In order to better align applicants for your open positions, we will use a consultative approach to obtain a full understanding of your particular interests, including comprehensive environmental knowledge, customer base, and job duties. The first meeting is free of charge, and after gaining your satisfaction, several meetings will then be undertaken to include the right applicant with the requisite qualifications, which will improve the recruitment process and limit the amount of time.
  • Skills acquisition :

    Our permanent placement agency will identify the matched candidate from our wide contact pool after the previous operation, who will obtain the necessary talents and skills for the vacant role. This service enables our staff to independently evaluate each vacancy to identify the right candidate who has the appropriate criteria to fit with the business’s culture and needs and the industry.
  • Competency-based interview :

    Peace of mind for business owners understanding that applicants are screened using competency-based interviews, and referencing to assess and confirm previous results.
  • Global mobility :

    Our agency looks internationally for the matching applicant for your company through our global social network and experts of the industry. We focus on candidates with abilities to boost its competitiveness and perform all the related and responsibilities. We also help you clients with services such as documentation checks, reference checks, background checks, etc.
  • Shortlisted applicants :

    Our staff will present limited candidate numbers to the client following several tests, interviews, assessment procedures. This service will be offered to the right applicant who will fulfill the business-specific specifications, personal requirements, and tasks. Our agency has saved the time, money, and various expenditures of our client with regards to their recruitment initiatives.
  • A follow-up call :

    We do not recruit and forget. Our clients also get to avail off our post-recruitment services, such a free replacement in case the employee hired through our services quits the organisation for any inevitable reasons.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency for global permanent placement services?

Alliance Recruitment Agency has become one of the largest placement firms globally, with specialized placement and hiring services. To find the right applicant for your firm, you can always rely on us and use our recruitment experience. From many years of experience in various sectors, our team gained this combined expertise, which helped them to help our employees narrow down the right candidates for many businesses. Ultimately, this has taken the agency to several accomplishments:

  • Extensive experience in recruiting thousands of highly-skilled and experienced employees in numerous industries on the global scale.
  • Our organization has 10,000+ completely satisfied clients, as they got the best well-matched applicants for their businesses
  • We have made recruitment easier and affordable through our competitive prices and free initial consultation support.
  • Via our back-office support and expanded facilities, we have provided numerous services and fulfilled diverse needs of diverse customers.
  • Effective methods for choosing the appropriate qualifications for each enterprise, providing each customer with the necessary and adequate dedication to ensure that each applicant is suitable for the particular goals, values and objectives of the organization.
  • Major experience has been carried out over the years to refine the headhunting process across large lists and networks of highly-skilled contacts from many sectors, usually shortening the recruitment period span.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts to transform your staffing, executive recruitment services and various hiring processes and outcomes.