Placement Agencies In Delhi Ncr

Placement Agencies In Delhi NCR

A Placement agency is a firm which helps candidates to acquire a job and provide recruitment services to the clients. HR management is a vital function in every organization and plays a crucial role in accomplishing the organization’s goals and objectives. We, at Alliance, are one of the leading placement agencies in Delhi NCR which provides best in class recruitment services to our clients catering to the entire employment and business process. We have a team of skilled and professional recruiters who work on the requirement of our client and help them to get a qualitative employee. We have a huge database professional portals & a vast online network and are one stop solution of all your recruitment needs.

Our resources are well versed with the latest technologies, and we make sure that the efficiency of our resources will be from the first day. We believe that Quality Services has no alternate and know that client could only be satisfied if he gets a set of talented candidates and the best value of their money. In addition to this, we also provide them best-fit market availability, comfort knowing and a comparative benchmarking. At our company, we have a well-structured and methodical approach for recruiting candidates. The recruitment process starts with understanding the requirement and analysis of position and then goes all the way to follow-up with both client and candidate.

Here are the key principles of our search methodology need to be focused on:

  • Analysis of Position :

    This process includes the understanding the exact requirement of clients with regard to future expansion plans, current business activities, work culture, main accountabilities and other key details which are required to bring success to the opening.
  • Sourcing Strategy :

    Sourcing Strategy involves drawing up a list of companies and utilizing our network and database. After that, we select the most talented and potential candidates within target companies. Then we share the opportunity with them and draw their interest in the position.
  • Evaluation and Testing of Candidates :

    It is done to match the candidate profiles with the specific requirement and work environment of the client’s organization. Moreover, we also use psychometric assessment tools.
  • Reference Checks of Candidate :

    It is done before the formal offer is made. As per our client, we can also conduct a background check on these candidates, via our trusted partner agencies.

We passionately search the best talent and provide the client the same with maximum client benefit. We provide you with efficient, credible and talented individuals who are strongly driven by the desire to excel and become pillars of organization prosperity. We provide manpower recruitment service in several sectors like the Information Technology Sector, Accounting Sector, Human Resources Sector, Hospitality Sector, Automobile Sector, Retail Sector, Garment Sector, Pharmaceuticals Sector, Labs Sector, and many others. We take every recruitment project as a unique process and thus pay personal attention to each and every recruitment task.

Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer to choose us:

  • We aim to build long-term association with our valuable clients and earn their goodwill by our best in class services. We do not provide manpower but upsurge company assets.
  • Our placement services in Delhi are based on experience and expertise, and we provide solutions that are proved.
  • Many of our current clients are enjoying the benefits of availing our service by getting the top talents of their industries from us. We take an individualized approach to each recruitment task and thus there is no chance of providing candidates to organizations without properly examining them that they are deserved or not.
  • We not only try our best to meet your expectations but also go beyond your expectations in satisfying you. Winning your trust by offering your hundred percent service satisfaction with our professionalism is our motto.
  • Employee welfare is our ultimate goal; therefore we have provided reliable services to many recruiters.