Placement Agencies In Ludhiana

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Placement Agencies In Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a city that is known for its small and medium scale manufacturing industries. Lying at the heart of Punjab’s economy the city is known as the largest bicycle manufacturing hub in Asia. Rated as the city with the most suitable business environment in India by the World Bank (in 2009 and 2013) Ludhiana’s economy rests on the back of its manufacturing potential. The apparel industry is the next big sector in Ludhiana that employs millions of people from across the country. A net supplier and export of these materials (apparel, bicycle, motor parts) Ludhiana stands as an important spot in India’s economic map. The nature and type of Ludhiana’s economy call for the supply of skilled and semi-skilled workforce especially in the apparel industry and the automotive parts manufacturing industries. To get this workforce on board Placement Agencies in Ludhiana are playing a crucial role. Placement agencies in Ludhiana are having a good connect with candidates across India help in bringing a suitable person for respective job roles. From short listing to recruitment all the process of testing and evaluation are undertaken by these agencies. Alliance recruitment agency is one of the most popular names in Ludhiana in terms of placement service delivery. A wide recruitment base expanding across the country allows us to bring to the table the best of the man force that has the capacity to add value through their work.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance recruitment agency is a name that is synonym with quality and time bound service delivery. Our team of professional recruiters has been delivering to the staffing/manpower needs of our clients in Ludhiana from quite some time. Alliance as your recruitment agency in Ludhiana offers you following benefits:
  • Need-based recruitment services
  • Market analysis based solution delivery
  • Talent acquisition from across the country
  • Nothing is charged from candidates
  • Skill assessment as client’s needs
  • Personality assessment of candidates
  • Test of basic aptitude (based on the needs of the job)
  • Clients in the loop in regards to each update in process
  • Skill development services also provided
  • Proper attention legal documentation
  • Process-based recruitment
Jobseekers from around the country looking for job opportunities in Ludhiana (or anywhere else) and firms in Ludhiana looking for manpower services can visit our website Alliance Recruitment Agency and register their inquiry. We extend timely job updates on our website for the benefits of job seekers.