Placement Companies In India

Placement companies are the firms that bring a standard level of capability to the task of searching the best talent for an organization. These firms can help you to get skilled and talented candidates, either by their database of the candidate or by publicizing under their banner. Alliance recruitment agency is one of the leading placement companies in India that provides a wide range of hiring and recruitment services to various clients across India. Our expert consultants are highly dedicated to leveraging the business potential of our esteemed clients by providing the best in class HR services.

Our company has a strong ability to provide our clients with the perfect recruitment solution by hiring them according to our best hiring recruitment needs. We completely believe in following the principle of performing alignment of talent strategy with business strategy which in turn enhances the performance of the business growth. Our strength is our team of experienced consultants having credentials of being highly specialized and experienced in the industry they serve. We have a team of best talent which is capable of harnessing the new pool of talents.

Indian Placement Services

We believe in building trust and transparency with our clients, to build long-term associations and to use the customized approach as per their specific requirements. At Alliance recruitment agency, we have crafted a practical framework that caters most complex demands of our client. With extensive use of technology, we provide cutting-edge consulting solutions. Our recruitment process includes:

  • Planning: This phase involves the understanding the exact requirements of our clients and the utility of such requirements to give strength to our search. Then as per the requirements, we plan a strategy that would follow to serve the requirements.
  • R&D: In this phase, we search for the right competency levels on the parameters of knowledge, skills, stability, experience, and performance. By evaluating candidatures on these levels, we choose and share quality candidatures with our clients.
  • Initial Screening & Interview: In this process, we go for preliminary screening where we assess candidates on Job Title, Compensation Package, Job Location, etc. We personally conduct their interviews to assess the candidate competency level.
  • Validation: After the screening and interview process, we approve the candidate through various reference checks
  • Client Interview: We refer the candidate for the client interview where the client can assess the ability and skill of the candidate.
  • Closure: This is the last phase where we negotiate for the salary package, joining date and appointment letter. In addition to this, we continue to maintain our association with both our client and candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.

India Placement Consultancy

We are an independent India Placement Consultancy, and our aim is to provide our clients with a professional, reliable and customized service. Our expertise help organizations accomplish their goals and employees fulfill their potential. Below are the reasons that explain why you should hire us for your placement requirements:

  • The right job and the right person: Our recruitment solutions are innovative, reliable and fast-moving according to the nature of the modern world of work. We always bring the right job and the right person together at the right time, in the right place.
  • Highly experienced specialists: All our consultants had worked within the industry in which they are recruiting. They fully understand the requirements of that industry sector, and your recruitment needs.
  • Vast candidate database: We have a huge candidate database which is used by our team to source relevant candidates. We identify candidates who are perfect for the role but may not even know what they are looking for.
  • Responsive and skilled approach: Our recruitment consultants are extremely skilled in reviewing resumes, conducting competency based interviews and shortlisting qualified candidates. This infers that we will never place a candidate in front of you that we don’t think to be right for the role or your business.
  • Specialist recruitment: We specialize in the IT sectors, Construction & Engineering, Accountancy & Finance, and Transport & Logistics and provide temporary, permanent and contract recruitment solutions.