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Alliance Recruitment Agency is among the best placement consultants in Hyderabad. We offer placement services in Hyderabad and across India and in several global cities in the USA, Canada, the UK, several European countries, the Middle East, and South Asia. Our agency has overseas placement consultants in Hyderabad to enable businesses and job seekers to find opportunities for contracting with firms and professionals from numerous global locations. We have helped 1,000+ clients find offshore candidates and teams in India.

Our placement consultants Hyderabad team has industry-focused international experts with access to talent pools worldwide. Whether you are a business in Hyderabad looking for brilliant professionals in any domain from local talent networks or you are a company looking for manpower resources from Hyderabad – we are the one-stop solution center for all recruitment needs.

Comprehensive Placement Services in Hyderabad

Alliance Recruitment Agency’s placement services in Hyderabad are backed by the company’s extensive experience in recruitment and placement for organizations across sectors. For 10+ years, we have served the manpower needs of thousands of employers, completing 12,000+ projects.

We are among few agencies offering international, national, and local-level placement services in Hyderabad using cost-efficient hiring methods supported by technology systems. A robust technology and data management systems infrastructure has enabled us to search, identify and select the most suitable candidates for any role in a minimum turnaround time.

We have placed professionals from a wide variety of domains – accountants and bookkeepers, credit services specialists, finance and risk management specialists, medical professionals-doctors, nurses, paramedical and biotechnology experts, software developers, IT product design specialists, coders and application developers, engineering professionals, HR and management professionals, among others.

Our manpower agency Hyderabad have also fulfilled the requirements for semi-skilled and unskilled labour for manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and construction sectors. We are truly a one-stop destination for manpower solutions for firms in any industry sector.

100% Reliable Overseas Placement Consultants in Hyderabad

When it comes to finding reliable overseas placement consultants in Hyderabad, contact an agency that has a great track record across 10+ years – that is our agency!

Employers and job seekers can place 100% trust in our placement services. We always follow fair practices and comply with all relevant local or international rules and regulations. Our immaculate documentation and reporting systems give evidence-based information on every step we take.

The services we provide include:

  • Staffing:

    We serve the staffing needs of hundreds of international clients, sourcing them and helping them hire professionals from Hyderabad for permanent, contractual, and consultant roles.
  • Executive Search and Headhunting:

    We have placed over ten thousand professionals for senior, middle and junior management positions.
  • Staff Augmentation:

    Our local and overseas recruitment consultants in Hyderabad have wide experience in supporting the staff augmentation needs of IT and ITeS companies.
  • IT Placement:

    We have one of the best regional and overseas recruitment consultants for IT manpower sourcing and placement. The projects we have completed cover mass hiring, specialist and expert hiring, master vendor recruitment, project-based outsourcing and other IT outsourcing service needs.
  • Temporary and Remote Hiring:

    Our overseas placement consultants help companies find the best qualified professionals for temporary roles, We also excel at remote team hiring.

If you have any recruitment or placement challenges, contact us and find optimized solutions!

Connect with our Local and Overseas Recruitment Consultants in Hyderabad

You need never have to worry about manpower shortage or talent gap issues or placement challenges once you partner with us. We have industry experts with a rich background in recruitment who address every challenge with total efficiency. Whether you are struggling with improving your employer brand and recruitment abilities for roles requiring “hot skills” or highly specialized skills, or seeking 50-100+ manpower resources for engineering or BPO projects, find the right person for every role through the expert service management of our placement teams.

Reduce recruitment costs, increase the revenue per employee ratios by hiring smartly and efficiently! Contact us, and let us help you improve key business metrics through high-quality recruitment solutions.