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Today, more and more organisations are adopting project management approaches for carrying out their business. Project management is being recognised as a powerful business tool that increases your chances of achieving desired results successfully, consistently, and on time and budget. Projects are easily manageable and issues can be resolved faster. It helps you to prioritise your business resources and use them efficiently. If your business is also following the project oriented method or is planning to leverage the benefits of this method, you will need good quality project management professionals to ensure that the project management is done right. Needless to say poorly managed projects lead to inconsistencies, poor performance, wasted money and lost time.

Alliance is a specialist project management headhunters having years of experience in providing high quality project management practitioners to hundreds of organisations. We cater to businesses of all types and sizes. Our recruitment consultants specialise in filling a complete range of project management positions with right calibre, fully reference-checked and background-checked professionals. We are committed to providing you professional and customised project management headhunters service that will help your business thrive.

Partner With Alliance To Get Services Of The Best Project Management Headhunters

In recent years, the popularity of project management approaches has grown rapidly and today we see its penetration in almost every industry. Correspondingly, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for project management practitioners at all levels. A project management professional is required to possess multiple competencies as he is required to be a planner, an organiser, a people manager, an excellent communicator, a problem solver all at once while driving timeline and budget at the same time. Finding professionals with such mix competencies is a challenge. Over the years, Alliance has built a vast network of vetted project management professionals – both active and passive ones. We have a rich database of high calibre professionals. We know exactly where to look for the best-fit talent for your next role.

We have teams of highly informed recruitment consultants wherein each team is a specialist in a specific industry or sector. They are well aware of the market trends, required skill sets, salaries and job titles in their respective sector. This means that our teams are well equipped to understand your hiring requirements from the perspective of your business context, strategies and goals.

We believe in employing a systematic approach to every assignment. Our methodologies are time-tested and proven. This is to ensure best outcomes and make your each experience with us, hassle free and delightful. From time to time, we keep upgrading our techniques with the changing market conditions, to serve our clients in the best possible way.

Project Management Headhunter Services

Whether your hiring needs are for permanent or temporary or fixed or interim positions, we are here to fulfil all of these by providing high quality project management professionals who can propel your business on the success path.

  • Permanent positions :

    Filling permanent positions needs a lot of diligence while sourcing. With our unmatched network, excellent functional expertise and years of experience across sectors and industries, we are strongly positioned to deliver right calibre candidates for your permanent project management positions.
  • Contract Positions :

    Employing professionals on contract basis, allows you to have access to a highly skilled workforce while staying cost effective and flexible at the same time. In case you need professionals on a contract basis, we have you covered here as well. We can provide right calibre contract professionals at a fixed day rate for an agreed timeline. This will relieve you from unnecessarily bearing the overheads associated with permanent positions.
  • Fixed term positions :

    At times organisations require some specific skills for specific projects. In such situations, fixed term hiring offers the most cost effective hiring alternative. We have helped many of our clients take advantage of hiring on fixed term basis.
  • Interim Positions :

    If you are going through a period of crisis or transition and urgently need to hire professionals through the best project management recruitment Agency. We are in a strong position to fill such interim management positions at all levels in your organisation.

Year on year, we have been making continuous efforts to broaden our scope of service. Presently, our team is proficient in filling all types of project management positions in the following sectors:

  • Management and Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Information Technology and Publishing
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare

Some of the common project management positions we recruit for are :

  • Construction Manager
  • CRM Project Manager
  • ERM Implementation Manager
  • Facilities Relocation Manager
  • Junior Project Manager
  • Manufacturing Project Manager
  • Six Sigma Project Manager
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Special Projects Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager \ PMP
  • IT Project Manager
  • Lean Project Manager

What Makes Us A Preferred Project Management Headhunter?

We get a lot of repeat business from our clients. This motivates us to keep improving and be the best project management headhunters in the area. We have always strived hard to provide dedicated service to our clients and ensured their complete satisfaction.

Some of the features of our service, appreciated by our clients are

  • Professional attitude
  • Functional expertise
  • Updated and well-informed team
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Access to vast and vetted talent pool
  • Customised solution
  • Creating win-win situation for all the stakeholders