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One of The Best Recruiting Companies in Ottawa

Over the past ten years, Alliance has established itself as one of the leading recruitment agencies in the world. We assist with the recruitment of professionals across functions as well as help with hiring virtual assistants, remote staff, contractual teams, consultants and virtual staffing.

Our clients include multinational companies, startups and firms spread over Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, the USA, Canada, and Africa. So, if you wish to hire an experienced and qualified professional locally or from any specific global locations, Alliance is the perfect choice for you in Ottawa.

We are one of the few recruiting companies in Ottawa that provide a range of services including RPO services, headhunting services, virtual recruitment as well as artificial intelligence supported hiring. For job aspirants who are looking for a rewarding career opportunity, Alliance offers career counseling and CV formatting services to help you find the ideal job that matches your talents and satisfies your personal needs.

We look for the perfect match between the employer and the employee. We focus on being an invaluable resource to client companies in optimizing outcomes from recruitment and in being a source of support to job seekers looking for the right-fit employment opportunities.

A Recruitment Company In Ottawa that Prioritizes Communication

Alliance believes in proper communication. That is why we adopt a consultative approach while dealing with candidates and clients. We make sure that we fully understand your organizational objectives as well as your expectations from each employee. This helps us design a customized recruitment process that is tailor-made for your specific needs.

We also provide career counseling services for young job aspirants to help them discover the career option that is best suited to their qualifications and skills. Alliance offers CV processing and formatting services to help candidates gain an edge over other job aspirants during the screening process.

Our services are competitively priced. We also help with replacements if candidates fail to perform or quit the job within three months of appointment. Get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency and find out more.

We Are Recruiters In Ottawa That Offer A Range of Recruitment Services

  • Overseas recruitment :

    Alliance has branches that are spread all over the world. This sets us apart from most other recruitment firms in Ottawa because it enables us to provide you with hassle-free international recruitment services. We can help you find the ideal overseas employee in diverse sectors such as the oil and gas industry, banking and finance, marine engineering, automotive industry, aviation, telecommunication, and several others.
  • Virtual Recruitment :

    Alliance is one of those few recruiting companies that provide virtual recruitment services to businesses from various sectors. Our expert recruitment teams competently use various virtual recruiting tools and help companies get access to a wider pool of talent, which optimizes their chances of finding candidates that are the right-fit from a skills, work culture and experience perspective.
  • Top-level executive recruiters :

    Alliance Recruitment Agency provides superlative leadership solutions for companies in Ottawa. Our experienced Ottawa headhunters can find you the perfect leader who can guide the company effectively through the rapidly evolving business environment in Canada. The leaders we appoint have the right balance of skill and experience.
  • CV sourcing services :

    If you wish to save time while recruiting employees, you can opt for our CV sourcing services. We maintain a broad database of resumes from which you can find the one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Why Choose Us Amongst All Recruiting Agencies?

  • Extensive screening process :

    We diligently screen all candidates to ensure that we choose the one that is best suited for the job. Our screening process begins with a pre-interview questionnaire which is then followed up by more detailed telephonic and face-to-face interviews. We conduct foolproof reference checks before suggesting a candidate for your job vacancy.
  • Customized services :

    We understand that different companies can have different requirements for similar job vacancies. Alliance offers customized recruitment services for our clients so that they can find the employees who can meet not only the job requirements but also the organizational objectives. During interviews with our shortlisted candidates, we allow our clients to throw in their own questions. This helps us provide services that are tailor-made for your needs.
  • Broad network :

    We are a global recruitment agency with branch offices across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Our prolonged presence in the global market has ensured that we have a broad network of contacts to provide you with the perfect recruitment solution even at short notice.