Recruitment Company In Dubai

Time and again, Dubai has been ranked as the top Middle Eastern city to live in, which offers the greatest comforts and luxury in addition to a tax-free salary so you can get more out of your existing salary. With the merging new age businesses, it has only brought more diverse working options which were previously unavailable. For instance, the initiation of e-commerce companies, tech startups and online media agencies has surged the business sectors in new dimensions of technology and digital marketing. For expats or locals looking to work and network with a multicultural workforce, we can help you make the transition easier.

Alliance Recruitment Company in Dubai has been one of the trusted hiring partners for many clients and business service providers. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we have been helping businesses by offering seasoned professionals in full-time, part-time and contractual roles. Our sourcing analysts separate the best from the rest just like the wheat from the chaff to bring you not just a resource but an invaluable asset to your team. Whether you are a well-established firm or just a start-up, we connect the most sought-after and skilled job seekers to meet your requirements in your company. In our constant endeavour to build a strong workforce, we strive to not only support your goals and company culture but also complement it.

We work with a wide range of industries, however, below are the few of the areas, we have chiefly spread our wings across:

  • Legal
  • Medicine
  • Education and Training
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administration
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Transport

Services we offer:

Recruiter Training:

Our recruiter team is trained to contribute to the best of your expectations in all of the steps in a recruitment cycle such as sourcing, assessment, offer discussion and onboarding. This has not only helped us meet your expectations but build a great team as well. As employees come from diverse backgrounds, we train our recruiters to offer the best experience by effectively managing Dubai’s multicultural workforce.

Career Transition program:

We understand that recruiter’s job does not only concern attracting the top talent and working on retaining them but also offering them a smooth and easy off boarding experience to provide an easy and distinct transition process that may be unique to your firm. We handle the career transition cycle as smoothly as possible so that the employees move effortlessly through the relieving process in order to truly support them in their career transition objectives and future endeavours. The brand we’ve worked with so far have been successful in boosting high morale and brand value by implementing strong outplacement program with the help of our team and so can you.

Executive search:

In our executive search program, we strive to deliver value by helping you attract and retain the top talent at the leadership level. Our executive search consultants conduct strong assessment and sourcing techniques to find the right people with industry knowledge, skills and align with your requirements from a vast professional network and global market. In a modern and constantly emerging market such as Dubai, we strive to move fast based on industry research innovating our services to give you the best results.

Senior and Mid-level placement:

Most senior and mid-level professionals begin to look for a change for a better work profile or a better pay. Therefore, we understand the need to align the expectations of such candidates by matching their needs with the company culture and DNA in order to make a match made in heaven. For our recruiting team, as difficult as it seems, it is also the most satisfying aspect of our jobs to be a successful cupid. Our subject matter specialists come from varying backgrounds with strong knowledge on industry practices, which have been our strength in helping you convert a job possibility into a successful placement.

Market Intelligence:

Our placement services are successful and consistent because we follow a strong talent mapping process matching the people to the roles, responsibilities and company culture. We conduct regular compensation surveys to know the changing market trends and gather market data while maintaining the huge network of sought-after professionals.

What Choose Our Recruitment Company in Dubai

Alliance Recruitment Agency is more than a placement service provider. Our recruitment company in Dubai aims to help employers ensure that manpower hiring leads to better operations efficiency, greater employee satisfaction levels, and better workplaces.

We continually fine-tune our approaches, strategies, skills, and hiring methods to assist our clients in achieving their recruitment-based goals. At the same time, we assure that job seekers find workplaces that best suit their aptitudes, career track, and personality traits. Any mismatch only leads to confusion and very short-term gains. That is why our recruitment company in Dubai conducts rigorous screening and offers superlative consultative experiences to both employers and potential hires.

There are a number of factors that have helped our recruitment company in Dubai to achieve very tough recruitment goals for our clients. We have listed some of them here.

Access to Some of the Best Local Talent Pools

There would not be many a recruitment company in Dubai who could match us when it comes to fulfilling the most diverse range of manpower requirements. Our pervasive market presence helps us meet any kind of human resource needs.

Whether you need a chef, a cab driver, a nanny, a horticulturist, or a restaurant manager, a hotel manager, a sales manager, a software engineer, a financial analyst, a facilities manager, or a professor or doctor, we have the resources and smart recruiters to track, attract and connect employers with the right professionals.

Strong Presence in the Middle East

Our recruitment company in Dubai has ten years of experience building a strong presence in not only Dubai but also in several Middle Eastern countries. Our recruitment consultants keep pace with the quickly moving labor market and retain our connections with hundreds of thousands of highly-skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled job seekers.

If you are looking for a recruitment company in Dubai that can help you meet any range of manpower needs, Alliance Recruitment Agency is definitely the one to work with.

Global Talent Networks

Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations to work for professionals worldwide, but that does not make it easy for employers to fill talent gaps easily. Finding a professional that meets the position- and role-based skills, experience, training, industry exposure, personality traits, linguistic abilities is usually as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

With organizations from all over the world having a presence in Dubai and hiring becoming more elitist or complex, working with a competent, resourceful and flexible recruitment company in Dubai has become more of a necessity.

Alliance Recruitment Agency’s global outreach covering five continents and millions of professionals makes global recruitment goals easier to achieve, however tricky it seems at the outset.

Industry-specific Hiring Practices

Our recruitment company in Dubai has invested in creating industry-focused hiring groups. Our worldwide industry practice groups help employers to find and engage with candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Whether you need doctors and medical staff for a hospital on an urgent basis or mechanical engineers to manage an upcoming HVAC project or a group of scientific researchers or ERP system developers, you will find the right candidates within a short time.

Numerous companies planning diversification, digital transformation, or entry into new territories or business lines have made us their go-to source for hiring assistance.

Exhaustive Scope of Services

You might be seeking to fill a position that requires an expert with rare skills, such as a facilities manager with a strong knowledge of ancient Middle Eastern architecture, or you need 50+ resources soon to meet new project requirements. With our recruitment company in Dubai at your side, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect fit candidates.

Whether you want to outsource your entire hiring process or just the candidate search and selection part of the cycle, whether you need advisory services or remote hiring assistance, our Dubai recruitment agency is up to any task.

Recruitment Process Optimization

One of our strengths is our ability to optimize recruitment processes. Through the use of best hiring practices, latest technology and tools, and the insights gained working with over 10,000 clients, our agency excels in optimizing process, making it Lean, SMART and outcome-oriented.

Hiring Costs Optimization

The services of our agency help you cut down on a lot of “waste” hiring activities and unproductive hours and weeks of work. You need not spend so much on organizing campaigns, meeting thousands of candidates every year, or in participating in various events to meet your recruitment needs.

Our services include everything to enrich not only your recruitment outcomes but also your brand as an employer. You also get access to great talent pools. All these are available through the most competitive pricing models.

Let us get in touch and strategize to get optimum ROI from recruitment.