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Alliance Is One Of The Best Recruitment Firms Calgary

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a worldwide leader in recruitment services. We believe in building solid long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. Our dedication to our clients’ needs has made us one of the top recruitment firms in Calgary. Despite being a global recruitment agency, we have extensive knowledge of the local market in Calgary. Our in-depth knowledge helps us find suitable candidates for our clients. We also have at our disposal expert trainers who make use of this knowledge to design the best possible training programs for your employees.

Alliance offers all kinds of recruitment services ranging from temporary and contractual recruitments to permanent HR solutions. If your HR department is not well-equipped to recruit a large number of skilled employees within a short period, you can rely on Alliance’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services in Calgary. We screen all candidates rigorously and also perform extensive screening and checks to ensure that you are confident about the candidates you have hired. We follow a consultative approach to hiring employees for our clients. We keep all our communications confidential. Get in touch with us today to experience our flexible and flawless services.

We Are Expert Recruiters In Calgary

Regardless of whether you have bulk recruitment needs or just a single job vacancy with special requirements, Alliance Recruitment Agency in Calgary is the perfect choice for you. We have a broad database of resumes from which our recruitments experts can find you the perfect solution to your recruitment needs in the least possible time. Our headhunters can recruit top-level executives with excellent leadership skills to drive your organization towards its goals.

To facilitate smooth coordination between the employers and employees, we undertake corporate training services for both management and staff. When our clients have to downsize their business, they can opt for our outplacement services and we shall ensure that your employees can move on to a new job without any hassles. For job aspirants who are looking for a rewarding job opportunity, we offer the best career counseling services to help you identify the career option that suits your skills and temperament. We make sure that we fully understand the needs of our clients and our candidates. This ensures that we can find the candidate who perfectly fits our client’s requirements. Hire our experienced recruiters, and you shall observe a marked improvement in your organization’s productivity.

Some Services Offered By Our Recruitment Agency In Calgary

  • Expat Search :

    Alliance Recruitment Agency has offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East, North America, and Africa. Our vast global network enables us to provide our clients with unsurpassed expat search services in Calgary. Our experienced headhunters can identify the top professionals who can seamlessly fit into your organizational culture and perform at their peak. We are also the perfect choice for skilled candidates all over the world who are looking for more rewarding career opportunities.
  • Virtual Assistance :

    We provide virtual assistant services for large businesses, small teams as well as individual professionals. Our virtual assistants offer flawless services in the fields of administration, marketing, website designing, online data entry, and much more. Alliance also provides virtual personal assistants who can handle all your commitments and plans.
  • CV processing and formatting :

    In today’s competitive marketplace, your resume has to be perfect if you wish to be selected for the job of your choice. That is why Alliance offers one of the best CV formatting and processing services for job aspirants in Calgary. After we finish formatting your CV, we can upload it onto our database so that it can be accessed by prospective employers. So, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency in Calgary now to know more about our services.

Why Choose Alliance?

  • Wide range of services :

    Our services in Calgary are by no means limited to expat recruitment, virtual assistance, and CV processing services. We also offer HR advisory solutions, top-level executive searches, IT outsourcing, headhunting, CV sourcing, and many other services. We cater to the recruitment needs of a large number of industries including oil and gas, aviation, hospitality, media and advertising, sales and marketing, and a lot more.
  • Tailor-made HR solutions :

    Alliance believes in complete client satisfaction. We offer customized recruitment services to help you find an employee who meets all your job-specific needs and organizational goals. During our rigorous screening process, we allow for a lot of flexibility by including those questions that our clients might wish to ask the candidates.
  • Save your time and money :

    Recruiting an employee for your company can be a painstaking process. You often end up spending a lot of money and time on advertisements and extended interviews. If you require candidates with special skills for select job vacancies, our expert headhunters can find the perfect candidate for you in an extremely short period and at affordable rates.

Get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Calgary for your hiring needs.