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Reliable Remote Staffing Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been in the recruitment sector for the last ten years. We have helped more than 10,000 clients with excellent manpower services. Since the advent of the remote working trend, we have been supporting all our clients to hire remote staff. We recommend our clients agile, self-motivated, skilled, and responsible remote working employees. Our remote staffing database is brimming with such talent from all over the world. No matter where the client is situated, our widespread remote staffing services help them find the best employees from anywhere in the US, Canada, the UK, EU countries, the Middle East, and South Asia.

The success stories of our satisfied clients testify to our simple and flawless process. Our team of remote staffing experts and the latest technology are the key factors contributing to our success. With reliable background checks, reference checks, and profile screening, our remote staffing agency continues to dominate the remote hiring recruitment sector. With the global pandemic on the rise, we have expanded our virtual recruitment process in full swing. Employees from different parts of the world are being hired through our services.

The client only needs to provide the requirement and conduct the final interview round. Our remote staffing process is unique for each client and is designed based on the business niche. Our experts are proficient in the market trends of different sectors and will help you find employees who will be a great fit for the future of your organization.

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Our Globally Spread Remote Staffing Agency

Our remote staffing agency offers services to businesses across sectors through our industry-focused talent acquisition groups or teams. We do not send scores of resumes to our clients for every position but only source them 4-10 candidates that best fit with their requirements. Our remote staffing services are available for companies into research and development, financial services, IT services, engineering solutions, business analytics, education, design and web development, healthcare, market research, legal, and manufacturing sectors.

If you are looking to hire remote staff for temporary or contractual positions or for work-at-home workforce, our remote staffing agency is the best to work with. We offer an unbiased service for startups and established enterprises. Our remote staffing agency teams also verify the candidate backgrounds to protect from any data encroachment issues. You could partner with us to hire remote staff for job roles ranging from clerical staff to top level executives. We also provide remote staffing recruitments close to the client’s office location or in any particular city in situations where the employees will need to make occasional sales visits or have to visit the office from time to time.

We Offer End-to-End Support to Hire Remote Staff

  1. Temporary remote hiring – Our remote staffing services help you hire temporary employees or professionals or consultants you want to hire for a certain duration only. We recommend candidates who are well trained and proficient in their area of expertise. These employees will be an addition to your team for a short duration to enhance the quality of service or products you offer
  2. Top-level executive remote hiring – We also headhunt for executives that can lead teams remotely. Our remote staffing agency has a global database that gives us access to the best leaders from all over the world.
  3. Onboarding service – Our remote staffing onboarding services are conducted with the help of online collaboration tools. In the case of big organizations, we help the new employees connect with other employees in their area to help connect the systems according to the company standards.
  4. Background check services – With remote staffing recruitment, the need for efficient background checks is more. We verify the employee experience, qualifications, address details, certifications, references before starting the onboarding process.
  5. Candidate pre-screening – The candidate pre-screening is done to eliminate a major chunk of the inefficient workforce. Our remote staffing agency conducts basic aptitude tests, logical tests, technical or other skills tests, and verbal and written communication tests before the candidate meets with the client. Also, our efficient experts will screen the candidates beyond their CV displayed skills.
  6. Onshore remote team – This service is relevant in situations where the client is providing services to an area away from their physical location. In such cases, we help such clients hire remote staff who can be a part of a remote team to look after the quality of services offered in a particular city or country.
  7. Negotiations – Once we find the best fits and the client approves them, we are present as mediators to settle all demands from both parties. Our remote staffing services search for candidates till the client is satisfied.

Choose Our Best Remote Recruitment Service

  • Global Talent Force Access – Ten years of recruitment experience has strengthened our networking on the global platform. Access to a global talent force contributes to all the client’s job requirements and helps hire remote staff.
  • Latest Technology support – We are supported with AI-based technology that helps us connect, screen, and conduct interview rounds for eligible candidates. Our online collaboration tools also help us in the onboarding and client briefing process.
  • Expert staff – Our remote staffing agency is enriched with experts spread across multiple sectors. These experts will help screen candidates efficiently.
  • Cost-optimized service – With our extensive global database, we can easily connect with employees globally. We help you save enormous amounts of money and other resources invested in the remote staffing process.
  • Seamless process – Our end to end remote staffing process will help you connect with the best candidates without wasting a lot of time in screening or interviewing candidates. Our process is supported by trustworthy background checks that will ensure that our clients are not stuck with the wrong choices.

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