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Alliance Retained Headhunters for Your Critically Important Hires

The process of sourcing and attracting senior executives or exceptionally talented professionals can be a complicated task and should be handled by an expert retained search firm such as Alliance. Our retained headhunters demonstrate a proven track record of placing countless executives and other high level professionals across leading corporations around the world. Partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency for all your critically important hires and we’ll get you the best.

Focus and Dedicated Service that Drives Exceptional Results

Our well trained and experienced retained headhunters offer credibility, competence, confidentiality, professionalism and carefully handle both the candidate and the employing organization. We bring in industry specific expertise and unique insight on your hiring needs and establish a solid partnership with your organization to collaboratively get the best results out of a retained search operation. With our brand, network and reputation for integrity, you will not look further than Alliance.

Alliance – The Retained Search Firm that Delivers The Right Talent

As one of the leading retained executive search companies throughout the world, we follow a highly efficient and consultative process to identify and attract the right candidate that is a perfect match for the open position as well as your organization. Our retained headhunters have the expertise and the resources to deliver the most qualified candidates for your consideration, faster than conventional methods. With Alliance teams by your side, we have got you covered.

Partner with the Expert Retained Executive Search Company

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our teams are dedicated to finding the ideal executive candidate who is capable of handling your open position effectively. Contact our teams and submit an executive staffing request today. One of our retained executive headhunters will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your hiring needs. Partner with Alliance and let our experts hire your next executive.

Alliance Recruitment Agency The Best Retained Headhunters in the Industry

No employer wants to go through the experience of correcting the actions of a failed employee appointment, especially when the position under consideration is a top-level role. Therefore we follow a robust recruitment process to ensure that we only hire the best

  • Define the Position – Our customized retained search is the integral element of our recruitment process. In order to get the best out of our retained search, we should have a clear sense of your hiring needs. Therefore our teams work along with your hiring managers to understand the nature of the open position and the culture of your organization, which will help us in the talent search.
  • Development of a Recruitment Plan – We don’t follow the “one size fits all” methodology in our recruitment services. Instead, we put together a unique recruitment plan, designed exclusively for your executive appointment. From candidate sourcing to the finalization of the placement, this will be used as a guiding tool for the rest of the stages of the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Candidate Sourcing – As a leading retained executive search firm, we have built extensive relationships with a wide pool of senior executives operating across various industries and sectors, that enable us to find and deliver the ideal candidate of your mind. Our use of social networking platforms to conduct targeted promotional campaigns also allow us to find the right talent for the job.
  • Interview, Screen and Finalize – Our executive recruitment consultants have years of experience, interviewing and assessing countless executive candidates. We will rigorously evaluate each and every candidate and provide a shortlist of the top candidates that match your requirements and specifics. You can make the final decision making by deciding who will be joining your company.

Alliance – The No. 1 in Retained Executive Search Companies

As one of the leading retained executive search companies, we find and deliver executive candidates for a wide variety of sectors and domains. Regardless of your area of expertise, our retained headhunters can get you the best talent for your consideration.

  • Accounting and Finance – From tax accounting, audit accounting, financial analysis and planning to treasury and payroll, we deliver all types of accounting and finance professionals your company needs to compete in today’s economy. Our headhunters specializing in accounting can get you industry leading professionals to fill in your vacancies at your finance department.
  • Information Technology – Whether you are looking to hire an ERP specialist, a network admin or an expert in android and iOS development, we can meet all your technical and strategic IT staffing demands. Our IT executive have years of experience, placing innumerable candidates at top level positions such as CIO, CTO and CISO roles in leading corporations.
  • Marketing – Trust your brand to our retained marketing headhunters and fill in your marketing teams with professionals who drive business success. From chief marketing officers to professionals in digital marketing, lead generation, PR communication, marketing automation, social media and strategic marketing, we can find the top talent for all your open marketing positions.
  • Many More – Since 2010, Alliance Recruitment Agency has successfully placed innumerable candidates in senior executive positions across various industries. Contact us and we’ll find the right experts for your positions, regardless of the areas of expertise

Alliance Recruitment Agency Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Candidates

Based on the type, level and area of expertise of the position, we assess candidates’ qualifications and a set of technical and soft skills to evaluate their eligibility for the position. We guarantee that our candidates are fully vetted and perfectly match the job.

  • Educational Background – Based on the level and the type of the open position, we will assess whether the candidates’ have an acceptable level of education related to the area of expertise of the position. Our recruitment consultants evaluate the possession of a bachelor’s degree or an MBA related to your operations and confirm its validity and relevance to the position under consideration.
  • Sound Knowledge and Past Experience – In order for a candidate to deliver an exceptional job, he/she should possess the relevant field experience and know the ins and outs of your market. We will assess the candidates’ knowledge of your business operations and past experience relevant to your line of work and evaluate the sound knowledge of your sector and industry domain.
  • Soft Skills and Personality Traits – Apart from assessing the technical competencies of the role, we will also evaluate the candidates’ soft skills and personality traits to ensure the candidate is a perfect match for the nature and culture of your company.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Unlike other retained executive search firms, we do not provide our clients with tons of irrelevant resumes. Instead, we conduct a deep study of the hiring needs of our clients and identify, attract and deliver only the best candidates that match their technical as well as personality requirements. That is the reason why companies continually come to Alliance Recruitment Agency.

  • Focused and Dedicated Service – When you partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency, the retained headhunter you meet at the outset of the relationship will be your single point of contact from the inception of the recruiting process to the finalization of the placement. Your expert retained search recruiter will not rest until he/she finds the right talent for your open executive position.
  • First Time Right Services – Getting everything right the first time is crucial in the talent acquisition and management industry, especially when it comes to retained executive search. Our retained recruiters excel at listening to all of the dynamics involved with your open position and identifying and delivering the right candidate that matches all your requirements and specifics.
  • Help You Achieve Your Competitive Edge – To ensure that the executive candidate that we deliver has the expertise to drive your business in the direction of success, we have heavily invested in building extensive professional networks and improving our comprehensive talent search processes. At Alliance, we help you achieve your competitive edge by delivering the right talent that can get the job done.