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Get the dedicated services of recruiters and headhunters with deep knowledge of your industry and markets, working relentlessly to build niche talent pools and serving manpower requirements in a compliant, efficient, and transparent manner.

Partner with an RPO agency that offers you customized manpower solutions, addressing all your challenges and constantly improving your manpower recruitment outcomes!

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  • How much are you overspending year over year on staffing and recruitment? 10% more, 40% more, or over 60%?
  • Have you found your dark talent acquisition data? It could be lying redundant in unhelpful, unstructured formats. They might be immensely valuable!
  • Are these common at your workplace – absconding employees, disputes, grievances?
  • Do you get qualified temporary manpower on time or pay a huge amount of money to manage manpower shortage through an agency?

There is a one-stop solution for addressing all these problems – partnering with a resourceful, established, competent, and reliable recruitment process outsourcing services company – Alliance Recruitment Agency.

A global RPO and recruitment company, Alliance Recruitment Agency offers solutions to make staffing deliver greater access to high-quality manpower, cost savings, data-driven intelligence for improving talent management, and significant time savings.

We help you reduce your rising investment in recruitment operations while offering you opportunities to make recruitment Lean, SMART, and value-generating.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is the ideal way to make manpower sourcing and hiring a more productive and outcome-oriented operation. Here are the key points:

  • You get a recruitment team to work exclusively for your company.
  • You can scale up or down the number of recruiters or headhunters you need as per your business requirements.
  • With a recruitment administrator and data management team working dedicatedly for you, make all recruitment data structured, accurate, easily retrievable with appropriate access controls, and fit for analysis and analytics.
  • The dedicated recruiter administrator will identify and remove inefficient talent acquisition processes and dramatically reduce the time to hire.
  • With recruiters who have access to local and nationwide talent resources comprising millions of candidates, finding the best-suited and superior talent becomes a reality.
  • Identify best-match candidate identification and retention techniques to improve your workforce quality.
  • Get support with enhancing your employer brand and implement practices to help you attract and retain talent.
  • Competently fulfill your goals of equal opportunity, diversity, or inclusion through the right workforce planning and hiring plans.
  • Build the right talent pipeline to efficiently meet the short-term peak in hiring demands

Partner with our RPO recruitment agency to increase your business agility and ability to be more responsive to customer, market, and regulatory demands. Build a powerful hybrid workforce model that gets you quality manpower from within your country and from strategic international locations.

There are many types of RPO recruiting companies that might help with one or a few practice areas. Alliance Recruitment, with its global network of industry-focused recruiters, fulfills the enterprise-wide staffing needs of organizations across 50+ sectors.

Our RPO services assure 40%-60% cost savings, up to 80%-90% HR cost reduction, and 50%-70% reduction in overall recruitment time and costs. Contact us for staffing and recruitment solutions!

The Most Competent Among RPO Recruiting Companies

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a superlative RPO solutions provider. We go beyond what most RPO recruiting companies offer to become a true, trustworthy partner providing solutions that make a big, positive impact on your business performance and bottom lines.

Our RPO recruitment solutions will greatly improve and enhance your business strengths. We have different types of solutions to address the diverse talent management challenges of your organization.

Full RPO Solutions Offering Greater Visibility Into Staffing Outcomes And Cost Management

We offer full RPO solutions to cover your enterprise-wide manpower needs. Additionally, we also implement practices and tech-enabled recruitment infrastructure that facilitates deeper visibility into recruitment processes, methods, and spend per division, location, and practice areas.

The solutions cover the following:

1. Enterprise RPO Staffing Management
  • Workforce planning
  • Strategic recruitment planning
  • Talent sourcing for permanent, temporary manpower recruitment (Local, Remote, Global)
  • Recruitment process management
  • Offer Management and onboarding
2. Research, Analysis, Reporting, and Insights About
  • Talent availability by location, compensation, and demographics
  • Effectiveness of your sourcing channels and ROI
  • Identifying and addressing root causes of issues affecting talent attraction
  • Identifying and addressing root causes of longer time-to-hire issues
  • ongoing visibility of cost-per-hire metrics by skill, seniority, or business unit
Modular RPO Solutions – Customized Solutions Addressing Specific Goals

You can choose modular recruitment process outsourcing solutions when you need dedicated recruiters and headhunters to overcome specific staffing challenges and increase value and benefits from those talent management activities.

There are various Modular RPO options to choose from. You can choose as many solutions as you need for the timeframes you choose. We help you get custom RPO packages oriented to fulfill your requirements.

  • Talent Sourcing And Recruiting Support For Temporary and Contractual Staffing
  • Talent Sourcing And Recruiting Support For Remote Staffing (Onshore, Cross-Border, Offshore)
  • Talent Sourcing And Recruitment Process Management For Specific Practice Areas
  • End-To-End Recruitment Process Management For Hard-To-Fill Positions
  • Recruitment Administration Support For Staffing Activities
  • Recruitment Marketing And Online Employer Brand Reputation Management Support
  • Permanent Staffing RPO For Specific Positions / Functions
  • On-Demand Recruitment Process Outsourcing For Projects, Business Expansion, Or Specific Initiatives

RPO and Managed Services For International Recruitment

Do you have decentralized and under-monitored recruitment supply chains, with hiring managers across geographies using staffing vendors without due diligence? Such activities generate numerous issues, from unauthorized hiring and compliance issues to expensive contracts that do not deliver quality manpower.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has recruiters and headhunters for 25+ countries.

Whether you plan to recruit from other countries, hire staff for offices in international locations, or build cross-border teams (remote, onsite, in-house), find complete support from recruitment planning to onboarding from experienced local and global recruiters covering the target regions.

Here are the key points of our international RPO recruitment solutions.

  • Market mapping for the target country, industry, and practice areas
  • Country-specific local and nationwide recruitment marketing and campaign management
  • Employer brand promotion and generation of quality applicant pools
  • Strategic passive talent search and talent pipeline development
  • Custom multi-stage screening, testing, and assessment management
  • Interview management
  • Supporting the selected candidates with relevant visa and work permit application process
  • Greater visibility into cross-border or overseas staffing activities – timeframe, spend, selection ratio, etc.

If you are searching “RPO recruiting companies,” find one with the capacity to cover the practice areas, industry, and geographies in which you operate. Alliance Recruitment Agency gets you manpower for any practice areas from across the US, Canada, the UK, EMEA, India, South Asia, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

We also have a specialized network of recruiters in India, covering talent pools across industry sectors in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.

Contact us for a free initial consultation and discover the customized RPO solutions you can benefit from!

Insight-Driven RPO Recruitment Processes

When you partner with our RPO recruitment agency, you can easily map, track, and trace any number of metrics you want monitored. We take a consultative approach that starts with identifying all the talent acquisition challenges you are facing to the kind of metrics and KPIs you want to measure. Accordingly, we frame our RPO recruitment processes for any operations or projects.

Some benefits worth mentioning about our RPO recruitment processes include the following.

  • More resources and financial capacity for strategic business initiatives
  • Strategic manpower acquisition planning to drive revenues and expand business lines
  • Recruitment systems and infrastructure that increase adaptability to respond to unexpected customer demands, project demands, scalability needs, etc.
  • Up to 80% reduction in talent acquisition infrastructure, resources, and related costs
  • Between 40%-70% reduction in hiring cycles
  • 10X wider, expansive coverage, and talent access
  • Optimized recruitment management improving candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction rates

Let us know if you want to explore RPO for any branch, operations, projects, or business units.

What Are Your RPO Service Needs?

  • RPO For Executive Search and Headhunting: Hiring C-Suite positions and senior, mid-level, and junior management positions, subject matter specialists, specialized hard-to-fill positions, among others
  • RPO For Industry-Specific Staffing: Manufacturing Staffing, Medical Staffing, Pharmaceutical Staffing, Hospitality Staffing, Software and Tech Company Staffing, Educational Sector Staffing, Media and Entertainment Sector Staffing, Construction and Real Estate Staffing, among others
  • RPO For Specific Practice-Areas: Accounting and Bookkeeping, Finance, Risk and Compliance Management, Cybersecurity and IT Technical, Data Science and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Sales, and Account Management, Customer Service, among others

Or any other RPO services

What Are Your Position-Specific Requirements?

  • Graduate Degrees
  • Postgraduate Degrees
  • Specializations / Certifications
  • Specialized Experience

Among other requirements based on background and experience, knowledge, personality traits, etc.

What type of hiring have you chosen?

  • Contractual
  • Permanent
  • Remote
  • Temp Staffing
  • Onshore
  • Global

Through a consultative approach, data-driven recruitment planning, and an understanding of the kind of ideal workforce you need, we ensure that you acquire the manpower resources you need on time. Reach out to us for RPO!

Find the best-match professionals as per the criteria you have set. Make Recruitment Optimized and Outcome-oriented!

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Let Us Get In Touch

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a local and global RPO partner for organizations in the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, The Middle East, Asia-Pacific, South Asia, and Australia. Our track record of 11+ years covers over 12,000+ recruitment projects for organizations of different sizes and from different industry verticals.

The vast exposure and talent acquisition background we have gained also translates to immense coverage of talent pools worldwide. All our recruiters and headhunters are experienced and highly-trained professionals. You can rest assured that your staffing and manpower recruitment will be handled in the most efficient manner.

There are some other points worth mentioning about our company.

Custom-Designed RPO Solutions:

Our agency has experience in offering custom-designed RPO solutions oriented to achieve specified goals and business needs, such as new product design, new business launch, new market entry, offshore operations setup, or general recruitment support for a business unit or division.

Tech-Enabled Recruitment Supporting Talent Analytics:

By partnering with our agency, gain the benefits of technology-enabled, streamlined recruitment management through mobiles, virtual recruitment tools, real-time reporting, and insight-driven manpower planning and hiring.

Greater Visibility Into Key Metrics And Recruitment Processes:

Our transparent, data-driven, and tech-supported recruitment management gives our clients deeper insights into all the key metrics that they want to track and trace.

Fair Practices and Compliance:

We have a 100% track record of compliance with all fair practices in recruitment.

Diversity and Inclusiveness:

Our company will help you with your goals of diversity and inclusiveness in recruitment.

We have a 24/7 customer service facility. Reach out to us at any time and find a quick response to your recruitment service needs.