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USA, Canada, UK, India, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Australia

  • Are your clients worried about your manpower capacity to cope with more orders or project volume increase?
  • Are you often losing amazing revenue generation possibilities because you do not have the required manpower for a few specialized roles?
  • Are your project costs increasing because of rising manpower acquisition costs?
  • Are you often short-staffed because you cannot fill positions on time?

These problems pose diverse challenges but have a common solution – RPO services!

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers recruitment process outsourcing solutions, enabling companies to find talent solutions through RPO from 25+ countries.

Outsourcing your recruitment is the ideal way to improve talent acquisition management from a cost, time, quality, and efficiency perspective. Find your ideal RPO partner in us!

Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions have empowered our clients, leading to increased business, improved productivity, higher business performance, and eventually resulting in incremental revenue growth! Every time you spend less on recruitment and find more productive, useful employees or teams, you will find a positive impact on your revenue per employee indices over months.

The quality and results from recruitment process outsourcing solutions depend on the abilities, capacities, and reputation of the provider of talent solutions – RPO agency! You need a competent RPO solutions company with extensive experience in hiring for your industry from chosen geographies.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers you the advantages of the best geo-specific RPO solutions.

  • Choose your country of preference!
  • Select the key cities from where you would like to source talent!
  • Let us know your manpower requirements and industry-specific talent needs!
  • Get a free consultation to discuss your recruitment needs and a quote!
  • Within days or a few weeks, find the manpower you need!

The process is simple and smooth. You have nothing to worry about when our RPO solutions consultants take over the recruitment responsibilities.

Our RPO consultants will suggest the right staffing plans, hiring models, and recruitment approaches. Based on your approval of the RPO model and methods, we will implement a transparent talent management procedure. You get complete visibility into the costs and time involved.

Global RPO Teams

We have RPO providers in the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, and other GCC countries, India, the Philippines, South Asian countries, Asia Pacific, and several Sub-Saharan African countries.

Talent Access and Scalability

When you choose a country, you get to tap into talent pools from strategic locations. For example, when you choose India, find talent from Mumbai, Puna, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and other locations. In the USA, find talent from Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Austin, Houston, Boston, and Chicago, among 20+ strategic locations. In the UK, hire from Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, London, and Edinburgh, among other locations.

Industry-Specific Talent Sourcing

You might need medical professionals or are seeking software architects, programmers and developers, and IT technical staff. You might be searching for pharmaceutical researchers or industry-specific engineers. We offer manpower RPO solutions across industry segments.

We have served organizations across 50+ industry segments for 12+ years! Our services continue to make client companies stronger and more competitive. Contact us for recruitment process outsourcing solutions!

Leverage RPO Solutions For Business Success

Finding a one-stop solution, expansive RPO company-Alliance Recruitment Agency-helps you gain immense business benefits! Fill positions before they become vacant, allowing for the efficient handover of duties and responsibilities. Build robust talent pipelines to find temporary, freelance, and contractual manpower within days. Getting manpower solutions and RPO services enables you a lot more benefits.

Benefits of Our Manpower Solutions And RPO Services

40%-60% HR Resource and Overheads Reductions

Go for our full RPO services and significantly cut down capital investments in building and maintaining internal HR resources, manpower, technology systems, and office space. Get more bandwidth to improve cash flow and revenue utilization.

50-70% Less Time To Hire (Fast-Paced Placements)

Our RPO recruiters leverage fully vetted, continuously updated, vast industry and geo-specific talent pools covering millions of professionals. We have access to exclusive talent platforms. Our resources enable up to 70% time savings for temp, remote, and direct staffing.

Up to 60% Improvements in Talent Attraction

You will not have to invest a lot in attracting talent through recruitment campaigns and networking events. Neither will you have to invest in expensive recruitment technology installations and upgrades for efficient applicant management and talent retention. Our RPO recruiters use our technology resources to fill positions in your company.

Positive Impact on Operations Efficiency

One of the core needs to achieve operational efficiency is by running initiatives and transformative changes that improve the digital maturity of operations, connectivity, and fast data access, and higher production efficiencies. Find the right people to lead, manage, and achieve these initiatives through our manpower solutions and RPO services.

Comprehensive Support With All Hiring Models

Your organization needs flexible hiring models, and staffing plans to accommodate different projects and types of customer orders. Through our talent solutions and RPO teams, hire fast using recruitment models that best suit the functions and projects for which you are hiring: remote, temp, short-term contractual, long-term contractual, permanent and onsite, etc.

Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation Support

There is a difference between recruiting on your payroll to meet variable manpower needs and finding outsourced teams and staff augmentation service providers. We connect you with reliable, competent, and best-match offshore teams offering you staffing support at less costs.

Support With Building Global Workforce

Whether you need engineers, writers, medical professionals, data scientists, marketing managers, IT technical staff, or software professionals, forming a global workforce makes you more responsive to market opportunities and customer needs. We will help you build a strong, productive global workforce!

Contact us for a free initial consultation and get all the information you need about our talent solutions, RPO models, and pricing.

For Manpower Solutions, RPO Services Gives Better Results!

Alliance Recruitment Agency gets you the talent you need when you partner with us for recruitment process outsourcing. We offer highly flexible, customizable RPO packages, creating models that are ideal for your organization.

Full RPO Solutions

This model covers end-to-end hiring activities for any division or enterprise-wide hiring activities. Minimize costs of building resource-intensive in-house teams and equipping them with upgraded technology tools that facilitate mobile- and virtual recruitment management functions. We manage it all at our end.

Project RPO Solutions

This is a model which can get you started on your first recruitment process outsourcing journey. Get full RPO services for one hiring project, which could comprise 10 people or 100+ people for a long-term or temp hiring project.

Hybrid RPO Solutions

If you find recruitment complex, time-consuming, and cost-intensive for certain activities only and would like to outsource just those processes of your staffing activities, then hybrid RPO models will suit you.

What Are Your RPO Service Needs?

  • Industry-Specific Talent Solutions RPO: Aviation, Agribusiness, Automotive, Architecture and Construction, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Education, Healthcare, IT and Software, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, among others
  • Practice-Area-Specific Talent Solutions RPO: Accounting and Finance staffing, Data Science staffing, Software Development staffing, Sales and Marketing staffing, IT Technical staffing, among others.
  • RPO for Specific Projects And Initiatives: New Product Development, New Office Launch, New Operations Launch, Offshore Operations Setup, Staff Augmentation, among others
  • RPO for Top Positions: C-Level, Recruitment, Director Recruitment, Project Management Recruitment, among others
  • Or any other RPO services

We Support All Hiring Models?

  • Permanent Roles – In-House or Field Services
  • Temporary Roles – In-House Or Field Services
  • Offshore Hiring
  • Remote Hiring
  • Contract-To-Direct Hire Staffing

Give your organization the power that comes from timely, outcome-oriented, optimized recruitment management. Let us touch base and discuss your RPO project!

Find the best-match professionals as per the criteria you have set. Make Recruitment Optimized and Outcome-oriented!

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Let Us Get In Touch

Have you ever considered HR outsourcing or RPO? It is the right time now. Connect with us by sharing your queries and information needs about RPO services. We do not charge for the initial consultation to discuss your recruitment needs and queries. Our RPO consultant will guide you and assist you in framing project requirements and choosing from different RPO models.

These are some points worth noting about our recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

Large Talent Access

We have built strong connections and talent pools over 12+ years of services in 50+ industry sectors across 25+ countries through geo-specific and industry-specific teams. You will never have to worry about finding the right people for the toughest jobs (Ballistics, Medical, Natural Gas, Energy, etc.), or filling 100+ positions in retail, logistics, IT, manufacturing, and other sectors.

Optimized Recruitment Management

We have the best tech-enabled, data-driven search, applicant tracking, and other recruitment management systems. Our RPO providers enable mobile-optimized and online recruitment management, cutting down time and costs on the one hand, and attracting quality manpower on the other hand. (Most job seekers reject companies with deep-rooted, time-consuming, conventional recruitment styles.)

Services of Experienced, Expert Recruiters

Give your company the services of industry-experienced, knowledgeable recruiters and headhunters. These are people who have acquired in-depth insights into assessing, screening, and mapping talent based on any position-based requirements.

Scalability and Flexibility

You do not have to maintain a fixed team of recruiters. Scale up or down your team of RPO recruiters as per hiring volume. Find full-fledged support for attracting and retaining talent.

Wide Coverage

We cover strategic locations across the USA, Canada, the UK, and India (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Chennai).

We have a 24/7 customer service facility. Reach out to us at any time and find a quick response to your recruitment service needs.


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions involve outsourcing some or all of the recruitment processes to a third-party provider like Alliance Recruitment Agency. Unlike traditional recruitment, RPO solutions offer a more comprehensive approach, handling everything from sourcing to onboarding.

RPO solutions typically encompass candidate sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, onboarding, and sometimes employer branding. Some providers may offer additional services such as talent mapping and workforce planning.

RPO solutions can streamline the recruitment process, reduce costs, improve candidate quality, enhance employer brand, and provide scalability to meet fluctuating hiring needs.

Alliance Recruitment Agency serves a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more, providing customized RPO solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

We work closely with clients to understand their unique hiring needs, culture, and goals. Our RPO solutions are customized to align with specific requirements, ensuring optimal results.

Yes, RPO solutions are designed to handle high-volume recruitment needs efficiently while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines.

We offer personalized solutions, industry expertise, a vast network, and a commitment to quality, ensuring successful outcomes for our clients.

Clients can be as involved as they want in the recruitment process. We provide transparent communication, regular updates, and collaboration throughout the RPO process.

The implementation timeline and results can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the hiring needs and the scope of the RPO engagement. However, clients often notice improvements in efficiency and quality early in the process.

Simply reach out to us to discuss your hiring needs, and our team will tailor an RPO solution that meets your requirements. Let’s start finding your top talent together.