Senior Technical Recruiters

Alliance Recruitment Agency has a strong background in technology recruitment. Whether you are looking to recruit senior technical executives or entry level technical employees, we have the expertise to fill your open positions quickly. We source through a broad pool of potential candidates who not only suit your specifics but also have the qualifications and experience to deliver outstanding results. Since 2010, Alliance Recruitment Agency has been one of the top senior and entry level technical recruitment companies. We are proud to have a proven track record as a senior technical recruiter, who always stands by their guarantee to its clients.

If your position is for a temporary entry level technical employee or permanent senior technical executive, you can count on our expert technical recruiters. We can assist you in defining the requirements and specifics of the candidate by studying the position and providing technical staffing services to any of your areas from information technology, software development, information security and various other technical areas. We source from a wide pool of candidates, screen the potential candidates and ensure they are qualified and skilled for the job. If you are interested in hiring technical talent for your team, contact our team today.

Entry Level Technical Recruiters You Can Count On

With technical talent becoming a matter of greater importance in almost every industry, you need an expert technical recruiter you can count on, who has the expertise to understand the nature of your organization, duties and responsibilities of the open position and identify and recruit the right candidate that can contribute to building a successful business. Alliance Recruitment Agency works as a strategic technical recruitment partner who has experience in placing top technical talented candidates in corporations across various industries. Our specialized technical recruitment consultants can help you fill your technical positions with the right candidate

Many recruitment agencies supply their clients with irrelevant resumes that are not even closely related to the position under consideration. With Alliance Recruitment Agency, we assure you this is something you don’t have to worry about. Our technical recruitment consultants will only provide you with quality vetted candidates, who have the skills, qualifications, and experience that match your specifics as well as our analysis of the ideal candidate for the position. Reach out to our technical recruitment specialists to discuss your staffing needs. From recruitment of entry level to senior technical talent, we are here to assist you.

Entry Level and Senior Technical Staffing Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency recognizes and provides the best talent with excellent speed, performance, reliability and tailored services. Since 2010, Alliance Recruitment Agency has located and placed top technical talent in leading corporations, including brand new startups and not-for-profit organizations in Asia, the Middle East, the UK and several EU countries and across the US.

  • Development of a Recruitment Plan – We will create a unique recruitment plan for your technical staff placement, which will be used as a guiding tool throughout the rest of the process. We will take your job specifics from your hiring manager and conduct a thorough analysis, which will be based to plan the candidate sourcing, screening and shortlisting and interviewing techniques.
  • Candidate Sourcing – Our most powerful tool in candidate sourcing is our strong joined forces with professionals in various industries, which enables us to attract the top talent in any area of technical expertise. Our other highly effective candidate sourcing channels include social media platforms, direct targeted mail strategies and our proprietary database of potential candidates.
  • Interviewing Candidates – Our recruitment consultants will screen the sourced candidates and conduct interviews, evaluating the candidates against the job specifics from the start of the interview to the completion. Our recruitment specialists have the expertise to evaluate the candidates in multiple ways to assess whether they match the skills and traits of the position under consideration.
  • Candidate Recommendation – We follow a candidate screening process after the interviews as well, which enables us to identify the best of the best candidates. Once the shortlisting is done we will recommend a shortlist of candidates who suit your open position, with strong recommendations for each candidate, where you can select the ultimate candidate who will be hired.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Alliance Recruitment Agency has an exceptional reputation for delivering highly talented professionals for various technical positions. From startups to leading corporations, companies continuously turn to us when it comes to technical staffing requirements, as they trust that we will always identify top talent in any area of technical expertise, with better approaches.

  • Full Range of Services – Are you looking for direct technical hires, technical executives or temporary technical staffing, we cover them all. From accounting, finance, engineering, human resources, information technology, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing management to legal, Our technical staffing agencies have the expertise to provide technical staffing services for any of your industries and sectors.
  • Professional Technical Recruiters – Our technical recruitment consultants have undergone advanced and extensive training to ensure they can articulate the exact requirements and specifics of your positions. Our recruitment specialists have years of experience working with many organizations of various scales, delivering them the right professionals that can get the job done.
  • Proven Methodology – Our recruitment methodology followed at Alliance Recruitment Agency is the backbone of our winning success. Through our unique approach, we have successfully filled numerous technical positions in leading corporations in various industries. Our well thought out recruitment methodology enables us to attract the ideal candidate for your technical position.