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Are you able to tap into the best talent pools In North Americas, India, South Asia, the UAE, the UK, and several European countries? Is your organization able to hire on time permanent and temporary staff?

Work With A “Staff Agency” That Has A Proven Track Record in Overcoming The Staffing And Talent Gaps You Face.

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A staffing agency or a staff agency serves your manpower needs – workforce planning, recruitment strategies, hiring models creation, talent sourcing, recruitment management, recruitment administrative and reporting, and offer management, among other functions.

Not all staffing agencies, however, provide all these services for your enterprise-wide manpower needs.

We are among the staffing agencies with experience, resources, and competencies to fulfill all your manpower needs.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global company offering exhaustive staffing solutions to organizations in 25+ countries. Our experience spans 11+ years and covers organizations of all sizes and types – large, SME, startups, not-for-profit, non-governmental, multinationals, local, and others.

With a global network of recruiters and talent resources, our staffing agency has worked on more than 12,500 recruitment projects. We help companies find professionals for positions across an organizational structure, from the junior most employees they need to the top leaders they seek.

What are your expectations from a staff agency?

  • Source or provide qualified staff for positions requiring highly skilled professionals
  • Find experienced professionals to manage IT and information management
  • Manage all your temporary, contractual, and short-term hiring activities
  • Provide complete information to manage offshore or international placements
  • Offer human resource acquisition management consultancy and strategic support.

We offer staffing services that cover a wide and diverse range of industry sectors and practice areas (A-Z): from accountants to zoologists, from aviation to venture capital firms.

The resources we have built over more than a decade covers more than a million people across the globe and attract thousands of new job seekers every month. Our ability to map talent with specific positions and find, screen, assess interviews, and select best-matched candidates for any role has enabled us to grow at a fast rate and pace.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is trusted by about 10,000 organizations. We help companies meet their staffing needs on time.

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Case Study: Find Out How We Helped An Aerospace Company Find Professionals With Rare Skills and High Level of Experience!

Partner With A Staff Agency That Helps Find Talent In An Intelligent, Intuitive, And Insightful Manner

Companies with dynamic business models need to fulfill client needs at a competitive price and a sustainable cost. As customer demands increase and decrease at different times of the year, the need to adjust the scale of operations and services becomes essential for profitability. Our staff agency understands different business models and offers workforce planning and manpower hiring solutions that best suit their goals.

We are a staff agency that offers manpower hiring services based on

  • Operations Model and Costs
  • Manpower Requirements Forecasting
  • Talent Management Framework
  • Talent Availability Scenarios
  • Talent Gaps
  • Types of Employment Opportunities In The Organization

Staffing can be conducted in many different ways; a company needs to choose models that best meet their opportunities to generate revenue and increase profit margins. You might profit more through project-based hiring for certain types of operations and permanent recruitment for certain positions in your organization structure.

How you find the required number of manpower of different skill sets, knowledge, performance abilities, and experience on time depends on your talent sourcing abilities.

Partnering with us gives you the immense benefits of talent sourcing aligned to your changing and fixed business needs.

  • Find professionals with specialized experience in any domain: accounting, banking, computer science, engineering (mechanical, structural, electronics, etc.), medical, pharmacy, software and application development, IT technical support, data analytics, AI and Machine learning, financial analysis, business intelligence, sales and marketing, farm management, nutrition and diet, SEO and content, etc.
  • Find specialized professionals in any industry with the experience and skills you prefer – aerospace and defense, education, financial services, medical and healthcare, software and technology, ITeS, BPO and KPO, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, warehousing, etc.
  • Find graduates and postgraduate job seekers with the academic credentials and certifications you seek.
  • Find managerial professionals with track records that best match your requirements.
  • Find support staff for administrative, accounting, legal, and back-office activities.
  • Find top leaders to lead business growth, or technology and innovation or operations, or risk management.
  • Find dedicated resources, virtual staff, remote staff, and cross-border staff.
  • Find outsourcing support for manufacturing, retail, IT, and business solutions delivery.

We are more than a general staff agency. Our company offers highly customized staffing consultancy and solutions for your business or organization, irrespective of its size and turnover.

Some points worth mentioning about our staffing and recruitment solutions:

  1. Focus on the best-match candidate in terms of your recruitment specifications through highly customized and strategic search and selection systems.
  2. Excellent competitor and market mapping experience to help you find highly competent candidates from a market perspective for your managerial and top leadership.
  3. A global network of staffing consultants and recruiters with access to exclusive talent pools and active and passive connections to ensure fast placements.
  4. End-to-end recruitment support from workforce planning to background checks, to offer management.
  5. Flexible service deals to facilitate highly customized solutions.

Connect with our staffing agency for making your recruitment the most effective in terms of business performance and operational efficiency!

Work With The Best Staffing Agency For Hiring in India, The USA, Canada, The Middle East, The UK, Europe

Alliance Recruitment Agency’s wide geographic reach permits greater flexibility to meet challenging client demands and expectations with regards to staffing requirements.

Our staffing agency has acquired the resources to tap into local, regional, and international talent pools of various countries. Through our geography-based and industry-focused staffing experts, we are able to meet the general and specialized talent requirements of firms, large and small businesses, and organizations.

Whether you are looking for chefs in California for large or small hotels or medical consultants for your hospital in Florida, or a manager in Toronto to head technical sales, or software consultants in India to manage outsourced projects, our agency is the best choice for staffing.

For Which Functions and Domains Are You Looking to Hire?

  • C-Suite Office Staffing
  • Staffing For B2B and B2C Sales, Marketing, Business Development And Account Management
  • Staffing For Accounting, Finance, Risk Analysis, Financial Risk Management
  • Medical, Pharmacy, Life Sciences and Research Staffing
  • Academic Staffing (Schools, Institutes, Universities)
  • IT Staffing – Design, Development, Database, Testing, Networking, Etc.
  • Staffing For Operations Management
  • Staffing For Manufacturing Operations
  • Legal Staffing
  • Hospitality Staffing
  • Agri-business Staffing

Among Others

What Are The Positions That You Need To Fill?

  • Junior Level Staff
  • Senior Staff
  • Expert Staff
  • Heads of Divisions.

Among Others

What Type of Hiring are You Going For?

  • Permanent
  • Consultant
  • Remote
  • Contractual
  • Interim
  • Offshore

The Alliance Recruitment Agency network of staffing teams will prove to be the most reliable source of talent acquisition for your organization.

If you have open positions that need the right talent to justify the roles involved, please reach out to our agency and find the best-suited professionals for the positions!

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Alliance Recruitment Agency has served the manpower requirements of a wide range of industries for 11+ years. Through commitment, dedication, innovation, and excellence in services management, we have won the trust and respect of 10,000+ businesses and organizations.

Our capacities have strengthened year over year, enabling us to meet tough staffing requirements, such as large-scale hiring, hiring for remote locations, hiring for highly specialized roles, etc. You will be assured of the best staffing solutions in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

The benefits of partnering with us are many:

  • Highly Reliable: Our services are rated exceptional and outstanding by thousands of organizations.
  • Exhaustive Support: We help manage the staffing needs in a very comprehensive manner. Our staffing experts manage enterprise-wide recruitment and staffing needs, offering end-to-end support.
  • Efficient Services Management: We frame approaches and staffing models based on your unique business scenarios and requirements and ensure outstanding services delivery standards.
  • Superior Talent Access: We ensure the quality of hire, frame recruitment strategies, approaches, and processes in a highly customized manner to ensure desired outcomes for our clients.
  • Affordable: Our agency helps you reduce staffing costs and time frames.
  • Transparent: Our recruitment methods and practices are transparent.
  • Fair Practices: We are known for our fair practices and compliance management, ensuring 100% compliance.

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