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Staffing needs of business firms have now become professional and refined. With more and more specialist/specific job-profiles requirements like the chef, architect, developer, etc. the need for sophistication in the process of assessment has increased. Consulting a staff agency offering recruitment services to meet all your manpower needs helps you implement efficient hiring practices and achieve desired results.

Since there is a lack of time and technical capabilities on part of business houses to comprehensively evaluate a candidate, they look up to dedicated staff agencies who can accomplish the task on their behalf. staffing agencies or staffing companies happen to be those setups through which these firms hire quality manpower as per their need.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a renowned staff agency that is known for offering cost-effective and time-bound solutions to its clients. We have the experience of working with firms in locations like Chicago, Cape Town, Doha, etc. Having placed a number of job-seekers to their desired job profile, our staff agency has earned the trust of jobseekers and the respect of its clients.

Benefits of Partnering with a Staff Agency

Staff Agencies are playing an increasingly important role across industry sectors. Thanks to the benefits that they bring on board as a part of their functioning, they provide the following benefits:

  • Ease of recruitment and assessment
  • Extensive talent pool to choose from
  • Expertise in assessment of profiles
  • Round the clock working on staffing solutions
  • Cost and time saving
  • Requirements in sync with profile requirement

Our staff agency brings on board all these and many other benefits when you hire our services.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

At our staff agency, we aim at living up to the expectations of our clients with the extensive knowledge and global service experience that we have earned over the years.
We bring to you following benefits when you choose us as your staffing agency:

  • Evaluation of the need of the client
  • Comprehensive analysis of the job-seekers profile
  • Assessment of candidates suitability based on multiple parameters
  • Experienced recruiter at your service
  • Proper compliance with legal and formal needs of the employer
  • On job training assessment as per employers need
  • Regular updates to the employer in regards to the progress of sourcing

Jobseekers/aspirants looking for job opportunities for any respective profile can visit our Job Seekers section and employers looking for staffing solutions can submit their inquiries on our contact page. Our team at Alliance would reach you shortly.

Services Provided by Our Staff Agency

Talent Search
One of the key steps in making hiring more efficient is to develop quick access to the right talent pools. You might need to recruit 10-100 professionals within a few months when expansion accelerates. With the services of our staff agency, you get access to rich and diverse talent pools.

Recruitment Campaigns
Whether you are launching an online marketplace or a new manufacturing unit, to drive your recruitment campaigns, you need experts. With expert help, you get to reach out to diverse talent networks and find the outcomes you are seeking within a very short time. Let our staff agency make your recruitment campaigns the success it needs to be.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting
It is one thing to find thousands of applicants reaching out to you, and quite another to select the best-fit candidates who can fulfill all your expectations. The recruiters at our staff agency combine their expertise and insights and leverage the right automation and algorithmic profile-matching tools to help you form the “dream teams” you always wanted.

Preliminary Interviews
The services of our staff agency are not limited to candidate sourcing and shortlisting. We have expert consultants in different industry-focus groups who plan and execute preliminary interviews and screening tests to determine whether you suit your position-based requirements.

Alliance Recruitment Agency also offers extensive support to help you carry out assessments to meet your staffing needs. We can identify and coordinate with testing agencies and candidates to help you organize and manage candidate assessments.

Reference Checks
Reference checks are essential to ascertain the reliability of each potential hire post a final shortlisting of candidates at your end. Our recruiters excel in conducting detailed reference checks.

Negotiation and Consultation
Our staff agency offers support with different kinds of negotiation and consultations that need to be conducted before the offer letters are sent. This could be regarding monetary benefits, contractual terms, or workplace policies.

Succession Planning
If candidates hired through our services quit within three months, we offer free replacement support. Our succession planning services also include helping you track and maintain a database of potential hires.

Consult with Alliance Recruitment Agency when you are in need of a staff agency. You can connect with us at any time of the day, as we have a 24/7 customer service team to respond to any inquiry within a few hours.