Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation Services

With over ten years of experience in various business sectors, Alliance Recruitment Agency has managed to maintain its top position among other recruitment companies. We provide staff augmentation services for all business sectors and across different kinds of roles. Our staff augmentation services help our clients reduce costs related to recruitment, payroll services and project implementation.

Our staff augmentation services are supported by the latest technology that helps us screen candidates that will be a valuable addition to your existing teams. Our extensive database has innumerable skilled and trained candidates suited for different business roles and technical skills. Our staff augmentation services offer agile, dynamic, ethical and responsible professionals who will help increase the quality of your products or services.

The positive reviews of clients that have experienced our staff augmentation services have motivated us to expand our wings to new locations and budding sectors. We have spread to almost all corners of the world which helps us provide you global staff augmentation services. Our staff augmentation experts provide reliable background checks before making any recommendations to our clients. We have a team of experienced staff augmentation experts to provide staff augmentation services in various sectors. Our staff augmentation experts are flexible to accommodate all the demands that our clients have. Our experts will study your existing business process and provide you with reliable staff augmentation consulting services. Contact us immediately to ensure the best talent support for your team.

Reliable Staff Augmentation Company

Alliance Recruitment Agency has successfully provided staff augmentation consulting to clients located in different countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and EU countries, the Middle East and Africa, and South Asia. With such a global reach system, we can provide reliable staff augmentation consulting to clients that have a business set up in different parts of the world.

We have provided staff augmentation services to IT sectors, engineering sectors, finance sectors, food and beverages, tourism, production industries, educational institutes, marketing sectors, advertising agencies, construction firms, electronics and electrical sectors, media, entertainment industry, hospitality sectors, etc. We are rapidly progressing and spreading to budding industry sectors.

We offer unbiased staff augmentation services to startups, middle-level enterprises, established multinational firms, offshore staff augmentation, and remote working teams. Our staff augmentation firm is rapidly expanding to new cities. Also, our staff augmentation services will help you include an experienced individual for management roles too. Our staff augmentation consulting will help you identify the talent shortcomings in your existing business teams. We will provide you with reliable and agile team members to accelerate the growth of your business.

Staff Augmentation Consulting Services

  • Offshore Staff Augmentation:

    Our staff augmentation company will help you connect with candidates or teams taking into account their time difference, size of the talent pool, and even the level of communication proficiency they possess. Our Offshore Staff Augmentation will implement data privacy policies for offshore candidates.
  • Project management staff augmentation:

    We provide our services to look for qualified and ethical project managers to lead your team for a special task. These managers will be an addition to your established team and provide exceptional inputs to your current processes.
  • Virtual hiring assistance:

    Our staff augmentation company will provide you virtual hiring services on the global platform. With situations like the global pandemic, we offer an end-to-end virtual hiring process for all your staff augmentation demands.
  • Remote augmentation staffing:

    We source responsible, remote, and skilled employees for your existing team. These employees are screened to provide you the required assistance in your processes. Our experts are adept at screening candidates beyond the skills mentioned on their CV.
  • Background checks:

    Our staff augmentation firm will conduct reliable background checks of these individuals. We verify their references, academic qualifications, experience, employee records, and many other factors before recommending them to our clients.
  • Project-specific augmentation services:

    Our staff augmentation firm will analyze the client’s existing business process and eligible source candidates for short span or long span projects. The candidates will be a part of the team till the project is complete.
  • Project management roles augmentation:

    Our persuasive and determined headhunters will analyze executives and experienced professionals for management roles. These managers will be an integral part of your team for the duration of an ongoing project or a short span of time. We also provide onshore and Offshore Staff Augmentation for managerial roles.
  • Mediation services:

    All throughout the hiring process, our staff augmentation firm experts will be present as a third party to help the client and candidate reach a mutual agreement.

Choose Our Staff Augmentation Company

  • Extensive Database:

    Our extensive database consists of a plethora of candidates with a talented skill set and upgraded knowledge. Our database is built on the latest automation technology that helps us screen and update candidate information efficiently.
  • Support across multiple sectors:

    Our staff augmentation company provides hiring support for multiple business sectors. We have dedicated teams set up for different sectors.
  • Over a decade of experience:

    In the last ten years, we have experienced the challenges of every sector, consistently worked at bettering our service, and streamlined our processes to serve our clients better.
  • Team of experts:

    Our highly IT staff augmentation skilled recruitment team is ripe with experience and knowledge. We have experts from different sectors of business. Their staffing solutions are customized according to your needs.
  • Widespread network:

    Our team has built a network of strong professionals, firms, executives, and experts that help us address the client’s demands quickly and efficiently.
  • Latest technology support:

    Our staff augmentation company is supported by the latest AI-based technologies that help us provide interview assistance.
  • Cost-optimized services:

    Our staff augmentation company saves you a lot of time, money, and resources by picking out the perfect candidates and team with an optimized process that suits all your business needs.
  • Seamless process:

    Our processes are streamlined for each client. We provide an end-to-end, and easy to follow the process that will help our clients save more by investing in our services.

Trust Alliance Recruitment Agency to provide you the required augmentation workforce to enhance your business productivity and revenue.