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The business needs of the modern world evolve at a much faster rate than ever before, but the demand for highly skilled personnel is rising day by day. As important as it sounds, finding talented individuals is a highly time consuming task and can cost companies a lot if the recruitment process is not handled effectively by a professional.

At our staffing agency in Calgary, our purpose is to provide top-notch staffing services that meet the hiring needs of our clients in Calgary and throughout Canada. Our recruitment consultants are dedicated to making your lives easier by connecting you with the right people, at the right time for the right job.

As one of the leading staffing companies in Calgary, we strongly believe that companies should have the flexibility to manage their workforce and hires according to their fluctuating workload and business needs. That is why we offer our clients a wide range of employee placement options including contingent, temp-to-hire and permanent placement options.

With Alliance Recruitment Agency, you can smartly face your unexpected workload changes and seasonal variations with the help of our flexible range of employee placement options. Consider Alliance as your preferred staffing agency in Calgary for all your talent acquisition needs.

Alliance – Your Trusted Staffing Agency in Calgary

Being a partner in the talent acquisition and management industry since 2010, we have built outstanding pre-qualified talent networks. Our staffing agency in Calgary has the expertise as well as the resources to identify and attract a candidate of any type-from temp to permanent and technical to executive.

Whether you need a temp to cover your employee who is on maternity leave or require 50 experienced employees for your new call center, our staffing services in Calgary have got it all covered. If you are an employer seeking to hire a highly talented professional, trust Alliance, one of the best staffing agencies in Calgary.

Unlike other staffing agencies out there, Alliance will never supply your hiring managers with tons of irrelevant resumes that do not even remotely relate to your considerations.

When you partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency in Calgary, we guarantee that we will only connect you with the top candidates that match your skill, qualification and experience requirements, as our recruitment consultants will spend a great portion of their time, working alongside your teams, understanding the specifics of your open vacancies before reaching out to potential candidates. The Alliance teams will never rest until we find the perfect professionals for your vacancies.

Alliance – Staffing Services in Calgary

Contact Alliance and submit a staffing request today. One of our account managers will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your hiring requirements and specifics. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our headhunters and recruitment consultants are dedicated to identifying and delivering the right professionals that can handle your open positions effectively.

  • Defining Roles and Requirements:

    What sets us apart from other staffing companies in Calgary as well as in Canada and throughout the world is our customized talent search tailored to your specific requirements. In order to get the best out of a search mandate, we should have a clear sense of your hiring needs. We spend a great portion of our time studying roles and specifications.
  • Building an Action Plan:

    Once we have conducted a thorough study of the nature of the open vacancy and the culture of your organization, we will be putting together a unique recruitment plan based on the outcomes of our study. This exclusively designed recruitment plan will be used as a guiding tool from the inception to the completion of the recruitment process.
  • Candidate Sourcing:

    Our headhunters leverage multiple candidate sourcing channels to find the right talent for your open position. Our strong relationships with extensive networks of potential candidates and the use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to conduct targeted promotional campaigns enable us to identify and attract the ideal candidate of your mind for the job.
  • Interview, Screen and Finalize:

    Our recruitment consultants have years of experience, interviewing, screening and evaluating countless candidates for companies around the world. We will thoroughly evaluate all candidates and provide you a shortlist of the top candidates that best match your technical and personality requirements, where you can decide who will be filling in the position.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

While there are many recruitment agency in Calgary as well as throughout Canada, companies are discovering that Alliance is the right staffing agency to go to in Calgary. From small private firms, emerging companies to leading corporations and nonprofit organizations around the world come to Alliance Recruitment Agency as we are well known for our superior client service.

  • Bold Thinking:

    Being in the industry since 2010, Alliance understands the importance of a thoughtful, rigorous process when it comes to employee recruitment and staffing solutions. By thinking outside the box and casting a wide net, our recruitment consultants and headhunters excel at finding passive candidates and hidden talent, that no ordinary staffing agency could ever find.
  • Deep Industry Expertise:

    Our teams have decades of experience working with companies operating across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Therefore we have the expertise to identify and deliver highly skilled, qualified and experienced candidates related to any major industry. From finance, technology, medicine, legal to education, hospitality, oil and gas, we cover them all.
  • Ideal Candidate of Your Mind:

    With the expertise of our recruitment consultants and our access to extensive networks of prospective candidates, we are capable of identifying, attracting and delivering the right talent that matches all your requirements and specifics. Partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency and let our staffing experts get you the ideal candidate of your mind.