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We are one of the leading staffing agencies in Montreal, Canada with deep talent connections in a wide variety of domains and sectors. The recruitment methodology we follow at Alliance Recruitment Agency combines nationwide reach, deep industry insights, customized solutions and on-demand talent, creating a seamless stream of talent acquisition and management solutions. Whether you are looking for a temp to cover your employee on long term absence or an executive to fill in one of your key positions, the team of expert recruitment consultants and headhunters at Alliance Recruitment Agency knows what it takes to land the perfect candidate.

As a top tier staffing agency in Montreal, we take a personalized approach to recruitment. Instead of matching your job descriptions with suitable resumes, we will get into the finer details of your requirement and determine the ideal candidate for the job. Our teams consist of industry specific recruiters specializing across a wide range of talent areas. From accounting and finance, technology, marketing to legal, human resources and engineering, we have the expertise as well as the resources to deliver highly skilled candidates in any area of expertise imaginable, guaranteeing that we find exactly what your organization needs to succeed.

Your Trusted Staffing Agency In Montreal

Having access to great talent is not sufficient to operate in today’s world of work. That is why we focus on offering a number of staffing solutions to suit the varying business and workforce needs and seasonal variations of our clients. From freelance, temp to permanent, full time and executive search solutions, we have the ideal staff placement option that suits your requirements. The expert recruitment consultants and headhunters have an excellent understanding of what you are looking for in candidates and our exceptional track record proves our superior level of service. With our teams of experts by your side, we have got you covered.

Since most of our recruiters have first hand experience in the specific industries that they specialize, we can help you find exactly what you need in a new hire. We are well aware of the fact that the decisions we take as recruiters will impact the success of your organization. Therefore our recruitment consultants will rigorously evaluate each and every candidate considered for your position and will only present the candidates who will make a perfect match for your vacant position as well as your organization. If you are on the lookout for building a talented workforce within your organization, look no further than Alliance Recruitment Agency in Montreal.

The Best Staffing Solutions In Montreal

We are the best staffing agency in Montreal for all your manpower and recruitment needs. Contact Alliance Recruitment Agency to submit a staffing request and we will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your workforce requirements. Our teams of expert recruitment consultants and headhunters are committed to identifying the perfect candidates for your organization.

  • Initiation and Planning :

    To initiate your staffing operation, we will assign you the best recruitment consultant that matches your requirement. Then we will use the planning phase to get the details about your open position, duties and responsibilities and your strategic and workforce goals so that we have a clear sense of what you are expecting from a candidate presented for the job.
  • Candidate Sourcing :

    Having got the full picture of your requirement, we will kick start the candidate sourcing process. We reach out to potential candidates through our vast talent network and leverage multiple other online and offline candidate sourcing channels such as job boards, online targeted promotional marketing campaigns, networking groups and industry contacts.
  • Interviewing and Evaluation :

    Once we have developed a pool of candidates who have shown an interest in the role on offer, our recruitment consultants will subject them to a series of interviews and evaluations to assess their skill, qualification, experience as well as personality traits, as we want to make sure that we present you with only the best candidates that make a perfect fit.
  • Shortlisting and Presenting :

    Following the evaluation process, our manpower recruitment consultants and specialists will get together to decide which candidates to shortlist to you. We do not present a long list of candidates but shortlist the ones who best suit the position requirements from all perspectives. This helps you in making better hiring decisions and in forming great teams.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

The world class team of recruiters at Alliance Recruitment Agency understands how critical a hire is to a business, regardless of its level in the corporate hierarchy and area of expertise. We take a personalized, deep dive approach to recruitment that has earned us an unmatched reputation throughout the nation as well as the industry. Partner with us and let us handle your next best hire.

  • Access to a Broad Pool of Talent :

    One of the most important things in recruitment is having access to a broad pool of potential talent as it will give us a higher probability of finding the best possible candidate for the job. Being in the professional staffing industry for over a decade, we have developed one of the most extensive and impressive talent networks that give out better results.
  • Our Unique Process :

    At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we follow a unique and comprehensive approach to recruitment. We don’t view our role just as a service, but a collaborative activity where we will work alongside you, leveraging our deep industry experience to understand the characteristics of the ideal candidate that meets your skill, qualification and experience requirements.
  • An Expert in Professional Staffing :

    Partnering with a recruitment agency in order to fulfill your workforce needs requires an enormous amount of trust. Alliance Recruitment Agency has been trusted by organizations at different levels of growth and development from small private firms to the most established corporations to assist them in finding their ideal professionals.