What are the Types of RPO Models in Recruitment? Which is Right for You?

Types Of RPO Models In Recruitment

Searching for job candidates can be a taxing job. While there is an abundant number of candidates, eligibility and competence are two different things. Eligible candidates are easier to come by, but competent ones? Not so much.

For such reasons, some companies prefer hiring third-party service providers to look for job candidates. This is called recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO for short. This is designed to bring candidates to the company with minimum involvement from the HR department. The outsourcing recruitment process involves every step, from screening to assessment.

Companies taking the assistance of RPO agencies can also choose to use a model suited for their company.

Do you have these questions in mind: “What is RPO model in recruitment?” “What are recruitment process outsourcing business models?”

Let us find out in this blog.

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Five Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Trends in 2022

Different models provide different services depending on their needs. RPO has become one of the best options for recruitment, and it has numerous advantages.

1. Achieving Tech-Enabled, SMART, Lean Recruitment Management

Most agencies’ recruitment outsourcing involves using data, analytics, and tech-enabled tools to ensure proper screening and assessment of candidates. This process is highly efficient and involves multiple stages to ensure only the best make it through. Recruitment management is hassle-free, and companies are more than willing to leave the entire process in the hands of a good agency to fill up vacancies.

2. Recruiting For Optimizing Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity has become incredibly important to a company’s overall makeup. More and more companies today are striving for a more diverse workforce and are gearing towards an inclusive workspace to attract consumers and recruits alike. RPO agencies excel at finding candidates, and companies wanting a more diverse set of employees prefer to make use of recruiting agencies for such purposes. RPO agencies also maintain ethical standards to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates, making them a good option for companies looking for a more inclusive, diverse workspace.

3. Enhancing Remote Workforce Hiring And Onboarding

One of the best advantages of utilizing RPO agencies is their preparedness and openness to a wide variety of hiring models. Agencies are fully equipped for remote hiring, and companies struggling with this can take the assistance of such agencies to enhance remote hiring and onboarding. They have better tools and experienced experts to take care of every facet of this process.

4. Thinking Global – Hiring Virtual Teams From Strategic Locations

If a company is planning to hire a virtual team to expand on a global scale, RPO agencies are the best bet, as doing it on their own can be difficult and expensive. Agencies like ours have global networks and operate in multiple countries, giving them an upper hand when it comes to hiring globally.

5. Optimizing Candidate Experience And Hiring Time

Even if a company is fully equipped with a capable HR department to hire by themselves, hiring time can be a big hurdle to efficiency. While you might take a while to get through the entire process, an RPO agency with years of experience and all the necessary expertise can do it more quickly and still get quality results. Not only that but the process is also streamlined for candidates as well, making it easier for everyone involved.

Types of RPO Models

What is an RPO model in recruitment? Simply speaking, different RPO models offer different kinds of services. It depends on your own needs and purposes, and it allows for flexibility and caters your experience to your requirements.

1. Full RPO – Outsourcing end-to-end recruitment processes and activities

Full RPO means taking over the entire process. The RPO agency takes over everything for you, from screening to assessment, as well as the overall management of the entire process itself. This is end-to-end, and you will not have to do much after the RPO agency has taken over. Once the process is over, they will deliver the best candidates to you. This process is greatly useful for those companies which do not have the resources to hire by themselves or want their own HR to focus on something else and save their resources.

2. Project RPO – Outsourcing all hiring needs for specific projects, programs

You might have an ambitious project in line, and you might be desperate to see it succeed. Certain projects might require a certain set of skills and specializations, or you might want a set of people reserved to work on this project only and nothing else.

In that case, it is highly likely that you will look for candidates to work exclusively on this. The project-based RPO model in recruitment will let you hire the agency to look for candidates for a special project. The agency will bring you the candidates most suitable for handling your project.

3. On-Demand RPO – Hiring external recruiters to meet the sudden rise in hiring needs

Considering the uncertain economy of our times, mass layoffs and sudden recruitment needs are excessively common. Companies might suddenly need new hires to meet the unexpected rise in demands, and RPO can come in the clutch. On-demand RPO model lets you hire an agency to meet sudden demands and get you new candidates, as fast as possible.

4. Function-Based RPO – Using RPO for specialized functions, divisions, skills requirements

Bigger companies have multiple divisions which serve specific functions, and even smaller startups prefer working in specialized teams to increase efficiency. In such a case, you might need new hires to fill up vacancies in one of your teams or divisions, which will require individuals with very specific skills and talents. RPO agencies can find such candidates for you, especially suited and handpicked for working in that division.

5. Hybrid RPO – Outsourcing only specific recruitment processes to RPO agency

You might have your own team for recruiting, but no team is pitch-perfect: there have to be areas and specific processes your team might need help with. The hybrid RPO model allows you to take the assistance of the agency for a specific part of the process, like screening or assessment.

Which RPO Model Is Right For You?

1. Hybrid RPO is Ideal When You Need To Retain Control Through In-house Recruiter Teams

Taking assistance from an agency for specific parts of the recruitment process ensures that you stay in control of the entire process while also covering the weaker points of your recruitment process. You can regain all the control through in-house recruiter teams while the agency assists you with your resources to make sure your team does not falter in the process.

2. Full RPO is Ideal For Minimizing Investment And Costs in Building, Training, Retaining Talent Acquisition Teams

Talent acquisition teams are very expensive to keep. Once you build such a team, they require training and the need to be retained whenever the need for more hires arises. This makes it a huge investment that is costly. Instead, you can opt for full RPO and minimize your investments, letting the agency do the job. This is highly cost-effective and takes the burden off you.

3. Project RPO Optimizes Talent Acquisition For Project-Based Hiring

Project-based hiring needs to be highly optimized because you want the new hires to be perfectly suited to take over the project. In such a case, simply finding eligible hires is not enough. A more optimized, stringent approach is required, which can be delivered by RPO agencies.

4. On-Demand Fulfills Flexibility, Scalability Of Manpower Hiring Activities

The biggest advantage of RPO agencies is scalability. Agencies can scale up and down depending on your needs, so you can easily get new hires by opting for on-demand RPO. It also allows for flexibility and sufficiently delivers your required manpower.

5. Function-Based RPO Remove Talent Gaps, Talent Attraction Problems For Specialized Positions

Specialized positions in your team again require a very stringent, optimized hiring process to make sure the new hire has the very specific skill required to take over that position. Such talent gaps can slow down productivity, and so such positions need to be filled by the best candidates possible. An experienced RPO agency can fill this vacancy more easily because of its expertise and experience.


The outsourcing recruitment process is one of the better options out there that can satisfy your recruitment needs in a quick, simple, convenient, and cost-effective manner. The numerous models provided by them allow a lot of flexibility and make the process cater to your demands. Make sure you select the RPO model best suited for you and leave the rest to the agency.

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