UAE Recruitment Agencies In Kerala

UAE Recruitment Agencies In Kerala

UAE is home to a multicultural workforce. With expats moving from all corners of the world, UAE is one of the top destinations to get valuable international experience and network with a diverse workforce. For anyone interested to be a part of this foreigner-friendly destination, you’d need the right assistance from experts in recruitment. We can help you with UAE recruitment, unlike any other recruitment agencies.

Whether you are a recruiter looking to hire an Indian or an expatriate, or a job seeker who has been out to find suitable job abroad, we’d like to help. We follow a straightforward approach that takes you into consideration. We welcome you to join this journey with us to find what you’re looking for!

About Us

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a leading international recruitment agency adept at matching your need with the right talent in permanent, temporary and contractual roles. Our key motivator is the quality of service we provide to our clients as well as the kind of jobs we provide the job seekers, who depend on us.

Dubai Recruitment Agencies In Kerala

For advice on a specific industry recruitment trends or for professional support pertaining to all your recruitment and placement needs, our Dubai recruitment agency in Kerala is at the top of the game. Our in-depth market research has helped us come to the most accurate prognosis of the fluctuations in the Job industry and thus manage hordes of job seekers and top clients.

Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

Either temporary or permanent staffing, a bad hiring decision can affect a company equally by costing you more time and money by a substantial amount. Through our past experience, we understand that the key is to better understand a firm’s needs and goals to better hire accordingly.

Superior Global Sourcing

We deliver a superior sourcing methodology since we strive to attract the top talent and the most suitable candidates for your business. Our international sourcing team keeps abreast with global job market trends and uses research to direct a targeted search to select skilled workforce among hordes of job seekers.

Best Customer Service

Regardless of the location and time zone, you are situated in, our customer service team is available 24X7, dedicated to support you with your concerns and help you reach the right experts at our company.


Q. What is a recruitment agency?

A. Recruitment Agencies work with organizations to find suitable candidates as per client business needs for manpower. Competent recruitment agency are the ones that have wide, quality talent pool networks and can source manpower with efficiency. An experienced recruitment agency will be able to understand the talent requirements of any organization quickly and find candidates that are best suited for the roles.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a competent, experienced recruitment agency in the UAE offering manpower services across industry sectors.

Q. Which is the best recruitment agency in Kerala for the UAE?

A. The best recruitment agency in Kerala for seeking employment in the UAE is a company that has a 100% good track record in offering the best guidance to job seekers and offering qualified manpower to companies in the UAE. Your recruitment agency should be a trusted source of manpower hiring for companies in the UAE.

Alliance Recruitment Agency definitely fits the criteria of the best recruitment agency in Kerala for the UAE. We are trusted by thousands of companies in the UAE and are completely transparent and efficient in our recruitment services management.

Q. How do I find the best recruitment agency in Kerala for the UAE?

A. FInd out if an agency has a good track record of placements in the UAE. Is the recruitment agency having experience in placements in your sector? Do they ask for money? Are they able to offer quick responses?

The best recruitment agencies are those that have great track records of placements in the UAE, do not charge the job seekers, and are always able to provide perfectly correct answers to your queries.

Get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency that has 11+ years of experience in placements across industry sectors in the UAE. We are well conversant with all the rules and regulations and offer 100% correct guidance to job seekers.

Q. What are the T&C to start the work on our recruitment profile?

A. We have clear but simple terms and conditions. Our firm is one of the best recruitment agencies in Kerala with very transparent methods of working with job seekers and employers. The terms and conditions for employers pertain to terms of the services such as process, fees, work management, compliance, etc.

We charge nothing from candidates.

Q. How much do recruitment agencies charge?

A. Recruitment agencies do not charge anything from job seekers with regards to any employment opportunities in any organization.

Recruitment agencies charge employers a fee for their services. The fees depend on the positions that need to be filled, the number of manpower required, the level of recruitment support required, etc.

Q. How quickly can I expect to hear from a recruitment consultant after I have selected the agency?

A. If you are a job seeker and have applied for a job through our recruiters, you will be able to get quick updates with ease. If you have registered with our website and are looking for employment opportunities in the UAE but have not found one that is the right for you on our website, you could always connect with our recruitment consultant through Chat, email, or an online form. You will get a response within 1-2 business days.

If you are an employer in the UAE seeking manpower from Kerala, you could instantly connect with us through Chat, email, or online inquiry. You will get a reply from our recruitment consultant within a business day.

Q. How to apply on your website?

A. If you are a job seeker, find the “job seeker” option at the top of the web page. It takes just a few clicks, and you can find the right employment opportunity. If you are not able to find the right vacancy that interests you, you could quickly email us, and we will quickly get back to you. You may also use a chat tool to solve any queries.

Q. Do you take any charges from the candidate?

A. We do not take any charge from any candidates.

Q. What happens if the employees leave?

A. In general, candidates hired through us are the ones who best fit the role, and there are never any issues of sudden departures, but unfortunate incidents in a candidate’s life could lead to sudden departures. If any employee hired through us leaves the company within three months of joining, we offer free replacement support.

Q. How do you handle candidate referencing?

A. Reference checks help you identify the best future employees among the selected candidates. Reference checks provide insights into a candidate’s skills, ability to handle different situations, attitude, knowledge, and other criteria from someone who has observed the candidate’s performance.

Q. What does a recruitment administrator do?

A. A recruitment administrator manages all administration work related to manpower hiring and sourcing activities. He or she is responsible for managing all administrative and record-making work related to interviewing, recruiting, and locating potential job candidates.

Q. Is it worth signing up for a recruitment agency?

A. There are various benefits. The overall recruitment time could be saved by up to 60%. The overall recruitment efforts and related costs could also be saved by up to 50%. You get more opportunities to meet highly capable candidates, however difficult the duties of a position. You also get to improve your recruitment outcomes.

Q. How can I talk to a recruitment agency?

A. Find out all the services that the recruitment agency offers with regards to your talent requirements. Ask the recruiters what their general approach is and what kind of outcomes they can assure you. Find out how quickly they understand your talent acquisition plans, issues, and position-based requirements.

Q. What is Alliance Recruitment Agency?

A. Alliance Recruitment Agency is a recruitment company that has 11+ years of experience serving organizations across industry sectors in the UAE. We have served Fortune 500 companies, big multinational organizations, institutions, small and medium businesses, and global startups and firms.

Q. What are the top 3 skills of a recruitment consultant?

A. A recruitment consultant needs to be highly skilled. We have listed three of the necessary skills that should never be absent in any recruitment consultant.

Problem-solving – Any recruitment activity that crosses borders, rules, regulations, checks, permits, licenses, etc., would always have surprising twists and turns as candidates and employers both need to get many things worked out at their ends. A recruitment consultant is the one everyone looks up to for smoothening any hassles.

Candidate Engagement – There are hundreds of matters that require clarity. Candidates need clear, honest, understandable information on any query they have. Also, a lot of tact and techniques go into finding out the right candidate’s motivations, interests, abilities, etc. Excellent candidate engagement skills are very important in a recruitment consultant.

Negotiation – One of the key responsibilities of a recruitment consultant is to negotiate as different people have different perceptions, points of view and opinions, etc. It is through negotiation that discussions that a recruitment consultant achieves many outcomes.