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Virtual Assistants in Canada

Alliance Recruitment Agency is here to help businesses and organizations globally in hiring staff for any given position. If you are looking for a virtual assistant in Canada, get in touch with us. We have an excellent team of professional recruiters who can easily find you the best virtual assistants in Canada in a short time span.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has more than a decade of experience in staffing in numerous fields. We are well acquainted with the recruitment process in hiring for posts, If you are doing a search for “virtual assistant in Canada,” “virtual assistant in Ottawa,” “virtual executive assistant in Canada,” connect with us without further delay.

We completely understand the complexity of hiring a virtual assistant, someone who can manage the day-to-day workplace affairs without being physically present in the office. With the help of our finely tuned hiring techniques and extremely fair and transparent staffing process, we will make your recruitment experience worthwhile.

Virtual Assistant in Ottawa

You might be a manager, a top executive or a business owner in Canada. And if you wish to just focus on the core tasks rather than a lot of repetitive routine work you may want to outsource a certain amount of workload. Hiring a virtual assistant in Ottawa who can operate from their home or office and provide services such as email coordination, making rule-based entries to extract and store reports, making travel arrangements, and managing correspondence, etc. is a very convenient option.

You may lack the sources or experience needed to find a perfect virtual assistant in Ottawa, and end up spending a lot of time and money in the process. Our virtual assistant Ottawa recruiters will find you a perfect solution to your problem. We assist clients in the recruitment of virtual assistants as per their needs and requirements.

Our virtual assistant services in Canada and virtual executive assistant Canada services also assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners, bloggers, social media influencers, etc. in hiring virtual assistants to assist them in their respective domains, such as maintaining accounts, bookkeeping, blog post writing, handling various social media accounts, digital marketing, etc.

Connect with our Canada virtual assistant recruiters and find candidates who meet all your expectations.

Best Of Virtual Assistant Companies in Canada

Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the best virtual assistant companies in Canada. Our Canada virtual assistant recruitment team has always provided clients with candidates having all the skills and abilities specified for a position. When you submit a request for hiring a virtual executive assistant in Canada, we offer a free consultation to get to know your requirements, and work out a hiring model that suits your needs. We are the best among virtual assistant companies in Canada. So you would never need to worry about the outcome of our virtual assistant services in Canada.

We make sure that each candidate has the basic hardware and software facilities available at their disposal. Our Canada virtual assistant hiring team offers support for full-time and part-time vacancies and project based employment. Our services include:

  • Candidate searches:

    With the help of our algorithmic search tools, machine learning, and other data analysis software, we manage to find a perfect candidate matching all your requests. Our Canada virtual assistant hiring team screens not only candidate profiles to verify all requirements are met, but they also use virtual interview-based screening techniques.
  • Reference checks :

    Our virtual assistant services in Canada include a detailed professional background check with previous employers and connections. We also verify a number of matters related to certifications and training.
  • Complete Solutions :

    Whether you are looking for a virtual executive assistant in Canada or you are a Canadian company looking for virtual assistants outside Canada, our recruiters will help you find perfect-fit candidates within a minimum time. We also take care of all consultation, discussion, negotiation, documentation check related to the hiring process.

Why Choose our Virtual Assistant Service in Canada

It is our prime motive to help your business or organization thrive and grow. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Here are some of the many benefits of our virtual assistant services in Canada:

  • Instant Hiring :

    With the efforts of our recruitment professionals and our access to a huge candidate database, we are able to find the correct candidate in just a matter of days.
  • Budget-friendly Staffing Service :

    Our costing totally depends on the complexity of the hiring process, your expectations, and requirements. You can either hand over the entire hiring process of a small part of it to us. The costs remain accordingly flexible. We also offer competitive packages.
  • Online Recruitment :

    If you are in search of an online hiring service, we may be of great help to you. Our hiring services are also available online. We have a vast capacity for virtual hiring.
  • Post recruitment services :

    If a candidate hired from us discontinues, resigns, or does not fit into your work culture. We replace the candidate immediately without any additional charges.
  • Round the clock service :

    Our consumer support team is working 24/7 to provide you with any help you need at any time.

Contact us for further details regarding the staffing service. We are here to make your hiring process exciting. Our pricing is among the most competitive as compared to other virtual assistant companies in Canada.