Virtual Assistant Staffing Agencies

Virtual Assistant Staffing Services

Virtual assistant staffing services is somewhat similar to having a team of remote employees. The difference is virtual assistants are not permanent employees; they are hired on contractual basis. As work gets more and more digital and digatalized and quite a number of managerial position holders, entrepreneurs, top level executives need to travel and move around, they no longer find it a necessity to have a fixed in-house employee to serve as an assistant or secretary. Also, work management methods keep on changing and so does the level of experience and knowledge to deal with it. This is where virtual assistant staffing makes a difference. Alliance Recruitment Agency has experience in virtual assistant staffing. So if you are a company looking to hire a team of assistants and your focus is competency and efficiency, it would be a good idea to explore virtual assistant staffing. This also helps you optimize costs and time spent on allocating office space and infrastructure as well as training. From managing your calendars to file and records management, from data analysis to blogging, virtual assistant staffing covers various functions.

We are among the best virtual assistant staffing agencies

Our company has a reputation of serving the clients with the highest degree of dedication. The employees that we have are professional, polite and skilled. They will be along with you throughout the recruiting process and will help you to find the most suitable personnel according to your specification and requirements. For companies across sectors, be it IT, ITeS, chemical engineering or electrical engineering, banking or insurance,.consumer goods distribution or retail, we will help you with your virtual assistant staffing needs. Get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency and find out how virtual assistant staffing could improve your customer service, client coordination, enterprise records management, reporting, secretarial work management, among others.

Our services are comprehensive

As a recruitment agency we have many different kinds of services including virtual assistant staffing. Our company will sort through CVs, shortlist personnel, take interviews and help you with screening, candidate scoring and selection. We have also experienced recruiters with abilities to manage virtual staffing recruitment services for huge projects.

Our services include the following

  • Creating job descriptions
  • Profile matching and CV selection
  • Virtual interviews, including video-conferencing
  • Assessments and screening

We customize our recruitment approaches so that you get the right-fit candidates and are able to close vacant positions within a short period of time.

Efficient virtual assistant recruitment

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a company you can trust with your entire recruitment needs. We have a strong track record in managing even huge scale projects involving hundreds of personnel. Our clients trust us completely with their staffing needs. We work as an extension of your HR, not competing but collaborating consistently to increase your ability to perform better projects and tasks. We ensure 100% confidentiality and privacy. Our recruitment methodology is customized to best suit our client needs.

We promise to enhance the overall experience of recruiting, and make it a digitally mature and efficient process while reducing costs. Whether you are looking for a part time recruiter or full time recruitment partner, Alliance will fulfill your expectations with total integrity and efficiency.