Virtual Headhunter

Virtual Headhunters

Headhunting refers to the fact of recruiting highly skilled and experienced professionals who hold senior management and top leadership positions in a company or an organisation. The job of headhunter requires great tact and superior client engagement skills. Virtual Headhunting is just as similar as traditional Headhunting. The difference is that you can now select, screen, process, shortlist and interview a large pool of people and also they do not have to be physically present for the meetings or interviews.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has teams highly skilled in virtual headhunting. We are a leading recruitment services provider with an international presence. As we have strategic partnerships in the recruitment world, we have access to various talent pools and have built great professional relationships with a huge network of professionals. If you are looking to hire a managing director, a CFO, a marketing head, a chief engineer, or senior management professional or an industry expert, get in touch with Alliance recruitment to have the best possible candidates for the job.

Leading Virtual Headhunting Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been offering headhunting services for a long time. We have highly trained teams of virtual headhunters with specialized experience in managing all types of virtual recruitment processes. Whether you would like us to screen through video resumes or manage interactions and data available from virtual networking sites, conduct virtual interviews or have virtual assessments done, you will find our teams highly competent.

Alliance Recruitment has teams of virtual recruiters for various sectors. The recruiters will take note of each and every requirement for your positions from industry experience to linguistic skills and exposure to specific operations or functions. Our virtual headhunters have experience in recruiting for various sectors such as banking, IT, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, education, entertainment, media and publishing, real estate, etc as well as for various horizontals such as market research, data analytics, finance, software development, business intelligence, etc.

Services We Provide

Alliance Recruitment has a decade long background in providing efficient hiring and staffing services. We have recruiters teams with a rich experience in headhunting and executive search services. Our teams have provided virtual headhunting services for several years now, and are always open to trying new technology tools supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning or virtual reality. We connect with your HR teams or top management and model a process that best fits your requirements.

Our services cover

  • Matching profiles and Shortlisting CVs
  • Screening
  • Assessments
  • Interviews
  • Advanced Screening Processes for Final Candidate Selection

Contact Alliance Recruitment Agency and find out more about how we can help you get the best candidates for your top level positions.

Why Alliance Recruitment

  • We are known for our systematic and meticulous work management
  • We have highly experienced and skilled teams for recruiting for various sectors and functions.
  • We focus on 100% customer satisfaction and have a successful track record in headhunting and executive search for companies across countries.
  • We ensure 100% adherence to security and confidentiality requirements.
  • We have access to great technology resources for efficient virtual headhunting and recruitment.