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As one of the leading admin recruitment agencies in Birmingham, we have felt that many employers take administrative professionals for granted, but they are the actual components that will hold your entire office together. An office with no administrative personnel will be full of paper jams, unanswered calls and lack of integration between departments. Get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency and prioritize your office team. If you are searching for “administration recruitment in Birmingham” or “recruitment of administrators in Birmingham” , we are the right admin agency to partner with and find excellent outcomes.

Whether you are seeking an office manager that you can trust, a group of temps to handle the excess workload or some full time administrators to cater to the workforce needs of your growing business, we have got you covered. Our recruitment consultants are capable of delivering high quality candidates for all types of office, clerical and administrative positions from receptionists, data entry operators, administrative assistants to executive assistants, project coordinators and office managers. If you are looking forward to connecting with admin agencies in Birmingham with the abilities to take care of all your admin role hiring challenges, connect us.

Your Trusted Admin Agency in Birmingham

Apart from our capability to cater to any office administrative position imaginable, we also aim at delivering a range of admin staffing options to suit the varying workforce needs of our clients. Whether you require a temp to replace your employee on maternity leave, or a contract basis or a permanent admin professional, we have the ideal staffing solution to suit your requirements. With our range of staffing solutions from temporary/contingent, contract to permanent and direct hire options, you can face smartly to your seasonal variations and workload changes. With the expert Birmingham recruiters at Alliance Recruitment Agency by your side, we have got you covered.

What sets us apart from other administration recruitment agencies in Birmingham is our focus on three key factors that ensure a perfect hire: the talent, the right fit and long term stability. Apart from merely assessing the candidate’s technical competencies and experience, we will also strongly evaluate personality traits to ensure the right fit. This focus will ensure that we hire highly skilled, perfectly matching candidates who will be with your company for a longer period of time, making it an effective and successful hire. For recruitment of administrators in Birmingham or other admin roles, contact our admin agency in Birmingham.

The Best Admin Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham

Contact us and submit an office administrator staffing request today. One of our admin agency Birmingham recruiters will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your hiring needs and requirements. Our recruitment consultants and specialists are committed to delivering the ideal office administrative professionals that meet the specifications of your positions.

  • Discover Client Needs – While the title “office administrator” remains the same across almost every company, we believe that no two offices are operated in the same way. Therefore we are interested in getting to know your company, business objectives and the cultural composition of the organization, in order to understand the needs of the vacant admin positions that need to be filled.
  • Planning and Recruiting – Once we have a clear sense of your specific hiring requirements, we will put together a recruitment plan designed exclusively for your admin staffing operation. Based on the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the job, we will start reaching out to prospective candidates through our talent networks, professional contacts, digital and social media platforms.
  • Qualify Sourced Candidates – Starting from telephone interviews for the initial group of candidates and conducting face to face interviews with the screened, final set of candidates, each and every applicant will be rigorously evaluated against your skill, qualification and experience requirements. We will also conduct a thorough reference checking process on the top candidates.
  • Match, Offer and Follow-Up – Once we have finalized the top candidates out of the entire initial pool, we will present them to you and meet with you to select the final candidate. Upon the selection of the final candidate, our teams will present your offer to the chosen candidate, handle negotiations, confirm the acceptance of the position and be alongside you until the effective placement. Partner with one of the most competent admin agencies in Birmingham for efficient recruitment outcomes.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our teams are committed admin recruitment specialists who take a collaborative approach with every client to get a deeper understanding of their unique hiring needs and requirements. We are confident that once you partner with our agency and get to know about our competencies, you will make us your preferred admin staffing partner.

  • Hires Only the Best – Companies at different levels of growth and development from emerging companies to leading corporations and nonprofit organizations trust Alliance Recruitment Agency when it comes to the recruitment of administrators in Birmingham, as they are confident that we’ll always connect them with the best office, clerical and administrative professionals that meet their needs.
  • In-depth Evaluations and Screening – Each and every candidate that goes through our recruitment process will be rigorously interviewed and evaluated to assess whether they have what it takes to handle your positions effectively. Therefore we guarantee that the candidates we deliver are highly skilled and qualified and will make a perfect match for your position and organization.
  • Extensive Talent Network – Being a top tier administration recruitment agency birmingham since 2010, we have worked with countless admin professionals and placed them across a wide variety of companies. Therefore we have strong connections with a broader pool of highly skilled office administrators, who are fully prepared to transition to your team upon our recommendation.