Agriculture Recruitment Helped Company Gain Workforce For Bigger, Complex Orders Leading to High Profit Margins

Agriculture Recruitment

Filling 100+ positions with complex combinations of requirements while ensuring high quality of hire rations, and 100% client satisfaction


A large agricultural and agribusiness company was expanding to cover international markets, building and promoting new product lines. The company had vacant positions for business lines that were unfamiliar for the company. It was an ambitious expansion plan requiring a high-caliber workforce and leaders with a rich background of achievements and specialized experience.

Alliance Recruitment Agency fulfilled all requirements with 100% client satisfaction, becoming their long-term recruitment partner.

The Situation

The client company is a large-scale agribusiness producer. The company produces and markets a variety of seeds, fruits, millets, vegetables, dry fruits, vegetable oils, among 20+ different product types.

The newly appointed CEO of the large agribusiness company was planning numerous changes in its production and marketing activities. The company was planning to introduce a range of herbal products for the health, nutrition and personal care industry segments. These product lines would have an international market that covered 20 cities in 7 countries.

The company wanted to make the following recruitments to realize its business goals:

  1. 50+ professionals for the health and nutrition sector product manufacturing
  2. 20+ professionals for personal care product manufacturing
  3. 30+ professionals for finance, accounting, and collection management
  4. 10+ professionals for international marketing
  5. A director for international business development
  6. A director of logistics and supply chain
  7. A director of data analytics with the ability to leverage customer analytics, manufacturing analytics, and marketing analytics to improve revenue generation and track specific outcomes across product lines


Our agency was given a timeline of 5 months to complete all agriculture recruitment activities and fill 100+ staff-level positions and 3 director-level positions. There was a huge focus on the quality of hire, and compromises were not to be entertained.

Some other challenges were the following:

Manufacturing Recruitment:

To identify high-performing candidates with in-depth knowledge and experience in their domains – the combination of experience, abilities, certifications, qualifications, etc., being rare and hard to track.

International Marketing Recruitment:

To identify candidates with 10+ years experience in agribusiness areas the client was involved in, with a minimum of 5+ years in marketing at international locations, and possessing a solid network of contacts. (local and regional talent availability was extremely limited)

Finance and Administration Recruitment:

The company required that the candidates should be fluent in several South Indian languages and also possess high proficiency in English to be able to manage transaction details from regional and international customers, dealers, distributors, etc.

Director-Level Recruitment:

To identify outstanding candidates with dynamic track records speaking of their achievements in agribusiness transformation and expansion in addition to position-based domain expertise. (the requirements only fit candidates with advanced qualifications and specialized experience in addition to outstanding written and verbal communication skills in English – was rare in the Indian agricultural sector.)

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency offered an excellent consultancy solution to kick start a recruitment drive that would fulfill all goals.
  • We also proposed a new model of workforce planning and hiring, along with a transformation in recruitment management, helping the client transition from traditional recruitment methodology and practices.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency completed all recruitment projects on time and ensured a high quality of hire metrics that highly impressed the client. We became their long-term recruitment partner.

The key points are mentioned below:

Manufacturing Recruitment:

We sourced talent from nationwide talent pools and focused on expats from international talent pools. The focus was on hiring Indian or Indian-origin professionals so that workplace culture and language barriers could be prevented. Also, a latent understanding of the local herbal products was necessary, which could be found more in Indian professionals. All positions were filled within three months.

International Marketing Recruitment:

We sourced 80% of the talent from international talent networks and ensured perfect matches with desired profiles for each position. All positions were filled within two months.

Finance and Administration Recruitment:

We fulfilled the highly complex combination of manpower requirements and helped fill the vacancies within 40 days.

Director-Level Recruitment:

We identified the perfect background for candidate sourcing and targeted our search on companies and geographies where talent availability was superior. All positions were filled within 3-4 months.

Outcomes for the Client

1. Outstanding business growth results within a short time

the quality of workforce enabled the clients to take bigger and more complex orders that would significantly increase profit margins.

2. Outstanding business performance in new business

led by a high level of new employee satisfaction, productivity, and performance.

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