Pharmacist Staff Hiring Services Helped Healthcare Employer Launch 20+ Pharmacy Units Within 3 Months

Pharmacist Staff Hiring Services

Excellent vision, competency in pharmacist staffing in large numbers, and talent resource strengths enabled superior quality of hire, time to hire!


The client, a healthcare organization with hospitals and pharmacy units, planned to open 20+ pharmacies. The organization required staffing solutions, from HR consultancy to end-to-end recruitment support. The primary goals were the following: to get a quality workforce and to find fast-paced solutions so that all recruitment and launch activities could be completed within the quarter.

Alliance Recruitment Agency fulfilled all requirements with 100% client satisfaction, becoming their long-term recruitment partner.

The Situation

A healthcare organization with hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy units in 15+ cities was planning to expand its pharmacy business by adding 20+ more pharmacies. The organization was seeking to hire expert pharmacist headhunters to manage its talent acquisition and offer end-to-end recruitment support.

The requirements involved the following:

  1. Preparing a staffing plan and relevant hiring models
  2. Recruitment of pharmacist technicians or assistants
  3. Recruitment of full-time staff pharmacists
  4. Recruitment of senior clinical pharmacists
  5. Solutions for temporary pharmacist talent pipeline


Alliance Recruitment Agency was asked to provide a solution on an urgent basis, as the top management of the healthcare organization wanted the launch activities to be completed within the quarter.

The key challenges were the following:

  1. The time constraint was a major challenge considering they needed experienced pharmacists for their new centers.
  2. The combination of skills and requirements was tricky – Sourcing 20 senior pharmacists with experience in the languages spoken in the different cities, clinical experience to offer advice on complex medicine-related matters, and supervising pharmacy management.
  3. There were several difficulties related to finding a competent temporary workforce that can be trusted to fill positions on short notice for a day, a week, or a month.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency completed all requirements within two months.

  1. healthcare recruitment agencies prepared a strategic staffing plan and framed hiring models and processes accordingly. Our networking in the pharmaceutical industry helped us identify the ideal sources for the best-match candidates with experience, knowledge, and required linguistic skills.
  2. Our end-to-end recruitment support enabled the healthcare employer to complete the search, screening, expert interview, assessments, and final interview and selection rounds for general and senior pharmacist staffing positions within 40 days.
    • The Alliance Recruitment Agency consultants conducted different meetings, studied the client’s existing talent database and reports, met the HR director of the healthcare organization, and brainstormed on different perspectives to formulate a staffing plan and strategy.
    • We encouraged the employer to collaborate with some reputed pharmacist training centers for quick sourcing of assistant and trainee pharmacist positions.
    • For general pharmacist staffing and senior pharmacist staffing, we prepared a geographic-specific talent search strategy. Our collaboration with certain campuses and years of placement experience gave us access to strategic platforms where posting job advertisements get relevant, reliable, and fast responses.
    • Our consultant also mined a pharmacist talent database expanded over 11+ years in the industry.
  3. For a temporary workforce talent pipeline, we proposed a model of freelance pharmacist and part-time pharmacist hiring; their contract involved relocating when required. The sourcing, selection, and hiring process were completed within two months.

Outcomes for the Client

1. Outstanding Pharmacist Recruitment Support Led to Successful Running Of The New Pharmacy Units, Leading to Higher Profit Margins Within A Few Months – the quality of workforce enabled the healthcare organization to get success with many promotion activities.

2. Well-Planned Temporary Pharmacist Workforce Management Led To Minimized Short-Staffing Troubles Across All Pharmacy Units Across Cities.

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