Excellent International Doctor and Nurse Hiring Services to UK Hospital Solved Talent Gaps, Improved Hospital Efficiency

Excellent International Doctor and Nurse Hiring Services

We helped the hospital cut staffing costs by 60%, expand its capacities in patient care, and improve the employer brand.


A UK hospital employer faced serious talent acquisition challenges, making it dependent on third-party sources supplying the required number of the medical staff at high rates, increasing their staffing costs by over 25%.

The client was seeking to partner with an international medical recruitment agency to hire doctor and nurse staff in required numbers. The hospital wanted a recruitment partner that could provide end-to-end recruitment support to hire doctors and nurses from target geographies in Asian countries, including India.

Alliance Recruitment Agency fulfilled all requirements, leading to successful recruitment of the best-qualified doctor and nursing professionals that satisfied the client and helped the hospital unit reduce its staffing costs by 60% while expanding its capacities to serve more patients.

The Situation

A healthcare organization in the UK was looking for international doctor and nurse staffing services. They were facing several challenges when the hospital’s talent sourcing from Europe got reduced by 60%.

The hospital was unable to maintain the right number of doctor and nurse staff for different medical speciality areas. It depended on different national and international agencies for maintaining the right patient/doctor ratio and patient/nurse ratio. This increased its staffing and recruitment costs by 25%.

The company was searching for an Asian recruitment partner for doctor and nurse staffing solutions. The requirements involved the following:

  1. Medical workforce recruitment plan that would suit the hospital’s requirements
  2. Increasing talent attraction and engagement
  3. Screening and identification of right talent and support with assessments and tests.
  4. Interview scheduling, coordination, and various administrative tasks
  5. Arranging background and reference checks
  6. Support with documentation checks, visas, travel arrangements of hired candidates


The key challenges were the following:

Doctor Recruitment

1. There were various challenges related to attracting high-quality medical talent for specialized medical areas – cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, gynecology, etc. for a hospital brand that was not very well-known and for a unit in a not very well-known location (for people outside the UK).

2. The demand for 10+ years in specialized medical areas, surgery experience, ability to understand and work efficiently in UK hospitals, good communication skills in English, and several other requirements made the posts hard-to-fill vacancies.

Nurse Recruitment

3. For finding nursing staff for specialized areas from international locations, a strong employer brand was necessary – the UK hospital was relatively less known, and the hospital unit that was facing nursing talent gaps was not in a well-known city or town.

4. The combination of a rich background in specialized nursing areas, advanced certifications, good knowledge, and strong communication skills in English was making the posts hard-to-fill vacancies.

Other Challenges

5. There were numerous activities to be managed to search, screen, filter, and identify the right talent and conduct a planned campaign for talent attraction in a tight skills market, where the demand for international talent was 2X more than talent availability.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered the following solutions:

  • Through active search and mining of our medical talent pool networks of target Asian country locations, we identified 150+ doctors and nurses for filling 50+ positions.
  • Our recruitment consultants conducted initial interviews, using the services of reliable interpreters fluent in their native language, and selected 100 candidates for the first round of assessment/tests arranged by the employer. Out of these, 85 candidates cleared the first and second rounds of the hiring process.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency also offered medical staffing solutions, reducing the overall recruitment time by 50% through well-planned scheduling of the different hiring phases.
  • Within 4-6 months, all vacant positions were filled, and all recruited staff started work – the feedback was good for all the new hires.

Here’s a brief overview of the approach and the services we provided.

  1. Identification of geographies in India and other Asian countries where quality doctor and nursing supply was higher
  2. Well-designed targeted candidate attraction campaigns; one of the focus areas being medical school-based hospitals with poor working conditions where qualified staff were available in large numbers
  3. Successful passive candidate approach through well-designed employer branding materials
  4. Encouraged the client to build specialized social and web pages advertising the doctor and nurse vacancies, displaying the benefits of working at the hospitals, and revealing key details and history, and achievements of the hospital
  5. Helped the client find the right partner to develop those pages and offer recruitment marketing support)
  6. Assisted the candidate to put in place a fast-paced and hassle-free virtual recruitment process – scheduling of digital tests/assessments, virtual interviews, video presentations, etc.
  7. Thorough background and reference checks of candidates selected by the client
  8. Support with correct, complete, and authentic documentation for visa and work permit, assisting the employer in avoiding delays or visa rejections of candidates selected for the jobs.
  9. Post-visa support with travel arrangements and accommodation

Outcomes for the Client

  1. Medical staffing costs went down by 60%
  2. Staffing efficiency metrics improved significantly
  3. Various new divisions were started owing to the availability of qualified medical staff

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