Online Education Company Found Highly-Qualified, Outstanding Faculty Members Within A Month

Online Education Company

We enabled the company to find highly competent teachers with postgraduate degrees and excellent academic and career records.


An online education company required 50+ postgraduate teachers for teaching mathematics, sciences, and other subjects. They asked for highly-qualified teachers with excellent academic and professional records. The client also demanded the teachers to be tech-savvy, highly fluent in English, and competent at Live teaching.

Alliance Recruitment Agency put in place a strategic plan and framework to speed up the hiring process and sourced 50+ candidates within 21 days.

The Situation And Requirements

A large online education company offered Live and other digital courses for various courses of different education boards. The courses pertained to Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Accountancy, Statistics, French, and other subjects.

The company required 50+ teachers for Live courses to respond to increasing subscriptions. The positions needed to be filled on an urgent basis.

  • All positions required postgraduate degree holders with excellent academic qualifications and proven track records in online teaching.
  • All positions required good technology skills and the ability to swiftly troubleshoot minor tech issues on their specialized teaching platforms.
  • All positions required a high level of fluency and proficiency in English.


The major challenges were the following:

The urgency

Finding 50+ highly-qualified teachers with postgraduate degrees in engineering, sciences, and other fields and a great online teaching track record within 30 days from different cities in India is indeed a tough task.

The demand for superlative linguistic abilities

While it was easy to find people with knowledge and good communication skills in English in India, finding people with a high level of fluency and proficiency was certainly a huge challenge.

Technology skills

The best-match candidates should be able to create various types of audio-visual lessons, track and trace student performances, generate updates, and use the online platform of the company in a competent manner.

Psychological Test

The selection also involved getting above a particular percentage in an elaborate psychological test.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency assigned the search tasks to its education industry recruitment consultants in India. A team of consultants was chosen to map and source talent from 10 cities.

We advised the client to create an online system for a series of tests that interested candidates could take. We also suggested an intuitive interface that could prompt test takers to immediately take or schedule their next assessment. A dashboard was created through which the employer could track records. These initiatives speeded up the talent search and selection process, cutting down 90% of the scheduling and coordination time.

Our consultants conducted market mapping and sourced talent using highly attractive brochures and other material highlighting the benefits of career growth, compensation, and benefits.

Within 18 days, 85 candidates attempted the assessments, and 40 cleared the tests with good results. Through the referrals provided by successful candidates, we engaged with 20 more candidates and managed a fast-paced assessment process. Within 24 days, 55 candidates cleared all the assessments and were ready for the final round of interviews.

Within 31 days, 55 teachers had accepted the job offer, and the client could smoothly schedule new batches. Following a one-month notice period, the teachers joined the online company and were ready for the new batches.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. The online education company gave us outstanding service feedback – they were highly satisfied with all the new recruits.
  2. The company was able to start batches on time to fulfill the demands of new subscribers who raised their revenues 2X.
  3. The client made us their RPO partner, making us their remote recruitment team for meeting all their manpower needs. Our services cut down their recruitment time and costs by about 50%.

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