Engineering Hiring For 27 Positions Completed in Record Time, Helped Manufacturer Close Major Deals

Engineering Hiring

Our mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment helped close 27 positions that required specialized experience within 30 days.


A pressure vessel parts manufacturer wanted to fill 27 positions in engineering design, detailed engineering and manufacturing CADD, quality control, and project management. The recruitments had to be finalized within a month to close a major deal that would increase the company’s year-over-year revenues by 15%.

Alliance Recruitment Agency fulfilled the engineering recruitment requirements despite a tough 6-step hiring process that covered three different technical assessments and two technical interviews, and a final round of site-based interviews.

The Situation

The client was a manufacturer of pressure vessel parts. The company hired Alliance Recruitment Agency to offer recruitment support for filling 27 positions:

  1. Recruitment of 5 engineers for the quality control team.
  2. Recruitment of 20 engineers for design, detailed engineering, and manufacturing CADD teams
  3. 2 project managers to manage the production of two different product types based on customer requirements.


The major challenges were the following:

  • The company wanted to complete the recruitment activities within a month.
  • All positions required highly experienced mechanical and electrical engineers with 5+ years of specialized experience in the pressure vessel industry.
  • The recruitment process involved three types of technical assessment followed by 2-step technical interviews and site-visit interviews. This was a tough criteria to fulfill, given the time constraints.
  • The location of the manufacturing plant was not near any major city; the destination did not attract talent easily.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency completed all engineering manpower sourcing within 5 days. We also provided services such as scheduling of interviews, scheduling of assessment, recruitment administration work, candidate engagement for negotiation and responses to queries, and reference checks.

Here is a general overview of the approach and recruitment process management

  • Mining our job seeker and talent databases led to fast screening, analysis, and shortlisting of candidates.
  • We reached out to 150 candidates over four days, conducted a preliminary interview to understand their interests, and shortlisted a total of 110 candidates for the different positions.
  • We persuaded the selected candidates to complete the 3-step technical assessments relevant to the position they were applying for within 5 days.
  • Within 10 days, 70 candidates were going ahead for the technical interview rounds, which were conducted through virtual recruitment tools.
  • Our coordination helped organize, schedule, and track interview reports in a timely manner.
  • The final round of interviews was completed within 21 days, leading to successful candidate selection for all vacant positions.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. Complex engineering recruitment requirements were fulfilled despite tough time constraints.
  2. All candidates proved to be highly motivated and won the trust of the employer.
  3. Timely recruitment led to the successful commencement of new projects that would increase the company’s year-over-year revenues by 15%.

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