Enabled 60+ recruitments in 100 days for Manufacturer Launching Unit in Asia, Outstanding Results Achieved!

Enabled 60+ recruitments in 100 days

Despite a fast-paced schedule, operations began on time, leading to a successful launch of an offshore European manufacturing unit.


The client, a European automotive sector manufacturer, planned a fast-paced operations launch in India to manage on time the demands from Asian markets. For a successful launch, all staffing across the Indian manufacturing unit’s organization structure needed to be completed within four months.

Alliance Recruitment Agency framed a strategy using our extensive talent networks and resources to enable the staffing of 60+ positions in a record time that amazed the client, exceeding their expectations.

The Situation

The client, a Europe-based automotive sector manufacturer, has operations in several European and Asian countries and sales and distribution offices in 15+ global locations in North Americas, Europe, and Asia. The company was planning the launch of a new operations unit in India and required an HR partner to manage staffing and recruitment for all positions. The operations launch date was fixed. All recruitment needed to be completed within three-four months.

  • The production unit required a staff of 60+ people.
  • The talent acquisition demands comprised engineers, technicians, operators, line managers, quality control experts, supervisors, etc.,in addition to staff for financial, administrative, IT and other teams.
  • The company also needed experienced industry professionals for higher positions in the hierarchy.


The major challenges were the following:

  • Time constraints were a major challenge. The launch date was already fixed. All recruitments had to be completed a month in advance, which gave the recruitment consultants only 40 days time to complete all manpower sourcing activities related to 60+ positions. Only then the remaining recruitment processes could start.
  • Finding local talent for all positions was a huge challenge.
  • The higher-ranking positions required 15-25+ years of specialized experience in the sector.
  • The production lines differed from those in the same sector within the country. The combination of knowledge, certifications, and skills varied slightly from general automotive sector recruitments for similar manufacturing companies.
  • The senior management team of the new unit had some staff coming from Europe, but several director-level positions needed to be filled. The positions demanded industry experts with 20+ years of experience in different domains.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency framed a strategy and approach following three days of consultations, brainstorming, planning, and analyzing the manpower staffing project.

The strategy and our resourceful approach enabled us to complete all manpower sourcing within 35 days.

Our recruitment consultants also offered end-to-end recruitment support, enabling the client to complete all recruitment activities within 100 days – which was the biggest recruitment record for the company in all its experience.

Here’s the approach in brief.

  • Our management framed a strategy to divide the manpower sourcing into different categories and geographies based on high talent availability. A well-planned approach based on the strategy enabled the completion of all manpower sourcing, initial screening and shortlisting activities within 35 days.
    • Director executive search and other middle management headhunting tasks were assigned to our international search experts in the sector.
    • Manpower staffing for production lines – technical and engineering positions that required 5+ years of experience – was assigned to recruiters in Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad.
    • Operators were sourced from local talent pools.
    • Staffing for administrative, finance, accounting, purchase, and customer service was assigned to another group of regional and nationwide recruiters.
    • Our agency advised the client company to set up 7 different interview panels within 15 days.
    • Through an advanced applicant tracking system, our recruiters conducted the initial screening and analyzed thousands of candidate records based on a search criteria comprising 25-40 parameters for each position. The records of shortlisted candidates for each position were shared with the client’s recruiting panels leveraging a fast response process.
  • Our agency created and managed a virtual recruitment setup using our software for mobile and desktop applications used for virtual recruitment processes. This enabled systematic, planned, and fast management of the first round of interviews and technical assessments for all positions by respective interview panels.
  • Our agency also provided video conferencing support that enabled 360-degree views and great audio-visual support.
  • Three stages of the recruitment process were conducted virtually through a round of assessments, tests, pre-recorded presentations, and virtual technical interviews.
  • Within 70 days, recruitment for most positions had reached the final round of interviews, which were to be conducted on site.
  • Our agency offered travel and transportation scheduling and management services so that chosen candidates from other Indian states could arrive as per interview schedules.
  • Our manpower consultants also offered advisory support services for setting up operations.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. Our automotive sector manpower staffing solutions enabled the European company to set up operations in a streamlined, hassle-free, and cost-efficient manner.
  2. Within 100 days, 60+ positions across the Indian unit’s organizational hierarchy were filled with the best-match candidates that met specialized talent requirements – thanks to an inspiring, strategic approach and our extensive recruitment resources.
  3. The European client’s operations launch was a huge success, and the feedback based on a survey conducted six months later rated our services as outstanding.

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