CISO Recruitment Solutions Enabled KPO Client To Identify The Right Leader, Increase Business Opportunities

CISO Recruitment Solutions

Our services helped the top management prepare for the CISO recruitment and generate great business opportunities.


The client, an international KPO company, was in need of many transformation changes in its IT and data and information management infrastructure to increase its capacities to comply with numerous newly updated international standards and emerging regulatory requirements. The top management team members were unable to arrive at a unanimous decision about the kind of top leader required and all position-based reporting and performance expectations.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered multiple solutions to help the company identify the right leader-a CISO-and assisted in hiring the best candidate for the role.

The Situation

The client company offered KPO services in architectural, mechanical, structural, and aeronautics engineering to global companies based in North Americas, Europe, and the UAE. Following a record 150% business growth over three years, the company felt the need to hire a top-ranking officer for information security management.

The C-Suite comprised CEO, COO, CMO, and CTO. The company also had three Vice Presidents for supervising sales, KPO divisions, and administration and HR. The C-Suite was unsure about the kind of leader they needed for planning and implementation of the right practices to transform their data and information management.

The requirements of the position:

  • Information security policies to ensure compliance with new and emerging regulatory requirements across several countries
  • Revising and upgrading the IT infrastructure for new business models and creation of innovative revenue streams
  • Security management for developing and maintaining connected systems for collaboration with business partners, engineering process management
  • Putting in place the right data and information policies for ensuring prevention and control of data access issues, internal and external data theft possibilities, data breach identification and alerts, etc.


The major challenges were the following:

The major challenges were the following:

  • The client company’s top management team did not have a consensus on what the position should be and how the reporting and performance management could be done. While some were pro-CISO hiring, with reporting responsibilities with CTO, some proposed the hiring of a CIO or a CSO.
  • There was confusion between top management team members related to understanding the extent of authority and responsibilities – they were looking at the leadership need from an IT perspective, without awareness of the business concerns and enterprise-wide implications of the new leadership role.
  • The company was not prepared for the changes needed for a CISO or a top information security leader to achieve target outcomes. Change management awareness was needed at the top management level itself.
  • There was lack of consensus on selecting the right profile and job descriptions.

Executive Search Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered the following solutions:

  1. We offered market mapping solutions for CISO talent mapping in their industry.
  2. Our CISO headhunter prepared detailed reports and shared insights from current and previously conducted CISO talent mapping.
  3. We provided consultative advice on current trends of CISO roles entail and related compensation and reporting methods.
  4. We helped the company connect with the right external industry expert to understand the enterprise-wide transformation and change management necessary for a CISO to achieve desired outcomes.
  5. An Interim CISO position was created with consultative advice from the external industry expert.
  6. All the above activities led to consensus in the top management and clarity about the position, the kind of leader needed, and all associated details related to reporting, compensation, change management, etc.
  7. We helped in the creation of the right CISO recruitment process, right from the development of search criteria and parameters to the final round of interviews.
  8. Conducted CISO executive search and sourced 5 best-matched candidates within a month.
  9. The Interim CISO position was filled within 70 days (the chosen candidate had accepted the job offer).

Outcomes for the Client

A survey was conducted six months after the new CISO joined the company, and the following outcomes were noted:

  1. The Interim CISO had won the respect of two major Fortune 500 customers of our KPO client, leading to their winning two major long-term contracts that doubled their revenues.
  2. The company successfully underwent a major operations overhaul through the introduction of centralized work management systems that offered the company optimum secured data and information management capabilities.
  3. There were further initiatives being planned to help the company become compliant with certain industry standards and regulatory requirements that would further expand their scope of projects and give a 200% revenue increase over two years.

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